Saturday, March 20, 2004

things can only get better. somehow by fluke i've become company best! i, rec hong dehan, at one stage was on the verge of downgrading and heading towards the status of ooc, have become company best? that's sure a miracle. thank god for his blessings! truthfully, i don't see myself as best in the company. there are definitely much better candidates out there, i just see myself as having more luck.
there's a disappointment though. i failed my soc. going for the retest next tues. guess my upper body is too weak. i can do all the legs stuff, but swinging trainer is posing a big problem. i'm always trying many times until my skin peels. now i can only wait for my blisters to heal and try to learn all the different techniques people use. i must pass with flying colours! the rafflesian spirit will live on.
now's our last book out! next fri is pop! how time flies... we've almost completed everything. next week's just parade rehearsals and the 24 km route march. hopefully it'd not be as tiring as the 16 click one. must remember to wear tights, tape my nipples and lubricate my ass so as to prevent abrasion. wouldn't want to be marching like i've been analed during pass out parade. haha.