Saturday, March 17, 2007

Volkswagen : Karmann Ghia
1974 Karmann Ghia 2.8liter Audi A4 mid-engine.

Someone please get me this!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Friend

I've a friend who is sick!

She has got a bad sorethroat.

Look at how bad it is... hai..

Guess why she has a sorethroat?
Cos she has been eating fried chicken wings everyday for the past 4 days breakfast, lunch, dinner! SHOCKING!

Hai.. Horrid!
Not only that!

She ate fried chicken and fish and chips for dinner today!

In addition, she went

Yak Yak Yakity Yak the whole time!

And so she allowed the monster streptococcus to invade her throat and give her a sore throat!

Terrible eh?
Don't you think she deserves it! heehee..

P.S. Spageddies has 1-for-1 offer for UOB card. Definitely worth it!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Psychiatric Medicine
Just 2 days into Psych Med, and I feel the whole psych family is so wholesome and nice. It's as if all the nicest people in the world are found in this department. From consultants, to the MOs, even the secretary are really nice people! Considering my bad experience with a secretary at one of the smaller hospitals, this was a pleasant surprise!

On the first day, the secretary at NUH set the cheerful tone by giving us free kit kat and dove amicelli (yumyum!) cos we helped her fill up the AVIAN flu contact list. Wow!!! And she is always so smiley and friendly! The technician at NUH also always sits in, and laughs at the profs' funny jokes during lecture together with all of us! He must be the happiest technician I've seen!!! :)

The psych profs at NUH and SGH are all so friendly. It is the first time that I dun feel pressurised and small in front of doctors. They treat you as equals and are ready to joke with you at any time! They don't treat us as lowly medical students! It makes me feel more at ease so I'm more willing to ask questions and am less afraid to make mistakes when answering questions. That should be the way doctor-student relationship should be...

Today, we had a talk by a pharmaceutical company and free packet breakfast! I sitting in an awkward postion cos it was cramped with an extra seat beside me. The secretary, after serving us food, moved the vacant chair away and said, 'Make yourself comfortable and eat more!'
She then turned to sirui, 'You don't like coffee or tea? How about juice or water?' Amazing!!! The secretary was really so nice that I felt a little uneasy. We tried to offer the profs seats at the table, but they refused and sat at the back instead! Argh... these people are amazingly nice!!!

I've lost count of how many times I said nice, but they really are NICE!!!! Super nice!
I love psych so far! Interesting cases and thought provokking theories! :)