Saturday, December 27, 2003

I'm a surfer dude! wind surfing is so damn fun! but gotta say i'm the least talented among the others. was the last to be able to do self rescue and i kept falling off in the first lesson. you yi is a natural at windsurfing. he just got on it and started to surf when we were still struggling to balance. after lunch and in the 2nd lesson, all of us got the hang of it and could balance really well. the thing is we could go out but we couldn't go back. our good ole funny instructor, robert, had to use the power boat to rescue some of us back. there was one time when the wind was so strong, i surfed really fast, and i felt the sense of satisfactio welling up within me. i guess that's what's going to get me addicted. need to practise more so that i can go further out to the sea where there's stronger wind though i need to learn to come back or my poor arms will die doing the butterfly stroke. guys, next friday is a date!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

great weather yesterday. the sun was hot, roasting us til we're nice and crisp and dry, but relief came intermittently, which was well appreciated. large grey clouds covered the wide expanse of the sky, released their cooling, soothing droplets of honey and drifted away, allowing us to bake to a golden perfection. at last, we can feast on the baby back ribs of kevin kong.

miss monsoon season was kind to us as she refused to empty her load yesterday, allowing us to have an enjoyable time at sentosa. on a beautiful day like this and nobody brought a camera to capture the wonderful moments! sigh. what a pity. esp when dingyi and i volunteered to do what nobody dared to. we put our bodies at risk, in the hands of amateurs, so that they can fulfill their fantasies and derive pleasure from us. what a sacrifice! dingyi, we have survived the torturous times, and i'm glad to have known you. we can proudly say we are the sand buddies. we dared to be buried alive!!!!

volleyball, frisbee, soccer, american football, swimming, ogling. we did them all. what a wonderful day. and you can take what i say as that. there are no photos of evidence to show we are guilty of the above. case closed.

Monday, December 22, 2003

prom photos! the quality's not that good though cos the photos are scanned from the hard copy. the captions are not finished and i've more to upload!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

wah damn sian. my life's sian. that's it. nothing much to blog these days. just been going out and working out in school. nothing interesting. but somehow i've been hanging a lot with my cousin yiling and ah kong these days. maybe cos i've been going to her house as my cousins from canada are staying there and we keep talking about kevin kong and their vj friends. got to know my first few vj friends from them too.

last night went with them to centro for the inter-jc pageant event. got to say it was sucky! BIG TIME. made us wait for more than an hour outside then wait for another hour inside. and watching the damn sian pageant on the tv screen cos it was too freaking crowded in the relatively small place. incidentally, rj had no representative cos all of them didn't want to join, ok maybe that's why it's sian cos i've got nobody to support but that's not the only thing! most of the contestants cannot make it! either too short, or too gay, or act cool not cool. ok not like i'm the most good looking person, but the thing is, if these are the best from each jc, then it really is damn sad. i dont think that's the case. i guess the most good looking people just refuse to join.

anyway, last night stupid ah kong and my cousin kept trying to matchmake me to this girl. damn irritating. felt like killing them. ah kong, you good! all the girls you dont like and reject then pass to me is it? ass! after the event, we thought we'll have fun dancing but the music sucks! it was progressive trance and there was no variation, after a while, it began to feel damn sian. i dunno how people like such monotonous music. rnb is so much better! however, after drinking a little, and feeling a little high, we went to dance again. after all, didn't wanna waste money right? i spotted hamid and jerome and surya dancing up on the platform so i joined them and the others followed. we just danced and shouted and made a lot of noise. while dancing we could even see the beautiful view of the merlion from the window. this was just a short-lived fun. we went back to the comfy sofa, slacked a little and decided to leave, ending a crappy night. maybe it was just a lousy me on a lousy day.

ah kong! hope the sentosa outing is still on and can't wait for the boardsailing course on friday! going to sentosa for my cousin's wedding dinner now! yay!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Glitz. Lights. Glamour. What a starrry starry prom! Everyone looked fabulous! Never imagined it would turn out so well. People whom I couldn't recognise popped up everywhere. It was like, shit , you mean you were from school? i remembered watching on news which showed the tjc prom night, and i gotta say i was kinda worried when i saw how bad the people looked. Well... my worries were unfounded. The guys looked good, the girls even better! The entire night was a trigger happy affair. The hotel staff should have jolly well packed the food in tupperwares because the food did definitely go to waste. People only wanted to capture beautiful memories of their friends on camera. I mean, how often does one get to see the beautiful side of one's friends? The feast for the eyes surely did suppress the hungry stomach. Some people looked so good that i knew i just had to have a picture taken with them, albeit i don't know them. Well it was then or never, so just thicken the skin and ask!!! Fortunately, they were friendly enough not to reject my requests. Can't wait to see the photos!!!

Prom King: My dear charming friend, Tousif Kabir.
Prom Queen: My good ole' giantess, Poony aka Huiling

They definitely deserved it! Tousif had been dreaming of this day since the day he was nominated! There was never a time when we didn't talk about it. You kicked their asses big time bro! You should have seen him at work at post-prom! Charming all the girls so well, he just makes me jealous. haha. It's ok tou, i'll just pick from your scraps. haha.

Giantess, well, didn't actually talk about the possibility of being prom queen. In fact, she was so heck care that she said she was just going to wear her sec 4 prom dress. Or maybe her confidence of winning was just sky high, so she didn't have to bother about dressing up. haha. just kidding poon. There wasn't never a doubt that she wasn't going to be prom queen. So just grab your title and stop feeling embarassed about it giantess!

