Sunday, June 27, 2004

it's been more than a month since the last post! kinda lost the passion to do up my blog. getting tired of the design but too lazy to renovate the blog. now most of my thoughts are faithfully written in my ocs journal. part of the motivation to cont. writing in this journal must be the blown up picture of liv tyler which i've pasted on the front cover.

much has happened since section field camp. will not be able to raconte all of it. so i'll just update what has happened recently. got into med at nus. received my lsa (med) too. so together with my other successful friends, dick and han boon, i'll be reporting to nee soon camp tommorow where hq medical corp is located. sadly left my platoon mates at foxtrot wing. it was a very enriching experience which started off as i led the platoon as cpc. much has happened and we've survived the tough times. things are going to be tougher but i'm sure all of us will be able to survive. we have matured and soon, we'll become leaders in our own field. now that i won't be going through army life with you hope that we'll still meet up some day and you can update me with some happenings in foxtrot wing.

i've met really wonderful new friends at foxtrot wing, people like kent, johnson, zhenxian, daniel seng, jun bin, zhifa, samson and my buddy for 2 terms, galvin phua! these people are really fun to be with and they add to the vibrancy of the wing. of course there are those dislikable and 'wayang' ones whom i will not mention. hope you guys will contribute to better the wing and not to its downfall.

the last week i spent at foxtrot was one of the best. had lots of fun playing frisbee and helping out in tug-of-war. hope you guys do well at the ocs carnival! passed all my tests and survived the boring lectures. and it all culminated to the finale, school happy hour! free flow of beer, kahlua, whiskey and coke. partying, dancing, laughing our heads off during the games and when zhenxian was drunk. oh man... what an experience! it was my second time that i got so high in my life. i was high but responsible enough to control my drinking. i think the highlight for me would be my participation in the games.
my platoon mates forced me to take part since it was my last week and i, already high at that time, sportingly took part. in retrospect, if i wasn't high i doubt i would have participated. the participants all stood at front, with some anxiety in us, as we didn't know what to expect. "the participants are to blow a balloon and the one who blows the biggest one wins. however, it isn't any ordinary balloon.. they are to use condoms!" with that, a roar erupted in the crowd. i was stunned! i've never done this in my life! as the others blew with such enthusiasm and vigour, i blew it cautiously and hestitantly. the air kept escaping and the lubricant was disgusting on the lips. my condom inflated and deflated, just as unsure as i was. a few pops of the condoms confirmed the disqualification of a few of the participants. when the final countdown began, i concentrated and tried to blow with all my might.... and i emerged as 1 of the 2 winners. haha... i can inflate a big condom! i can say with pride that i'm a 'condom blower champion'! haha.. with that victory also came a borders voucher card. and so ended a fabulous week.

not sure what's in stored for us tomorrow. hope it'll be fun!