Tuesday, January 13, 2004

1 more day to soldierhood. how exciting. i've not gotten everything yet, although colin, weijia and i went to beach rd to get our army stuff. the lady there was very nice and friendly and she kept mentioning her goods are cheaper. a few steps after leaving her shop we got attacked by this small malay lady. "aiyo.. why buy so many things? the army will give you credit card to buy stuff. you get cheated already. come come aunty give you my name card." it was scary that they just surprise you and try to make friends with you so that you'll buy from their store. competition is that stiff. well i dont care i think i'll just go back to the same aunty. saves all the trouble.

going to ri later to play bball. and weijia's gonna show me his cutie eurasian judo friend. he kept mentioning it so why not check it out? haha. ok must buy lots of stuff later too, i haven't packed my bag but i intend to stay out late tonight! should i or should i not shave my head first? the thought of the shaver running through so many heads gives me the chills. who knows someone might have an infectious head disease? fifa time beckons! must finish my season! cya.

Monday, January 12, 2004

now i know what it' like to get high. your mind just goes into sort of a stupor. everything you see it's like slow-mo ala matrix. a totally light feeling in your head so it seems like your head is going to fly away from your body. you wanna talk nonsense. but i dont think i spoke lots of nonsense. i was still quite sober to hide the jack daniels from yk until chieh, too busy eating his prawns, let him drink from the bottle when he was drunk! drunk to the bone, that's yk. talking about jack daniels, jd with coke is so damn good. it's the best. it's smooth and not bitter. got to be my fav booze now.

i conclude two types of feelings one can feel when one is drunk. immense ecstacy or downright shit depressed. yk on that night experienced both. when he was drunk TWICE! total madness. all the pictures taken of him were so hilarious. when it's up online, i will place a link on my blog. haha.

yesterday,when we left the place in the morning and everyone most prob went back to sleep, i went home, showered and went to church. i spent the rest of the day wandering around like a zombie because i had probably 1 maybe 2 hours of sleep in the 36 hour period. ok guess i must be prepared for this if i can actually become a doc. 36 hour shifts. bleargh.