It isn't good to be sick on prom. I sounded so bad i thought i was a constipated kermit the frog. I could only laugh it off by saying 'what a sexy voice i have' to people i speak to. Often, I could barely hear myself. Coughing til my throat felt like popping right out. Should have just seen the doctor last week. Thought i could for once be a strong man and let my immune system fight the infection. Well, i just proved candice right, who always thinks i'm the weakest rugger ever. Saying i'm always getting injured and sick.
Someday, i'll prove her wrong!

2 years of jc is officially over. Last night was the last time i was going to see everyone together. Good friends and people whom you treasure, that's no problem, we can still meet up, though it'd not be as often as it would be like in school. The other great people whom i haven't gotten to know and the friends i'm not close to, thanks for making rjc such a vibrant and warm place. Hope to see all of you again! Maybe the councillors can hold a reunion like 10 years later! It'd be nice to meet up again. Good bye class of 2003, see you next year when the results are released.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

SAT 2 today! slept at 1 last night, frantically trying to practise math and writing because i realised it's damn difficult! woke up today like i've left my brains behind. a walking zombie, that's what i was. first time taking it at st.francis methodist sch, so had to wake up real early. in the end, took a good little nap in their canteen. overall, it was ok la, but the invigilator is damn lousy, kept cheating us of our time. the ovals for shading is damn large too! waste a lot of time shading, so although when i practised at home i had enough time, today's sat was a frantic rush! screw off sat. no more exams for me in a long long time.

today was also the day of meeting people. the day started with meeting my ex pri schoolmate, craig. think my cousin was with him too, but i seldom see him so i'm not sure if it's him. the most pleasant surprise was seeing albert! my classmate who sat beside me in ri! a damn sleepy looking guy who's quite funny and loves basketball. remember he used to sleep nonstop in class, the energy must have been used to played basketball. saw him at st. francis with his gf. and i gotta say, your gf is quite cute! well done bert! haha. oh can you believe this? we still have each other's kipling monkey arms because we exchanged them in ri. it was damn amusing, 2 big guys taking out their pencil case on the bus and showing each other odd looking monkeys with arms not matching the colour of the body! oh well it was great chatting with him. bert we must go play tennis or bball sometime!others i saw were golden head jianwei, good looking you an and the bleached head ghost riding a bicycle in the rain, lennard!

and once again, went shopping with dong. ningyan and samuel kuek joined in too. went to look for earrings today. now deciding between 2. think i'm going to buy the cross one for prom and share the jewel stud one with tziyang. speaking of ty, he looks damn gay now! he went to pluck his eyebrows and they're quite thin now like a girls. he kept saying he's chio and wants to put on make up. well... because of that, i've decided, plucking my brows is out of the question for me. don't want to look like a transvestite. ok realised i've been blabbering a lot of crap today. what a lousy entry.

2 days to prom and i've lost my voice. well done. hope my doc can cure me quick! demain, je vais chez le medecin.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

oh anyone wants to boardsurf aka windsurf? i want to sign up for the course at east coast but i need six people to start a new course, so far i've 3 including me. dick, dong and i. interested people please contact me asap! send me an sms.
oh for guys who still don't know what to wear for prom you can try checking out the gq website on the right.
Supposed to study in school after a bit of exercise. i know it's mad, 'a' levels over why the hell am i studying?!!! well kinda have sat 2 this sat, and my study plan got thrown out of the door the moment i saw weijia and the rest in the school gym. Did a little workout and played touch! kinda lousy today, felt damn slow, though i know i am slow. the only advantage i have is my long arms to touch people, that's about it. can't side step, ain't got no skill and definitely no speed. well guess i need to work out more, do a little hamstring weights, and hopefully become a little faster. that's what i'm going to do, work out with dong in school tmrw morn! haha, need to get rid of my belly to fit into my shirt too.

Talking about shirt, i finally bought my prom shirt and a tie to go with it! can't believe i paid fifty bucks for the tie though, so must make good use of it in the future. the colour of my shirt is.... haha, shan't say it now, see it at prom! but the colour of my tie is gold. i'm really afraid someone will have the same shirt as i do, this kind of things always happens to me. i mean wearing my nice retro shirt to yeow kuan's party and there had to be a blondie with the same shirt as i do! quite pissed off. i'm not sure if it's the same but a few people pointed it out to me saying that it's similar, just that his was short while mine was long sleeves. there better not be a smart ass who is going to wear my shirt, or i'll... i'll not talk to him for the rest of my life!

anyway, it was fun shopping today, dong, jun and i! the salesman was very helpful and even was our image consultant. kept giving us tips on what to wear and how we'll look. very pro! even told us which jc people had my shirt, mostly jjc and tjc, so rjc........ i better be the only one! at first dong was thinking of the typical rich british boy look with the vest and checked shirt, he'll definitle stand out cos nobody will wear that. Besides, he has the guai boyish sporty look. in the end, when we told the salesperson our theme, chicago, he chose a slick outfit for dong and dong immediately set his mind on it. finally bought the smooth chicago dancer outfit, all prepared to 'qie' zhihon! haha..

but dear bro was nice to tape 'are you hot?' for me, i want to see the hot eurasian girl from the zone 1 first episode! so going to watch it now. and hopefully get motivated to get sculpted bodies like the hot dudes!

