Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Stayed home all day! Handball during pe yesterday was really fun and i thought i felt like shit after that cos i wasn't fit, guess that wasn't the only reason. Then came 'the freezer' lt 2, shivered and trembled and hugged myself in attempt to stay warm during the entire torturous time of 2 hours in chem remedial. Finally declared myself stricken with fever after seeing the thermometer reading of 37.8 C. Hope i didn't infect all whom i had contact with in the canteen!
In the middle of the night, i felt like i was in a battle against my bed and myself. Turned and kicked and twisted and stretched as the discomfort ran through my insides. It didn't help that my brother was playing warcraft late into the night. Think i even sub consciously screamed at him to go to sleep.
The morning didn't start well too. Woke up with shouts from dad and mum telling me to get ready for school. (They never liked us to miss school) Though i felt better, thought i should stay in bed longer and maybe go to school later when i'm really feeling ok. The shouting frequency increased, so i decided to take my temp. Once again my all reliable thermometer read 37.8 C and i showed it to dad. To my disappointment and surprise, he told me to still go to school and if i felt worse later in the day then i should return. Feeling rather irritated by then, another round of beckoning resulted in me berating my parents for the lack of sympathy for a sick person and the lack of consideration for others. Going to school with a temp of 37.8 will only result in me being sent home so what for go to school in the first place! In the end, i was allowed to continue sleeping and start what was to be a slack day.
Watched 2fast 2furious. It was not bad i thought. Fast cars. Hot babes. Oh and the supermodel with the not too pretty face, devon aoki, didn't look that bad after all. Looked quite good in fact. The only productive i've done today was the packing of my files. Sigh. Ok hopefully i can something done after this entry.
Anyway is the tagboard server down?