Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hello from Koh Tao Island Thailand!
Went for my first confined dive underwater today. It was really fun learning all the skills underwater. Water's really clear like the blue swimming pool, only that this pool has lotsa fish swimming around. Had a little panic in the begin when i wasn't used to breathing air from my regulator. Felt like I was having asthma and so wanted to give up and go to the surface. Fortunately I didn't give up. Super super fun! Can't wait for the ACTUAL DIVES 1 and 2 tomorrow. Heard that they saw stingrays yesterday and there have been whale sharks sightings everyday. Really hope we can see them! Well... off to study for my final dive exam now. Phew... the heat's killing me. I've been sweating all day. Even after a nice cold shower.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Thailand. Ko Tao. Bangkok. Thailand. Ko Tao. Bangkok. Thailand. Ko Tao. Bangkok.
Eat. Shop. Dive. Relax. Can't wait!
Now that it's over. I wanna say thanks to all my friends and my family! I think this birthday has been crazy!!!! Lots of eating. Hanging out. And.... I've never received so many pressies in my life! Not even at Christmas when i was young did i receive so many... Thanks for muthu's curry. Thnx for tiramisu cake. Thanks for Island creamery choc ice cream cake. Thanks for the thailand trip dad! Thanks for seafood at JB! Thanks for gay purple shirt. Thanks dee for sesame street minis with one and only 1 bert. Thanks for the monkey shirt dick. thanks for incy wincy spider tarantula dong n zj. n thanks for whatever u have for me kerl. hmmm... did i miss anything else? guess not... yay! now it's a happy birthday!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Heavy load off my chest. Whirlpool out of my system. One bug swatted. One more to kill. Not before I run away first. To Thailand! Can't wait. Then I come back. With renewed strength. To give the last bug one forceful whack!
Ever thought why things BUG you? Why is it BUG? Do they irritate you, scare you, pester you, freak you, disturb you, simply piss you off like BUGS do? Does it help when you have more than one BUG? grrrrr.... if only things were as easy as taking the rolled newspaper and smacking them so that they become flattened and squished and stop BUGGING you. BUG off!