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Yeow kuan's party rocks man! Dunno what the others think but i think it's much better than the first one although there were fewer babes. When chieh dick kwek porsh and i reached there is was like a ghost town. abandoning the party crossed our minds but yk being our friend, we decided to still support him. sparse crowd as compared to the first. and along the way we met pat lee who mentioned that the place was surprisingly quiet so she left. One good thing came out of the smaller crowd though, it was not so squeezy and cramp and we didn't have to queue up for over an hour. At the beginning, i thought it was quite sian, i mean so few people?!!! When i first went in, less than one quarter of the floor had people dancing. Some seniors were pissed off that they left the place.
as more people filled the place and when the rnb music kept playing non stop the place started to rock! we could even go up on stage to dance! it was definitely good exercise dancing and shaking the booty.

i believed the lovey dovey couples benefitted from the 2 slow numbers too. esp. 'someone'. haha. kept dancing til like about 3 then i started to daze out. just sat at the sofa and stoned. only when there were the songs i liked i would go back and dance for a while. the routine of resting and dancing continued til 545 when the entire thing ended. i thought the techno music at the last part was quite funny. don't like techno, but the hand actions and chants the people do while dancing to it is damn funny. even joined in to do those hand actions, the pointing, the hand fighting sequences with the guys. had great fun!

Well yeow kuan made a loss from organising the party, but he wasn't too sore about it. (i hope) Just as he said before the event, he just wants his friends to enjoy themselves. Well done yk! As for partying, wouldn't mind another session of dancing til my knees wobble and ache.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Whoa first day after the exams ended. slept at 6 am this morning playing gunbound. those ass friends of mine, practically all of them are playing, jasper, kianleong, dong, dick and everyone else. well after their incessant bugging and intense discussions about the game, i've finally succumbed and started my own account. dunk01. the game is just like worms but with a lot more stuff which i still do not know. the only thing i know is shoot, move and try to kill your opponent. oh and when you first start, your rank is 'cute yellow chickee'. slowly progressing to hammers and axes, though i don't quite get the link between chicks and hammers. oh well, shall have to learn from my expert friends.

today is also the day i've become the rebel! was sleeping soundly when my mum woke me up at ten. can you believe it? waking me up at 10am when i slept at 6 am. kept bugging me to wake up so that i can go have my hair cut with my bro. well was thinking of doing up my hair, so managed to drag myself out of bed. And my 1st step to rebellion! dyeing my hair! do you know that to highlight your hair they make you wear a condom on your head? well i knew that today. only then do they painstakingly pluck out your hair from holes in the condom so that they can dye it. overall, i'm pleased with the outcome.

2nd step to the dumping of guai boy image. piercing of ears! yepz, went to do it today too. went kindas afraid that i'll turn really red (i turn red quite easily) and blood will squirt out at high pressure when it's pierced. well it turned out fine, just that my ear lobe is quite thick so i felt a little pain while yeow kuan felt none. quite satisfied too, can't wait to take out the stud and get a new one. well... because of the piercing of my ear, giantess is disowning me! although i don't remember myself ever 'belonging' to her. haha. oh she wore real large round earrings today. shall try wearing one next time just for fun too! =) 3rd step? well there isn;t a third step yet. why don't someone give me suggestions? oh but i do want to pluck my eyebrows because i've a unibrow!!!! yeowkuan said he wanted to do it too, so might go with him. any girl wants to join us ? haha.

well tommorow's night is yeowkuan's party so people see you at embassy! shall go play gunbound now. Ciao!

WOOHOO!!!! Au Revoir 'A' levels et salut tout le monde! Tu me manque ma jolie blog. J'avais retourne.
Felt wonderful playing touch after the last paper yesterday! Good bye unhealthy lifestyle and hello fun games play and exercise! The exams are over... the exams are over... the exams are over.. the exams are over! whoa can't believe it. 12 years of mainstream schooling is over! a whole new life lies ahead of me. always hear people say wait til you are out there, only then will you know how shit it is and how well school has been shielding us from harm. oh well the time has come.
Celebrated the end of exams with a good friendly competition of touch. After the stupendous rugby world cup finals, who doesn't want to play rugby and emulate what their favourite players do? As usual there were lots of arguments, laughter, bickering and the ever present swearing. but who cares? i reiterate and drive home the point. THE EXAMS ARE OVER! haha. ok i'm going mad. yes the highlight of the touch was definitely the superb skill shown by leon aka carlos spencer. a through the legs no look pass to timo who eventually scored the try. and there were of course comical moments like timo's 'very tricky' sexy pose fake, the sticking behind of one of his legs and a complementary spastic smile. oh what good memories of rugby!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Pictures from sentosa!

group photo without angela and dick.

bang and i prepared for wrestling.

posing with hot bikini babes!
had south zone awards ceremony today. nice seeing everyone again. seeing my ex-classmates and the other rj people whom i haven't seen cos of prelims. i know it was only a short while ago but when graduation day is on thurs and there is the possibility of not seeing them until maybe prom or ever again, it's great to treasure whatever time we've left together. took lots photos too, can't post any now cos it's not in digital form. i've to wait for yk to pass me the long overdue cd of the photos!

the ceremony was boring. i mean how exciting can the going through of 400 names be. i was only kept awake by yk, his antics and the diaoing of the sajc emcee. he deserves to be suan man, the way he pronounces words is irritating. cedar girls becomes saddle girls and agnes becomes acnes.

i think the highlight of the day was me approaching a girl whom i didn't know. i'm shocked by my guts today, even though i was only asking on behalf of my friend, it's still surprising cos i've never done it before. dunno what got into me today. first i asked her if she could take a photo with my friend. later on when we met her at the bus stop i asked for her name. whoa! that was so un- me. anyway my friend is cloud nine with both her name and her photo. but hey **** **** make up your mind! don't be a playboy!

oh must congratulate giantess for getting into the ulu pandan youth executive committee and getting the post of secretary! she didn't even need us to vote for her la. even if jun, yk, dong and i didn't vote for her she'll still get in cos she like got the second highest no. of votes. well done overgrown oafess!

shall leave other more interesting details at ulu pandan cc out cos people will kill me if i do!

