Sunday, February 08, 2004

on the verge of being downgraded but i still went ahead to apply for all the vocations, air force, navy, wso, naval offcer. it's better to sign up now than regret later and realised i've not been downgraded. so fri night, booked out, and went for free dinner and wso talk. sat morn went for wso/pilot check up. was quite surprised as i had failed my pilot com test but somehow they are still doing the pilot med check on me. which meant measuring arm length, thigh length, sitting height ( think i barely made it for this, too tall can't fit in cockpit). well pilot's out for me since i failed the com test. i think among all the people who went for the med check up, i had the most remarks written in my file. broken nose, fractured collar bone, asthma, mvp( mitral valve prolapse) what else? i think at this rate, the moment they see all these remarks, they'll just strike my name off their list. sigh... everything is according to god's will. if it's meant to be it's meant to be.

after the check up, the rest of the day was bad. wanted to go wind surfing but forgot to bring sun block. went all the way to east coast and couldn't surf cos they had some ntu open. all sails gone. alighted the bus and knocked my head on the ceiling. didn't see it cos the front shade of my cap blocked my view. knocked my head once more somewhere but can't remember. all these were enough to piss me off. everyone was still in camp. so got nobody to go out with. in the end wandered in orchard alone. went on an eating spree hoping to lift my spirits but ate the worst tako balls ever! the brand called wow tako at ps. sucks totally. which made me even more pissed. takopachi is still the best! my mood improved when i found a damn cheap adidas cap at og orchard point. then met my parents to eat seafood at long beach. food was good, night life and scenery at east coast even better. cool breeze, nice weather, people roller blading, tandem cycling. if i had a gf i wouldn't mind the both of us just roller blading down east coast or just enjoying a stroll by the beach absorbing the sights and sounds and the smells of bbq smoke. of course it's all just wishful thinking for now.