Friday, March 05, 2004

i'm officially passed my bmt. attained a gold for my ippt! never have i run sub 10 in my 2.4km, not even during rugby season. so getting sub 9.45 was totally unexpected, esp since i had a lot of phlegm that day and was still on antibiotics. i've made it through the only requirement to pass bmt so the others tests i can relax and not be worried. haha.. aren't you guys jealous? my soc test is next sat, failed it once during practice but i must pass the test next week.

last night we had the time of our lives. after finishing the live range in 1 and 1/2 days, we had the entire 1/2 a day to slack around and to clean our rifles. since we had nothing on the schedule, we were allowed to play anything we want. so a few of us went to play touch and i relived the good old touch days we ruggers used to have. though most of my platoon mates who played weren't ruggers, the game was still very fast paced and i got to say it was the most tiring thing in army! hahaha. woke up this morning with aches and yet the morning after my ippt or soc i did not have any aches. weird but true. come to think of it, hawk coy is quite welfare and i love it.

this morning my pc gave us our interview in our bunk and he did it in section level instead of one to one. he said that it was too formal and people were afraid to speak so he decided to do it in section level. i think it's more likely he's slack and doesn't want to waste time doing one by one. haha. (oops, pc better not read this) then i got my 1st good news of the day. i was platoon best. i'm happy with it but not overjoyed. getting back good results later would be the most important. so wish me luck and i hope i can get my second good news of the day.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Yay! I'm finally not going to get downgraded in bmt. i can still continue my bmt unless the cardiologist at the military medical institute says otherwise. he better not downgrade me or the 600 bucks spent to see a private specialist just to confirm i'm alright will just go down the drain. there goes ocs and all the vocations i've signed up for. i think navy is fun cos there are opportunities to visit many countries. but don't think my mum wants me to cos i'll be away for long periods. intelligence officer seems interesting too but the scope of what an io does is unknown. guess it's really mystery that is attracting me. oh well i shall take a step at a time. who knows i may not qualify for any of it?

results are due in less than a week's time. i so dont want to collect it. i just know there'll be disappointment although i hope for otherwise. best wishes to all you guys out there! i know the majority of you will be having smiles from one ear to the next.