Friday, October 03, 2003

yay! wonderful day at the beach! sun, babes and sea. just love the beach where we can play volleyball, touch rugby and sun tan. besides there are many eye candies. haha. of course there are damn sick sceneries where you wish you were blind. i mean which guy would walk in a g string on the beach showing his ass to everyone! damn sick! and his trunks is so thin you can see his 'turtle head'. argh! to think jasper called him a 'ya' (male prostitute) and he didn't even get angry. guess he really is one!
ya of course there are the babes too. and i had my face in one of the babe pictures which ghim took. ghim, you must put the pics on your yahoo account, i'll go there to download. And finally i'm going to get a tan. i'm red like a lobster now, slapped loads of body lotion just now. hopefully i won't peel but will become nice and tanned. jasper, looks like your tanning oil is going to work.
well shall not ramble on about sentosa. going to watch 'qian nu you hun' already.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Salut! I'm back, albeit only for a while. When I read the blogs of others, I feel deeply ashamed of my command of english. I envy how others can put their thoughts into words so clearly and interestingly. When I read my own, I myself get bored. It's no wonder that I get 25 consistently for my essays. Considering how much time I've to spend to structure a sentence just so that it sounds right. I can only feel less intelligent and more demoralised when the results are released next week. When others are counting how many A's they will be getting, and how sad they will be if they get a C, I'm counting the number of subjects I will not do too badly in.

Ok on to happier stuff. Pirates of the Caribbean is a damn cool movie! Orlando Bloom is gorgeous. Johnny Depp is zany. And Keira Knightly is beautiful. Love the way they speak too. Ok shall spare the details. If you want details, go to the blog of the more eloquent Dickson. Oh one thing I noticed, it's scary how keira resembles nathalie portman. It's almost as though they are twins! If you remember the servant of queen amidala, I always thought it was digitally imposed, with nathalie portman acting as 2 characters. It was actually keira knightly! ok why don't you be the judge?

It's irritating when people I meet keep mentioning, "eh, you are so white." "wah, ni wei shen me bian de na me bai?"
It's not like I want to be white. I want a dark tan too. So I'm expected to study out in the sun? Or should I resort to the UV machine which louis koo and britney spears use to get their artificial tan? Argh! Ok I'll try to balance exercise and study this time. Hopefully my body will be more obedient this time and not succumb to the deep slumber due to the fatigue from exercise. Besides ns is just round the corner. Need exercise in the mean time so that I won't die during training! 14 Jan! That's so soon. Too soon.

Hopefully this entry won't be the last.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Oh no only about a month left and i'm not even 1/4 through with my revision. Deja vu, a similar situation as last year seems to be happening. Asher, I'll have to abandon you to pia already. Desole. A bientot. Vous me manquez.
Dieu, aidez-moi sil vous plait.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

For a small girl like you, you certainly have many big aspects. You have a big smile. You have a big heart. You make a big difference in other's lives. And you left with a big impact on everyone.

I couldn't believe it then. I'm forced to believe it now. I keep asking myself why? Why you? What went wrong? No logical answer could be found. I guess it will remain a mystery.

How could you bear to leave us behind? All of us. If not for yourself, at least for us. I think so much that I become angry with you. On second thoughts, I cannot bear to be angry with you. You are such an angel. An angel so pure and innocent. An angel so cheerful and bubbly with happiness so infectious. An angel so helpful and kind. An angel so diligent and motivating. So what's bad about you? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I remember last year when we planned the Christmas party for the elderly. When we had so much fun shopping at the concourse, buying the santa suit, marbles, and you were so amused at every other gadget and toy. How cute and childish you were. At the Christmas party, I noticed how you interacted with the elderly. Though you couldn't understand what some of them were saying, your wide smile just bridged the gap between you and them.

When we studied for the SAT last december, you even laughed at the ear plugs I used to help me concentrate. You were such a great study partner. Very motivating and always encouraging me to study harder.

Two saturdays ago, and it seemed just like yesterday as i recall everything so vividly. You were there giving a talk about your planned trip to tibet. Then you sang 'wo niu' with huayu playing the piano. As usual, your voice was so beautiful and captivating. Hobbit even presented you with a red flower to match your red outfit. We went exploring fullerton. You accidentally broke Yanling's slippers and we just sat there fixing it together. You even said you weren't gonna buy m)phosis footwear if all were so fragile. :) Finally we each took complimentary fuji apples and enjoyed it as we watched the pianist playing.

Just last saturday, you came to find us after your buddy lunch. I felt really hyper that day and playfully used your balloon to hit all your heads. You tried to hit me back but kept missing. You joined tousif and i in looking out for chiobus and yandaos. There was the guy with sexy bike tights and the man with a real hairy back.

I'll always remember you, your laughter, your voice, your smile. If you were truly unhappy before, you should be happy where you are now.
"Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee. Selah." Psalm 84:4

I'll miss you.

"For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling." Psalm 116:8

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Stayed home all day! Handball during pe yesterday was really fun and i thought i felt like shit after that cos i wasn't fit, guess that wasn't the only reason. Then came 'the freezer' lt 2, shivered and trembled and hugged myself in attempt to stay warm during the entire torturous time of 2 hours in chem remedial. Finally declared myself stricken with fever after seeing the thermometer reading of 37.8 C. Hope i didn't infect all whom i had contact with in the canteen!
In the middle of the night, i felt like i was in a battle against my bed and myself. Turned and kicked and twisted and stretched as the discomfort ran through my insides. It didn't help that my brother was playing warcraft late into the night. Think i even sub consciously screamed at him to go to sleep.
The morning didn't start well too. Woke up with shouts from dad and mum telling me to get ready for school. (They never liked us to miss school) Though i felt better, thought i should stay in bed longer and maybe go to school later when i'm really feeling ok. The shouting frequency increased, so i decided to take my temp. Once again my all reliable thermometer read 37.8 C and i showed it to dad. To my disappointment and surprise, he told me to still go to school and if i felt worse later in the day then i should return. Feeling rather irritated by then, another round of beckoning resulted in me berating my parents for the lack of sympathy for a sick person and the lack of consideration for others. Going to school with a temp of 37.8 will only result in me being sent home so what for go to school in the first place! In the end, i was allowed to continue sleeping and start what was to be a slack day.
Watched 2fast 2furious. It was not bad i thought. Fast cars. Hot babes. Oh and the supermodel with the not too pretty face, devon aoki, didn't look that bad after all. Looked quite good in fact. The only productive i've done today was the packing of my files. Sigh. Ok hopefully i can something done after this entry.
Anyway is the tagboard server down?

