Friday, November 05, 2004

feeling damn tired after a slack session of soccer. my fitness doesn't even deserve to be called fitness. now i don't even feel like lifting my butt off the chair to go shower. my head feels tight, like someone is using a plastic bag trying to suffocate my brain. think a nice sleep will would cure this. but i can't. i know i must study but i just don't feel like it. i don't have any goals in life. i don't even see myself completing med school. did i make the right choice? even if i was wrong, i have no choice. unless i want to go db and carry sandbags.

i'm always procrastinating. i'm always complaining. whining seems like my past time. even i get tired of listening to my own complaints. give me or teach me how to find the solutions and i'll gladly stop! primary school was fine. secondary school was manageable. jc was problem ridden but i managed to squeeze through the narrow pores. will i be filtered at this stage? used to set goals like i want to get into ri, i want to get into rjc. in jc, it was kinda difficult to set a fixed goal as there are so many places to choose from. now it's even worse. where do i wanna go?

some people are blessed with beautiful brains. some beautiful faces. beautiful lives too.
my brain is ageing as fast as my face. my body is shifting to a lower gear too. how do i stop this ageing process? anti-oxidants?

now data takes 5 times as long to enter my hard disk. i may understand at the moment. but i'll forget soon after. my short term memory is failing too. i didn't use to forget friend's names. it's not long time friends whom i don't remember, it's the names of my recent friends that i sometimes can't even remember.


sorry qingyuan. shall rectify it soon. took so long to upload the pictures yet it doesn't work. maybe i'll just boycott shutterfly and use yahoo photos instead. oh does anyone know how to decrease the megapixels of the pictures so that the file size aren't too big?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

my new home is the library.
where i eat, sleep, play, enjoy, freeze and mug.

been playing around with fx-7. shall put up the pictures soon.
ok think i should give it a name soon. any good ones?

35% 41% 60% 39%
in order of the fas i've taken. failed 3/4. 2 anat and 1 biochem. what am i to do?

anyone has the entire season of the o.c. 1? to download it from bit torrent, it takes 1265 days. by the time that is finished ryan would have married marissa. and my hair would hopefully be a beautiful mess like sandy's.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Let me introduce to you my babe!

sleek eh? so i'll be putting up more pictures of school, friends and stuff!
do be part of my gallery.