Tuesday, December 02, 2003

oh anyone wants to boardsurf aka windsurf? i want to sign up for the course at east coast but i need six people to start a new course, so far i've 3 including me. dick, dong and i. interested people please contact me asap! send me an sms.
oh for guys who still don't know what to wear for prom you can try checking out the gq website on the right.
Supposed to study in school after a bit of exercise. i know it's mad, 'a' levels over why the hell am i studying?!!! well kinda have sat 2 this sat, and my study plan got thrown out of the door the moment i saw weijia and the rest in the school gym. Did a little workout and played touch! kinda lousy today, felt damn slow, though i know i am slow. the only advantage i have is my long arms to touch people, that's about it. can't side step, ain't got no skill and definitely no speed. well guess i need to work out more, do a little hamstring weights, and hopefully become a little faster. that's what i'm going to do, work out with dong in school tmrw morn! haha, need to get rid of my belly to fit into my shirt too.

Talking about shirt, i finally bought my prom shirt and a tie to go with it! can't believe i paid fifty bucks for the tie though, so must make good use of it in the future. the colour of my shirt is.... haha, shan't say it now, see it at prom! but the colour of my tie is gold. i'm really afraid someone will have the same shirt as i do, this kind of things always happens to me. i mean wearing my nice retro shirt to yeow kuan's party and there had to be a blondie with the same shirt as i do! quite pissed off. i'm not sure if it's the same but a few people pointed it out to me saying that it's similar, just that his was short while mine was long sleeves. there better not be a smart ass who is going to wear my shirt, or i'll... i'll not talk to him for the rest of my life!

anyway, it was fun shopping today, dong, jun and i! the salesman was very helpful and even was our image consultant. kept giving us tips on what to wear and how we'll look. very pro! even told us which jc people had my shirt, mostly jjc and tjc, so rjc........ i better be the only one! at first dong was thinking of the typical rich british boy look with the vest and checked shirt, he'll definitle stand out cos nobody will wear that. Besides, he has the guai boyish sporty look. in the end, when we told the salesperson our theme, chicago, he chose a slick outfit for dong and dong immediately set his mind on it. finally bought the smooth chicago dancer outfit, all prepared to 'qie' zhihon! haha..

but dear bro was nice to tape 'are you hot?' for me, i want to see the hot eurasian girl from the zone 1 first episode! so going to watch it now. and hopefully get motivated to get sculpted bodies like the hot dudes!

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Yeow kuan's party rocks man! Dunno what the others think but i think it's much better than the first one although there were fewer babes. When chieh dick kwek porsh and i reached there is was like a ghost town. abandoning the party crossed our minds but yk being our friend, we decided to still support him. sparse crowd as compared to the first. and along the way we met pat lee who mentioned that the place was surprisingly quiet so she left. One good thing came out of the smaller crowd though, it was not so squeezy and cramp and we didn't have to queue up for over an hour. At the beginning, i thought it was quite sian, i mean so few people?!!! When i first went in, less than one quarter of the floor had people dancing. Some seniors were pissed off that they left the place.
as more people filled the place and when the rnb music kept playing non stop the place started to rock! we could even go up on stage to dance! it was definitely good exercise dancing and shaking the booty.

i believed the lovey dovey couples benefitted from the 2 slow numbers too. esp. 'someone'. haha. kept dancing til like about 3 then i started to daze out. just sat at the sofa and stoned. only when there were the songs i liked i would go back and dance for a while. the routine of resting and dancing continued til 545 when the entire thing ended. i thought the techno music at the last part was quite funny. don't like techno, but the hand actions and chants the people do while dancing to it is damn funny. even joined in to do those hand actions, the pointing, the hand fighting sequences with the guys. had great fun!

Well yeow kuan made a loss from organising the party, but he wasn't too sore about it. (i hope) Just as he said before the event, he just wants his friends to enjoy themselves. Well done yk! As for partying, wouldn't mind another session of dancing til my knees wobble and ache.