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

You excel at Quidditch. You're either a jock or
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Which Class at Hogwarts Would You Excel at?
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My Bright Orange Desktop!

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Drop dead. ( I am unable to comply.) T3 was a funny action movie! It goes to show how scriptwriters these days inject laughter into movies once thought to be serious and filled only with hardcore shooting, explosions and action. My first experience was watching the new james bond movie (forgot the title) where the entire movie was filled with funny and sometimes lame one liners. It was definitely a welcomed change from the norm. T3 is similar. With robots playing the lead roles, there were certainly no long thought provoking conversations but short and hilarious one liners suitable for slow witted shallow people like me. The action scenes were amazing, leaving you to think how much more nonsensical it can get, the plot with its loopholes also makes it seem quite far fetched. But who cares? With a hot babe like T-X and after a crap day at school, learning that I've got an e for chem, any funny movie is good. So spirits lifted, I went home not feeling sad and it was as though I had done superbly well for my common tests and i dont have to study anymore. So here i am not doing any work but adding an entry into my blog.

Oh realised that I seldom use my md anymore (it's just sitting snugly in my bag everyday), so I've decided to sell it! I bought it only in june last year and since it's seldom used and i'm a careful owner, it looks really brand new. The md player is accompanied by a blue case and discs. I may still have the box and warranty too. So anyone interested leave a msg on the tagboard. Please help me pass the message round. Thanks!

If anyone noticed, the md is propped up by my harry potter book!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Yay! I've got another kristen photo! haha.

Which [Smallville] Characters are you?

Finally finished harry potter! Just had to do it or I wont be able to start on my work so just spent the rest of wed to finish it. It was certainly fun reading about harry and his adventures again after an absence of 2 to 3 years? Of course there were the movies in between but somehow I felt the movies were not as nice as described in the book. Harry's experiences makes us relate to him well with topics such as friends, exams, teachers, family, bullies and even bgr. No wonder it's so popular and captivating. Wonderful to read about the twins and their endless pranks and all the spells, reading minds with Legilimens, making someone suffer in pain with 'Crucio' and seemingly easy but effective one ' Stupefy'. Someone died too in the story, and no thanks to timothy aka porn king with a mouth so big and foul and toad like similar to the bitch dolores umbridge, i had to know who died before even reaching that part. Ok shall not reveal much more of Book 5 just in case someone hasn't finished. Just have as much fun as I did. oh p.s. my church sort of bans harry potter cos it deals with wizardry and witches. anybody's church too?

You can learn the actual pronunciation of words found in harry potter.


Sunday, July 06, 2003

Yay! Common tests over! Slacking now but mundane school routine will start all over again next week. :( Only 10 more weeks to prelims! Argh... so gonna die when I get back my results. Hope there isn't a need for steven chin to talk to me or my parents. Decided I have to mug everyday in school already. Need to catch up on my J1 work which I have been neglecting. Sigh... typical Sinagporean blog. Talking nothing about school work. Simply no life.
Oh to the people who have been asking for the periodic table of sex, the picture i have is what you see. There isn't an enlarged version so forget about it! haha.
One thing I learnt on Friday was that eyebrows though seemingly small in relation to the rest of the face, can certainly make a huge difference to how a person looks. Having a too arched one will make the person look too slutty, a too thin one can make the person look like an idiot and natural beauty(without plucking and trimming) is just as fine. Oh well I guess it depends on the person's face shape and structure. This is what I learnt spending an afternoon with my classmates. haha.. so... though my eyebrows seem thick and joined, i've decided not to take the risk lest the outcome will make me look gay!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

tired of studying this?

how about studying this instead?
oh well another sucky day. need more hope in life.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Haven't really much to say. Only the norm like how i've wasted yet another day, and i'm so going to die for common test. Oh there was one good thing today. The lunch buffet which eugene treated was damn good! Loved the soft shell crabs and the succulent bouncy sweet and sour prawns! It was good to see him again, but didn't really talk to him. He talked mostly to ningyan. Oh well, just found out that I can't link photos from yahoo photos to this blog. That explains all the crosses! To think i spent so much time linking them! Sigh... Guess will have to load the pics up to a website like amandy said. Ok i shall give it one last shot to see if it works.

Hot girls kissing!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ok added a few more stuff on my blog today. Wasted bloody lots of time. Shall go to sleep now. Thanks Bang and Timo for your invitation, but I'm studying in school which is nearer to home than the libraries the both of you mentioned. Yes so right now I shall just stick to the accompany of the hardcore brothers in school. Hope not to waste too much time on a topic tmrw. Cya tmrw bros!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

I need a study buddy!!! Someone who can motivate me when I get distracted. Anybody? I've less than 2 weeks left and I still can't study. I'm dead! Maybe I should stop going combined schools. Ok I think I will. I shall play one more match only. Yesterday's game was quite fun la. At least I know I'm not way lousier than my seniors in safsa. I still can drive them back and win a few balls. Maybe they were complacent too, seeing we were quite a screwed up team. I mean with forwards playing in our backs, which opponent wouldn't be? Those who were too scared to go down were whussies, letting the backs down, and causing team mates to be injured for nothing. Oh well but who really cares about combined schools? It quite a waste of time. Everyone's just aiming for the U-19 team at the end of the year.

