Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thought about the cambodia trip.. realised that i can learn alot from it.
Besides the horrible experience of being really sick, I learnt that there was another side to ME!
I've always been quiet and stone, very willing to lay back and listen to others talk.
Somehow or another, either cos there was the holiday mood with absolutely no stress of school work plaguing me or just it was just being in a foreign land away from home, that brought out the fun and relaxed me!

I could just let my hair down and be crazy..
thinking back, I had so much fun being crazy!
Somehow, i can't do that now.

I'm stuck in this constant monotony. I'm too lazy to even get out of it.
I'm so comfortable not saying anything at all..

Maybe I need to get out of Singapore.
I should get out and go to a place where ppl talk so much that i learn to be like them.
Amazing how others can be friendly to strangers and just chat with them like old friends.
It's almost they can't live without talking.. but that makes them interesting ppl

I want that too!
I need a new environment!!!
I need a stimulus!!!
I need fun and craziness in my life!

So where do I start?