Saturday, February 11, 2006

ok while i'm at it, i might as well post up a few more photos since i dunno when i'm high enough to touch my blog again.
sorry about the huge photos... shall make them smaller.. here they go! random photos...

Bridge when she was secretly back from Timor Leste. Only met up cos i caught her on the streets... sneaky gal!

Family photo around Xmas period. Our yearly family pic at Orchard light-up walkabout. :)

My mum who wanted to dance at the Xmas party @ Orchard. Turned out to be disappointing.. cos it wasn't exactly a PARTY.
a JUMP on Orchard Rd for Christmas! (the old lady on the right got kicked my me btw... sorry...)

Random photos from Hong Kong trip
1st Lunch in HK, enjoying good ole HK food in small shops like in the shows... yum:)

Road leading up to St. Paul's ruins in Macau, w Aunty Rachel n Grandma!

Me with Hong Kong street in the background!

My Mum n I at Lan Kwai Fong, the clubbing area in HK. we were hoping to catch some HK movie stars... hehe

Up at the Peak and the wind was freezing! With our wonderful hospitable hosts, Uncle William n Aunty Wai Fong. Really really nice ppl... !

Toe's 21st Birthday
Din really take many photos. A photo of birthday gal with the guys... acting cool! hehehe

And Finally.... the last photo, which I really love.
goes out to Ying! :)


That's all folks. Think the alcohol has worn off... GOOD NIGHT!
I'm as poor as my wallet. which is EMPTY!
boy, i haven't blogged in a long shitty time! always procrastinating and thinking that..
blogging is a shit waste of time! i could do better stuff like improving my grades.
but hey! in the end, even if i don't waste time blogging... i'm wasting time doing other useless stuff.

blogging now only cos i'm a little high from ballantine w coke at yk's friend party. his brother's birthday at this little club which has nice red decor. but oh no! FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTO. anyway... we din know no one. everyone's old n not our age. so i'm just stoning and looking damn gay just sitting beside dong. yk's w his babe... seen her for the first time today..

yk's friend you yi is quite cool and rich so there's free flow of drinks. since i don't know anyone, just sat there n sipped my drinks. it's been a while since i've been to a club. it's not like i'm a party animal but i miss just totally letting loose and dancing to some good music! ok... affter pros, i must go n have fun! got a few guys who haven't been to MOS like i do, so we can all head down there n check it out.

exams really near but i'm not that stressed. i know there is not much time to study but it's not bothering me as much as it should! oh man... sucks to the core. shan't talk about studies... shall talk about zhijun's treat just now!

zhijun treated us to shanghai cuisine at balmoral plaza. haven't eaten that cuisine before but i gotta it's great! trying new food is good man... the food was oily but it was an experience trying duck's tongue, cool tofu, fried dumpling with soup, xiao long bao, this radish fried dumpling with soup and many more!

we bought zhijun these for his b'day.
he looks like he loves them!

a boy who can't drink, sipping his glass of beer! gay man... n teck ting in the background

with weijia n bryant. haven't seen this 2 in a long while man...

and finally dong who came really late cos he was on duty.