Embassy 14 was ok, though I didn't enjoy myself at the start, it started to get better later into the night. My mum was surprising fine with me going. She said since it was once in a while it was fine and even gave me money for my taxi back. Drank my first tequila and thought it was ok only. $5 for a small shot certainly wasn't worth it and I thought it tasted like normal spirit. Nothing special but the salt lining the edge of cup. Didn't know I could order anything with my coupon. If Huilin had told me earlier, I would have ordered something special, like Bailey's Irish Cream which I so wanted to try or some cocktail. Oh well. The next time will have to be after A's, maybe post-prom party? It was quite interesting to see how guys use their dick to lead the way. Was dancing with kianleong, dickson, zhihon, sally and zhong yang when i noticed this group of guys ( i think ns boys) dancing round this trio of maybe j1 girls. When the girls moved they followed them. Just wanna try to take advantage of them. It didn't really bother me cos other groups of girls also had many guys surrounding them. But they kept pushing their way here and there and disturbing people dance as we had to make way for them. Anyway, danced til my knees were aching. Dunno how people can go clubbing so often, maybe they'll just get arthritis in the knees. And i certainly felt shit the whole of sunday. Felt really tired and lethargic. Woke up real early to go to church then slept the rest of the day. Didn't even study! So somebody please help me!! Study Buddy!!!

Yummy creamy bailey's!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

you are marlin. You are nemos father. You are a
scared old clownfish who is way overprotective
over your son.

what character from finding nemo are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

yay i'm nemo's overprotective father. maybe that's why i'm irritating, always nagging at people. and afraid of things going wrong.
Realised that making a deal with your mum can really make you study. Wanted to go for combined schools to get my colours. But my mum said that the finals was MY finals and i'm to concentrate on my studies and buck up. I knew I couldn't go through my school rugby without any achievements so I begged her and made a deal with her. That I'll do well in my common test. I was so desperate that I was tempted to say that if I didn't do well she could ban me from going out. That would really make me mug all day. Anyway went for combined schools training and it was quite slack. But injured my right ass cheek while decking on the hard ground twice. Swollen now. Then studied at Lucky PLaza macs with timo. Not bad I'm beginning to focus ok, but not studying fast enough. Not much time left. Sigh. Not a very interesting day. Guess the only fun things were learning how to fold stars from straws (thanks for teaching me bud!) and that top man has super sale! Up to 70% discount. Must chiong there tmrw to shop! =P

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

yesterday i went for my cmpb checkup and it wasn't the best experience one could have. at the gate, saw a soldier shouting at this guy. "still stand here for what? don't understand english is it?" i was a little shocked. realised the guy was my ri schoolmate, kaisheng. anyway the tone of the soldier was really bad when he spoke to me as well, i didn't bring my cmpb letter (which i didn't know i had to). "you were supposed to bring your letter. your questionnaire anyone can change name and ic no. and anyhow come in then i let just let them in is it?" ok it may be my fault, but his tone was really bad and i felt like giving him a tight slap. if not for the rifle he was holding, i would have. anyway i just stood my ground and retorted that i looked at the check list online last night and there was no mention of the letter. in the end, he let me enter. kaisheng who was on his way out, was also called back and permitted to go in. what a wonderful start to the day. later i discovered my blood pressure was on the high side of normal, so guess i have to watch my diet. explains why i turn red easily too, i guess. met this guy who studied in aust. without him, i may have been bored to death. it was interesting talking to him, but at the end of it, realised i didn't even know his name! haha. whoever you are, thanks for the company! and hope you won't have too many 'skinny fucks' in your platoon when you enter in october. check up went quite smoothly til the iq tests. it was damn difficult! geppers or smart people may think otherwise, but it reminded me of another SAT. sitting there for an excruciating 2 hours and doing the tests was something i hope not to relive. at the end of the entire thing, i learnt that i was in pes b because of my asthma, i could socialise if i wanted to, my blood pressure is quite high and i'm not smart. i hope my 2 and half years in ns won't just be meeting all the guai lan soldiers like the one at the gate.

went to sakae sushi heeren to eat with my eating buddies! i was famished and i think i ate more than 20 plates. jasper's gf must be thinking what a pig i am, eating non stop. haha. had lots of fun at sakae. didn't eat until i was really full and felt like puking at that time. it was only after we left the place and went to annex that the after effects appeared. all of us felt like shit! i felt like puking and it didn't help that i didn't know what to buy for my angel's birthday and i was really pissed off. then i came up with a new theory! that effects of eating too much is similar to effects of drinking too much. you'll feel like puking, you'll feel crazy, you'll feel high, drunk and irritable.
yummy! but couldn't find my favourite takoyaki and fried tofu.
ok bang taught me how to add pix yesterday. so i'm going to try it now. here goes nothing..

a picture of a cauliflower ear. Ear which due to trauma fills with blood.

