Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Watch Out!
Float dance photos uploading soon!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lessons begin tmr! sianz.... :( i like school for the friends, cos i can see them, hang out with them and do fun stuff with them. since orientation and float prep, i didn't need lessons to see my friends so it was great. now that lessons are starting and lasting til late into the day, it means more stressful times and less fun with friends. sigh.. can't imagine the day when i graduate and sch will completely be a thing of the past. argh.... how fun sch days are. hope they will last as long as they can...

Float came to an end on Saturday. After 2 weeks of practice and building, the float and dance came together to showcase a scintillating performance. It's the first time after 6 years that Medicine has decided to build a float. Since the seniors who had the experience of float building have long graduated to become MOs and registrars... we are left on our own to build the float from scratch. Did ya know that Medicine had been winning float for years in a row in the past? Well... it certainly was not going to be easy to live up to the legacy... so we did not win. but it was an experience that was not going to be forgotten in a long time.

Float building was an uphill task. Many did not want to waste their holidays to stay in school building float. Those who did were the committee members... many of whom were from the logistics comm for Medicamp. I've to take my hats off them and salute them. They have all my respect cos they sacrificed so much... even when nobody helped, they persevered to stay late into the night sewing costumes, sawing wood and glueing cans. I don't think they had much rest. Kudos to Janice, Susan, Dave, Alvin, Chris and all who put in so much sweat, blood, tears and time into float!!

Dance prep began quite early when the ics came together to choreograph the dance. Being in Dance Blast certainly helped Qing Yuan and Liana choreo many of the hip hop moves.. Lynn helped with the stunts choreo while Amelia did the jazz/ballet moves. I only helped with stunt demo which was not significant cos many of the M1s were actually cheerleaders in the past so they definitely had much more experience than i do. Many a time, i didn't even know how to correct their mistakes. only thru trial and error that the dancer all learnt how to perfect their moves. Was really proud of them!

They did a great job on tuesday performing for the public. It was certainly a good experience as it served the purpose of Rag n Flag... Treating the public to rag performance after buying flags. An unfortunate mishap happened during one of the 3 performances. As the performance area at KKH was very small, Lynnette unfortunately got kicked in the eye by Lijia during a stunt. She left for check up and even managed to return to perform in the last performance. I really admire her spirit and professionalism.

Dance had a dramatic turn on the final night. Shan't go into details but eventually, it ended on a peaceful note. It all seemed right from a drama serial or something.. the first i've ever experienced. Hopefully, i won't ever gonna experience it again. yepz so... we put on horrible total face paint. i've got to say... the make up was totally like last year's... curly wurlies, just that the complete first paint made us look really satanic. thought the make up during the public performance was much better. Since i was the stunt man for 2 stunts, being on stage for a total of less than 30 secs, I still had to have a costume and full face make up! grrrr....

This year, fortunately for us, we were the 3rd fac to perform... so we didn't have to wait for ages in the hot sun. Also, there was a tentage with oscillating fans, so it made the wait more bearable. I couldn't see how the dance went, have to see the video to find out, but heard that it went really well!!!! Great job dancers!