Thursday, January 01, 2004

Bon Annee! Happy New Year!

May I survive bmt and get into ocs. May my family and friends be healthy, happy and safe always. May I get good grades for my A levels. May I get into medicine in nus. May there be world peace and stop this terrorism shit. oh no disease epidemic too. ok this is getting too optimistic. Oh 1 more, may i mature spiritually in God. ok my wishes in the new year. of course there is another wish which i shall not mention online. may it come true.

tmrw's surfing day again! hopefully i dont spend half the time swimming like the other time. oh before that, shall follow my bro to school. look around, work out, run, talk to friends then off to east coast. i'm the black man now. i will get blacker if i decide to meet the vj people at sentosa after surfing. ok shall zzzz now.

bonne nuit ma belle copine.