this picture shows a ear which is worse than mine. i think. yes my ear definitely doesn't look half as ugly as his. anyway, i didn't have to go for the ear surgery. was all prepared lying on the operating theatre when the doctor came in and said that there was nothing to operate on. this once again shows my extraordinary healing powers not unlike wolverine. yes but my acute hearing prowess has sadly left me due to the recovery of my cauliflower ear. that doesn't mean so3kers or anyone should start talking behind my back!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Watched the pianist yesterday. Mixture of feelings overwhelmed me. Sadness. Pity. Anger. Shock. Relief. I felt sad for the polish jews, how they were treated like shit and getting killed according to the whims and fancies of the german ss. I pitied how the lead actor had to go thru so much to become thin and scrawny just for the show. I was angry and shocked at what the germans did. I felt relieved for the pianist when he finally could escape his predicament and get out of his misery when the russians came. How war sucks! ok wanted to write more but my mum is bugging me already. it's 910 now and my cmpb check-up is at 930. " think i can fly you there is it?" haha.. ok can't wait for the sushi buffet with jasper my food buddy and my classmates.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Je veux ecrire en francais mais j'avais oublie tout . Qu'est-ce que je faire? Je dois encore etudier la francais! Quand? Quand je suis libre.
Another crap day. Was suffering from a runny nose. Although I slept at 8.50 last night i still felt tired today. Went to school and slept in the canteen until James woke me up. Haven't talked to him in a while. Slept through the whole of physics tut too, it's no wonder my physics sucks! But felt better after that good nap. This is going to become another one of my mundane timetable as Jervis always says. Well I shall end today with GP common test sucks! Couldn't complete both papers. Should learn to think and orgainse my stuff quickly. Sigh... when will i learn to do that? Oh one more thing, I didn't have to do the surgery on my cauliflower ear because it seems to be much better. The doctor told me only when i was all prepared on the operating theatre. Ok must study for SAT now. PRIORITISE! ban myself from blogging until after SAT.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Slept really early last night and didn't do any work the entire weekend. Feel like a pig, a slimeball, just want to slithe and stroll through my entire life. After effects of finals? Maybe. Post-finals have always affected me in unpredictable ways. I may be up and going one year, and like a total cripple in another. We certainly didn't deserve to win the past 5 years, but sure we do this time. But God always allows things to happen for the good. So it maybe a good close relationship with my team mates. Who knows? 20, 30 years down we may still remain the best of friends. I'm sure we will. :) Ok enough of finals, need to get on with life.

How Yew Meng gave me an invitation to the U-20 combined schools right after the finals. I told myself and my parents that after season rugby will be out of my life. I will only study. I certainly didn't expect it, now my heart is itching to play again. My other team mates have all got their south zone colours either due to national team or combined schools, but some how or another, i've always missed the opportunity. I was either injured or chose to go on holiday in canada last june. I feel, without colours, i've nothing to prove or show what i've achieved in my 6 years of rugby. It's like i'm a wandering mediocre member who sits around, being the 28th member of the team, not contributing anything and still get a medal. No offence meant to the 28th member. You're still part of our team. Sigh... I'm in a quandrary. Follow my heart or be a good boy and listen to my mum. (By the way, I think she threw away my letter. Saw her reading it at the edge of my eyes, then this morning, found that it had disappeared from my table.) Lord, please give me strength to make a right decision quick.

Mum is reminding me that i've to leave soon. My ear operation is today at NUH day surgery. Removing the blood clot. Hopefully I'll not have a permanent cauliflower ear. Shall put up a cauliflower pic once i've learnt how to. Bang or someone teach me quick! Ok hope everything will go fine. And that dilligent spirit will infect me once again so that i won't feel so piggish and start on my huge pile of work accumulated over the weekend.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

30 May 2003. The day my school rugby career comes to an end. An end which has got to be the most memorable and something which my team mates and i will surely talk about when our hair has thinned and our mass on our chests move down to our bellies. It was a result which was definitely not a true reflection of how my team played. In my 6 years of rugby, it's the first time ever that i've seen my team mates play so well and we really linked well both in forwards and in the backs. The forwards tackled hard and secured the ball, and the backs kicked well and passed excellently. I'm really PROUD of you guys! We trusted each other completely and we all went in the game with so much confidence and pride. I remember how in the past finals I would feel dismal and that it was all over for us when we were down. But not on friday. On friday, ACJC faced a team with so much confidence that they would have pissed in their pants and not have been able to get out of bed the next day. When they kicked their 2 penalties in and when we were down 3-13, we lifted ourselves up 10 notches and began what was to become a permanent camp in their 22. We became possessed men, and fatigue was definitely way back of our heads. True Rafflesian spirit was embodied in each one of us. We never gave up. Wave after wave we smashed towards their line. When we lost the scrum, justin would win it back and we attcked again. They tackled and dived so many times that i lost count of how many penalties we got. The stupid ref should have just given us the penalty try. In the end we finally managed to score but the conversion flew just inches wide. 11-13 and we lost they won. That's the bottomline but in our hearts we were the champions. We know it. Everyone there knew it. They were just lucky. They didn't deserve to win. We played as team never before but the better team doesn't always win. That's life.

Ningyan, Leon, Tziyang, Yeow Kuan, Lijing, Timothy, Lennard, Isaac, Zhi Hon, Raihan, Alvin, David, Kianleong, Justin, Dickson and Josiah, thanks for the superb experience in the final. It was a B-E-A-U-tiful game. I love you guys! Thanks also goes to the reserves for being there for us as a team.
RJC Rugby 2003 a team I'll never forget.

Monday, May 19, 2003

I'll miss you grandpa. Hope you're having a good time in heaven. Shall retype the entire thing again when I've the mood
fuck this blog!
Spent 45 min typing about what happened yesterday then with one click of the button everythin was gone! Fuck you!

