Thursday, June 12, 2003

you are marlin. You are nemos father. You are a
scared old clownfish who is way overprotective
over your son.

what character from finding nemo are you?
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yay i'm nemo's overprotective father. maybe that's why i'm irritating, always nagging at people. and afraid of things going wrong.
Realised that making a deal with your mum can really make you study. Wanted to go for combined schools to get my colours. But my mum said that the finals was MY finals and i'm to concentrate on my studies and buck up. I knew I couldn't go through my school rugby without any achievements so I begged her and made a deal with her. That I'll do well in my common test. I was so desperate that I was tempted to say that if I didn't do well she could ban me from going out. That would really make me mug all day. Anyway went for combined schools training and it was quite slack. But injured my right ass cheek while decking on the hard ground twice. Swollen now. Then studied at Lucky PLaza macs with timo. Not bad I'm beginning to focus ok, but not studying fast enough. Not much time left. Sigh. Not a very interesting day. Guess the only fun things were learning how to fold stars from straws (thanks for teaching me bud!) and that top man has super sale! Up to 70% discount. Must chiong there tmrw to shop! =P

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

yesterday i went for my cmpb checkup and it wasn't the best experience one could have. at the gate, saw a soldier shouting at this guy. "still stand here for what? don't understand english is it?" i was a little shocked. realised the guy was my ri schoolmate, kaisheng. anyway the tone of the soldier was really bad when he spoke to me as well, i didn't bring my cmpb letter (which i didn't know i had to). "you were supposed to bring your letter. your questionnaire anyone can change name and ic no. and anyhow come in then i let just let them in is it?" ok it may be my fault, but his tone was really bad and i felt like giving him a tight slap. if not for the rifle he was holding, i would have. anyway i just stood my ground and retorted that i looked at the check list online last night and there was no mention of the letter. in the end, he let me enter. kaisheng who was on his way out, was also called back and permitted to go in. what a wonderful start to the day. later i discovered my blood pressure was on the high side of normal, so guess i have to watch my diet. explains why i turn red easily too, i guess. met this guy who studied in aust. without him, i may have been bored to death. it was interesting talking to him, but at the end of it, realised i didn't even know his name! haha. whoever you are, thanks for the company! and hope you won't have too many 'skinny fucks' in your platoon when you enter in october. check up went quite smoothly til the iq tests. it was damn difficult! geppers or smart people may think otherwise, but it reminded me of another SAT. sitting there for an excruciating 2 hours and doing the tests was something i hope not to relive. at the end of the entire thing, i learnt that i was in pes b because of my asthma, i could socialise if i wanted to, my blood pressure is quite high and i'm not smart. i hope my 2 and half years in ns won't just be meeting all the guai lan soldiers like the one at the gate.

went to sakae sushi heeren to eat with my eating buddies! i was famished and i think i ate more than 20 plates. jasper's gf must be thinking what a pig i am, eating non stop. haha. had lots of fun at sakae. didn't eat until i was really full and felt like puking at that time. it was only after we left the place and went to annex that the after effects appeared. all of us felt like shit! i felt like puking and it didn't help that i didn't know what to buy for my angel's birthday and i was really pissed off. then i came up with a new theory! that effects of eating too much is similar to effects of drinking too much. you'll feel like puking, you'll feel crazy, you'll feel high, drunk and irritable.
yummy! but couldn't find my favourite takoyaki and fried tofu.
ok bang taught me how to add pix yesterday. so i'm going to try it now. here goes nothing..

a picture of a cauliflower ear. Ear which due to trauma fills with blood.

this picture shows a ear which is worse than mine. i think. yes my ear definitely doesn't look half as ugly as his. anyway, i didn't have to go for the ear surgery. was all prepared lying on the operating theatre when the doctor came in and said that there was nothing to operate on. this once again shows my extraordinary healing powers not unlike wolverine. yes but my acute hearing prowess has sadly left me due to the recovery of my cauliflower ear. that doesn't mean so3kers or anyone should start talking behind my back!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Watched the pianist yesterday. Mixture of feelings overwhelmed me. Sadness. Pity. Anger. Shock. Relief. I felt sad for the polish jews, how they were treated like shit and getting killed according to the whims and fancies of the german ss. I pitied how the lead actor had to go thru so much to become thin and scrawny just for the show. I was angry and shocked at what the germans did. I felt relieved for the pianist when he finally could escape his predicament and get out of his misery when the russians came. How war sucks! ok wanted to write more but my mum is bugging me already. it's 910 now and my cmpb check-up is at 930. " think i can fly you there is it?" haha.. ok can't wait for the sushi buffet with jasper my food buddy and my classmates.