Saturday, March 12, 2005

shall add chatterbox with tag board. wanna see which one is better. although tag board failed me the whole of last week, it has been quite faithful and useful on the job. so i shall not reject it totally cos of a minor setback. chatterbox will assist tag board and i'll see which is better.

hey everybody! those who wanna get your hands on apple products esp the most coveted ipod, ipod mini and ipod shuffle, don't purchase it at the public price. go online and get it cos it's cheaper and there is free shipping and free laser engraving! tertiary students will get educational discounts when you purchase mac products. so don't be silly and pay that little bit extra. go to then education. this is where you can purchase a 6gb mini for 400 bucks. so go think and compare prices before purchasing!

hitch was fantastic! had a good laugh. really glad that one of my few play day outings before exams turned out well. thank god! thanks for helping me not have severe diarrhea too. only mild one with a burning ass. thanks! :)

heard that genevieve saw ruien the other day, so i thought today would be a good day too, and brought along my camera so that the moment i see her i'll go ask her for a photo or no. she's so cute! jasper's linda from chase is not bad too la. huge eyes with a little ptosis. so pretty! hahaha.. ok typing this while half asleep.

so good night! need to wake up early to organise ifg touch.

tubby> no. my belly is still there cos i pigged out even though i exercised.
eternal eyes> stay in hall la. i want a different experience. stay in pgp 2 sems already! so let's go hall...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why is Tag-Board down??? irritating.. anyone knows an alternative to tagboard?

whole body aching from gym and running. thanks jasper for the company! we should do it more often to keep fit. i'm so going to be paralysed by aches tmr. argh...
It's finally over! CAs are over. but i'm not rejoicing. am disappointed with myself actually. what happened to me? why have i allowed myself to be in this state. where is the RAFFLESIAN SPIRIT of excellence? going to an exam only knowing the tip of the iceberg of syllabus is not what makes a doctor. you'll kill patients in the future, if you can even get that far! pull up those socks of yours. Lord please let me pick up myself and catch up with my batch mates!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

shock of my life when i saw 8.57am on my watch. rubbed my eyes... thought i was in a dream. but NO! but wait... physio starts at 10 right? then again... it's at 9am! PHYSIO PAPER STARTS AT 9!
no time! jumped out of bed. grabbed my bag, bottle, matric card, cap and jacket and rushed to the bus stop!
Good thing bus frequency is high... how i appreciate living at PGP now... so ran all the way to COFM and planted my ass on the seat at 9.10am. my brain felt numb during the entire exam. must be the shock i received the moment i woke up.

MORAL of the story: when 2 alarms don't work, set 3.
1 down. 2 more to go. managed to pass biochem by guessing and eliminating chim looking answers. well actually i think most people passed. ya n in medicine, getting a pass is no big deal when everyone's so smart. it's crazy to know the bell shaped curve for grades is shifted so right that it can't be considered bell shaped anymore. sigh... so must work harder for pros, esp when it's essay, so no more guessing!

physio is one big headache. it's really fun to learn and understand and discuss. but when so many concepts and pathways are stored in the tiny brain of mine, they somehow get amalgated. well at least it's fun! i think it's the most fun subject. doing well is another matter. so whether it's Na-K ATPase or Na- H antiport protein. i'll just leave it to God.
Received a quote from dee.

Psalms 18:2- The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.

So find solace in God! Thanks denise!

dee dee(the one who posted the tag)> hahaha... case of mistaken identity! dee dee was meant to be denise. so i've 2 dee dees now? i think u just be hot spots la k? hahaha...

toe> so confident of physio eh? spent the whole afternoon online. hahaha... get back to work han sis!~

hb> just go view my source then put in your template. the song must be uploaded online first though. i use geocities to upload mine. sigh... can't listen to the song now. bandwidth taken up....

Sunday, March 06, 2005

less than 12 hours to biochem paper already!
don't really care already. i'll do whatever i can now and pia right after CA! whoever wants to join me can find me at cubicle number 5, Medical Library ground floor.

dee dee> heya dee! can i add a link to your blog? thanks! hopefully i'll see ya after my CAs during outing.

qy> u evil man! the idea was formulated in the evil mind of yours and carried out by your sinister hands. so don't blame it on others!

buddy phua> hello mr phua! nice of you to drop by. thanks! good luck in your top secret training. haha..

sel> yes salt! hey the europe trip i think it's too big a group already. confirm got big group syndrome... waste lotsa time. so maybe i'll go next year? haha... feel like going for the indonesia tsunami relief thing.


anyone can hear the song i put up?