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Finally went to church today after skipping the last 2 weeks due to various reasons. Managed to drag myself out of bed, feeling sore after yesterday's physical game. The game was really messy and crappy. Wasn't the best performance from me too, learnt my lesson not to drink coffee and sleep at 3am the night before. We managed a 6-0 win in the end and a win is a win though much needs to be improved. Ya went to church feeling quite distracted actually, kept thinking about rugby, about how it would feel winning the gold and how i would really cry my eyes out if we win. The sweet feeling

Saturday, May 17, 2003

today is the big day. game vs saints. crucial in determining the team we play in semis. win, we play the 2nd in the the other group. lose, we play ac. it's 0222 in the morn and i'm still up. wrong choice of drinking coffee just now... ok shall go to sleep after this. shall psych myself and play a really good game. maybe drink some coffee before the match too.. all the best to me! tackle! tackle! tackle!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Ok screwed up... didn't know that when I edited friday's blog the date will change too. Ok so the blog before this was for Friday.

Today, I was late for my match together with Ningyan and Kianleong. I met Ningyan at Khatib Mrt and when we were waiting for a cab, Kianleong came by in one, kindly stopped and fetched us to YJC. Great timing Kwek! We arrived a little later than the meeting time of 2.30pm, which has dire consequences later. Our performance was much better than in the previous match but CJC was also considerably weaker and we didn't really thump them. Therefore we were still not good enough. After the match, Faizal made us do 'Up Downs', this tiring running session, for being late and for not playing well enough. Guess we have to work harder! Oh... we won them 52-0 I think, but SAJC won them 56-0. It'd be an exciting match vs saints next sat! Oh the water polo cap I wore to protect my injured ears are damn good! Thanks a lot Kenny for giving me the cap, you're the best!

After the match, Lijing, Dick and I went to orchard. When walking at taka to the bodyshop, this plump woman and man came chasing after us wanting a moment. They were talent scouts and gave us their name cards asking us to go down to their office for interview and stuff. I thought that they were only looking for Lijing, whom I think was more good looking than Dick and I, but gave the name cards to us out of courtesy. After all, who would want a disfigured face like mine? Which I've to thank rugby for. Sigh...

After a short trip to Kino, Dick and I went to meet Bang and Gek for dinner. Gek was to treat us to dinner for getting into council. Originally, we planned to dine at marche but the queue was so long that we went to Swenson's instead. I think Gek felt awkward with 3 guys, esp. people whom she's not very close to. So she was very quiet and it was up to Bang and Dick to hold conversations cos I was tired after my game and didn't feel like talking at all. Ya after our 'earthquake' dessert, we continued talking til about eleven, during which Dick drank dry ice water and we had a mass gossip session. I had to force Gek to go to the toilet cos I haven't written my note to her which was to accompany her gift, an orange chameleon clock. She was really suspicious for asking her to go to the toilet after that. haha... Ya and later she told me her top 5 eye candies in RJ. Some were not bad but some... er Gek I'll help you find better eye candies! We can go guy hunting for you... haha...

Yepz, I guess saturday was quite a fun day too. Hopefully Sunday I can get some work done after church. Think we might be going out to celebrate mother's day too... so I must find a way to squeeze some time to do work. Study!!!!!!!!! Need someone to push me... Any kind soul?

Saturday, May 10, 2003

For once there's no training on friday! Lessons end early on fridays but there's usually no use cos i'll still have to stay back and wait for training. But today I went to watch XMEN 2 instead! With many ruggers and friends, Kianleong, Ghim, Lijing, Kenneth, Dickson, Yeow Kuan, Lum, Zhi Jun and Zhihon. We had lots of fun esp on our way to orchard and we kept talking about certain people. haha... XMEN is so cool too! Wolverine looks really good when wiping out the squat team at the school! Just piercing through all of them. *Poof* Now you see him *Poof* Now you don't. Nightcrawler *Poof* is just everywhere! He's got an irritating german accent but the way he just disappears leaving behind a puff of blue smoke is way cool! hahaha... Sorry for using the word cool so often but that's what X2 is... Iceman COOL! Iceman just forms thick ice and cools drinks down. ok.. I'm actually dozing off in front of the screen so shall stop for now and cont. again later..

Back.. ya I loved X2... loved to see the different mutant powers in action. Can't wait for more sequels with more new characters! Oh ya then after our movie we realised it was 6.45pm and dance night was at 7 and we haven't bought flowers for our dancer friends! Therefore we rushed to the flower shop above orchard mrt and picked our flowers. While waiting for the aunties to wrap the flowers we just talked crap to them about girls these days. Even the mercedes taxi driver talked to us about girlfriends, how to jio girls and all the crap on our way back to school. It was quite interesting and he mentioned that girls from yusok or yusof university are damn hot and always hang out at holland v. But the four of us in the taxi haven't even heard of the schoool before...haha... Dance night wasn't as enjoyable as last year's, the dances were sub standard and the entire event lasted less than an hour! The only good dance was the one choreographed by Huiling. Suching's impersonation of Michael Jackson was damn good! The moonwalk was simply SMOOTH. Oh I felt sorry for Vida too,for falling down twice while dancing. Guess her shoes were too slippery. Hope she was alright. Ya after searching for friends to give flowers to, DongDong and I went to meet up the rest to have dinner at Holland V. And that was the end of a wonderful Friday.

Yay the weekend is here! Hope I'll manage to finish whatever's due next week.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Yay finally my very own blog is here! After experiencing many failures, I finally learnt how to post my blog properly with the help of my very own brother. I'm actually doing this in between doing S1 Probability tut. It sucks! Can't seem to get the answers. Have to study for QA theory test later too or i'll just flunk and have to waste time taking the retest, which further reinforces the fact that i'm near the bottom of my class. I must buck up! Can't be at the bottom anymore, must end the failing streak! This means psyching myself to study at home and finding a good study group in school. Ok shall listen to the voice in my head. That's all for my 1st entry.