Friday, June 17, 2005

Stop making stupid complaints!

To all who intend on making official complaints against the army, don't ever do it. cos it's most probably a stupid ridiculous complaint. Currently, doing analysis and digitising the complaints made against the medical services of army. It's interesting to read cos most are simply stupid, almost all write to MPs (even to PM, chief of defence force) and some are just poor sad and unfortunate. Can't comment much on them cos they are confidential. But what i can say is... it's pissing me off. Have to scan each and every piece of paper using a flatbed scanner and it's ok if they are genuine complaints but they are not! A chao keng guy had 60 over consultation slips just from BMT and his complaints amount to over 100 pages and we have to scan them all in brainlessly like a robot. argh!!! gonna have carpal tunnel syndrome and currently having red eyes from the hours spent in front of the com. what a bitch job!
Another day of this, and i'll go mad! Must find the loading scanner on mon!

Cambodia school hostage

When I heard that Siem Reap International School had a hostage crisis, there was a sense of familiarity. Doesn't someone I know study in an international school in cambodia? Only when the radio mentioned that there was a Singaporean boy, Ly Vung trapped in the sch, I realised who it was! It was the son of Khorn (our cambodian tour guide) and Sharonne (his Singaporean wife). When I had a bad case of diarrhea and fever, I stayed over at their house and I was touched by their hospitality! Remember Ly Vung and his sisters Melia and Dara were so adorable and loved Hi 5. Really glad he is alright after the hostage takers were caught. Relieved... hope he's not too traumatised by the incident.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I just caught a lizard with my bare hands! It scampered and i chased, but my hands were just too fast for it! hahahahaha...
just when i caught it, it decided life wasn't worth living for and said goodbye to part of its body. its tail! the lizard may be sad and frightened but its tail was certainly in ecstacy. it jumped, wriggled, and danced for 5 whole minutes before it became tired.

I decided not to heed my bro's advice of flushing mr lizard down the toilet bowl for a swim or flinging it out of the window so that it can be the world's first flying house lizard. i found a jar and placed lizzie carefully into it. yes, my sis has named it lizzie. it's so cute! to prevent it from getting too bored, i reunited him with his dancing tail. now i've to find out what does it eat.

In case you were wondering, hey it's only a detached tail. it's like cutting your fingernail off and leaving it behind to dance. no . it definitely hurts to lose its tail. at least i think it will feel pain cos i do see blood. well... that's all for tales of a lizard.

let me think over if i should name it wolfgang and throw it out of the window.

After all that howard had done, she still chose wolfgang? what in the world was she thinking?
howard may not be extremely good looking but his actions were so sweet. i would have been touched.
the funny man would could always bring laughter. the creative genius who could think of new ways to impress.
the poet who wrote a long fairy tale that rhymed. the candyman who was so sweet.
he had put in so much emotion and thought into all that he did and it's such a pity that it all went to naught.
i really hope he can find the girl of his dreams soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

AMK- the search for good food

The Search has begun. On hearing that AMK has 5 food centres, D. H. Hong has decided to take on the task of looking for food fit for a king. So together with his team, and armed with a video cam, he'll sieve out the bad and find 'thumbs up' food. Stay tuned for the latest updates!