Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Post CA1

Yay! it's finally over. 2 weeks of studying in the library and it's over! The exams didn't go too well but i'm just glad it's over. So now it's playing for a while and preparing for cambodia! Haven't had so much fun in a long time.
Right after exams, off we went to karaoke at partyworld. As sleazy a place as it can get, just reminds me of the malaysian hotel where we stayed during rugby tour where there were prostitutes and 'transies' hanging around in the dimly lit corners of the lobby. but it's the crowd that that we hang out with that counts right? getting all excited and crazy during the choruses with daniel was really fun. i think the best song rendition by us was the 'wayne yap, never give up!' song. it's so catchy and fun to see whiny wayne so pissed off. haha...

then it was the incredibles time! loved every moment of it! thought the pixar animators were great in giving each cartoon a unique character. ooooh... the hair looked so real too! the technology is really improving by leaps and bounds. i was really amused by all the weird objects elastigirl can transform herself into, esp when she became a boat with dash sprinting his ass off as the propeller. what a sight! i like dash's character best. loud, motor mouth, cool running style and ability to run on water made him so adorable! but i think the most shocking part was seeing the baby become evil! it's a demon baby! so young and it is able to change into a demon and a fireball? what bad influences it must have been exposed to.

anyway don't you agree the sheep in boundin' looks like middle sheep aka zhong yang?