Sunday, October 05, 2003

Pictures from sentosa!

group photo without angela and dick.

bang and i prepared for wrestling.

posing with hot bikini babes!
had south zone awards ceremony today. nice seeing everyone again. seeing my ex-classmates and the other rj people whom i haven't seen cos of prelims. i know it was only a short while ago but when graduation day is on thurs and there is the possibility of not seeing them until maybe prom or ever again, it's great to treasure whatever time we've left together. took lots photos too, can't post any now cos it's not in digital form. i've to wait for yk to pass me the long overdue cd of the photos!

the ceremony was boring. i mean how exciting can the going through of 400 names be. i was only kept awake by yk, his antics and the diaoing of the sajc emcee. he deserves to be suan man, the way he pronounces words is irritating. cedar girls becomes saddle girls and agnes becomes acnes.

i think the highlight of the day was me approaching a girl whom i didn't know. i'm shocked by my guts today, even though i was only asking on behalf of my friend, it's still surprising cos i've never done it before. dunno what got into me today. first i asked her if she could take a photo with my friend. later on when we met her at the bus stop i asked for her name. whoa! that was so un- me. anyway my friend is cloud nine with both her name and her photo. but hey **** **** make up your mind! don't be a playboy!

oh must congratulate giantess for getting into the ulu pandan youth executive committee and getting the post of secretary! she didn't even need us to vote for her la. even if jun, yk, dong and i didn't vote for her she'll still get in cos she like got the second highest no. of votes. well done overgrown oafess!

shall leave other more interesting details at ulu pandan cc out cos people will kill me if i do!