Saturday, March 19, 2005

oh no... wasted day. was awaken by my mum's phone call at nine thirty. my mum will be bringing my aunt and cousin who just returned from canada to my room in 10 min! whoa... couldn't show them a dirty room right? jumped out of bed... brushed teeth and tried to clean up a little. then the phone rang again.... oh no... can't do much now... have to pick them up from the carpark. so i picked them up and gave my aunt a hug.. oh my! haven't seen her for so long and she has adopted an ah soh prc straight hair!! kept my comments to myself though... couldn't be rude to my senior right? hahaha... sigh in the end they helped me vacuumed and mopped my room.

kept falling asleep in the library. so i went home and watched the oc dvd hanboon lent me. oh man... they are addictive! told myself i'd watch only 1 episode ended up watching 5 in a row! n still have more than 20 more to go. i think i better hide them so i'll only watch them after pros. rich kids exciting life babes hunks. sounds too good to be true eh? wonder if there is really such a county.

oh man... my ex indian wife has rejected our invitation to go on our diving trip! she has decided to go with the honeys and toe to taiwan. even after half an hour of begging, cajoling, reverse psychology, self pity, she still decides to go with the girls. sorry guys... you all are not hunk enough. she didn't even think twice on making up her mind. better up your hunk factor by learning more dishes, be more gentlemanly, learn smooth talking and have cooler attitude. hold more food parties! so with no da sao or girls coming along, i quote her 'we'll be having unadulterated boy fun!'

rj>eh.. i was trying to save your face... why you shoot yourself in the ass?

bang>whoa finally you can! so your comp decided to upgrade itself ah?

zy>cos u were bloated with beer! not drinking ended up drinking the most...

liana>oh ya.. maybe we can hold the next potluck at your place! jade!~

lynn>ya we missed you! we were saying oh man.. we need lynn! she'll help us wipe the food up!

renjun's chinchilla

renjun's chinchilla
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mo's soft, cuddly and ticklish!!!!


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gals... eligible bachelors who can cook!!! do consider them!
nagging headache. so no mood to blog.

but just wanna say that i'm impressed by the food party at renjun's! din know it's a potluck session... so i turned up with no food but a bottle of thai rum called similan. in the end, there was too much food! typical chinese mentality. always get more food than necessary. got to say that i'm rather useless... the guys all can cook except me! no wonder they are attached and i'm not eh? so i better go learn a few dishes from my mama so that i can impress the girls! hahaha...

the entire party just reminded me of shows i see where a group of friends gather for a fabulous meal at someone's house, something like in naked chef. friends bring bottles of wine then chit chat, exchange tips on cooking, have a good meal and decide on the person who will whip up the next meal. wow... and we're actually doing it now! now... we have 2 da sao's already. the next time, will i have da saos for all of my buddies? hopefully so...

jasper, hunky, renjun and zhongyang. jia you!!! hopefully i'll see more da saos the next time.

renjun-mozzarella cheese sausage, barbequed smoky mushroom and onion soup
zhongyang-fried rice
dickson-some italian tomato and foccacia bread
rachel-potato salad
jianbang-longan beancurd
amanda-roast chicken
yijun-cheese cake

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

last pbl!

last pbl!
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our pbl class with sabrinah the secretary witch.
artist- isaac seow
finally! we've finished our last pbl. after so much changing and waiting and raging angers, we've gone thru a rather crappy pbl. the dr actually forgot about our lesson so he came in not knowing how pbl is conducted and what the case was about. oh well... we did go thru some physiology regarding kidney and heart and it was over! not that pbl is very lousy, it's just that holding it at alexandra hospital was an absolute disaster due to admin problems. well that's over... and hopefully that is the last of sabrinah the secretary witch.

the seminar room was like a fully equipped house. really nice place! sofas.. an entire kitchen, nice ass washing toilet bowls, waiting high chairs outside the toilet and computer room. it looked so comfortable that isaac went ransacking the kitchen and made himself a nice mug of coffee. only that it belonged to the cleaning lady! n she was unhappy that some crappy pseudo angmoh who can't spk mandarin for nuts stole her coffee! isaac then used his halting mandarin and replied.. i only took one sip, you may have it back! if i was the aunty i'd have slapped him that smuck ass.

so while waiting for the dr (he was forty five min late i think), we played pepsi cola at the large carpetted area. wah... the last time i played was maybe pri sch? so the only ones who had an actual childhood played(daniel, wayne, isaac and i). the rest just sat and watched. sigh.. anyway.. we came up with so many stances whether attacking or defending. isaac had the flying helicopter kicks, daniel had the clamping leg technique, wayne and his si jiao cao tian(4 limbs in the sky) defense move and me with eagle spreads his wings defense. haha.. shit man. really damn fun!

ended off with taupoking chris ho. don't you see chris ho so fair and flabby, easily bullied. oh man... he still has his canoeist genes in him. bloody strong! i was supposed to pin him down but he immediately went into fetal position so in the end i held the most weight from the taupoking. wah... looks like he had lotsa experience. must have been taupoked lotsa times in canoeing last time... know how to defend against already. nvm... next time we'll get jianhong to pin you down!

ok ended off the day with dinner. the food was ok la. got a good laugh from 'dunno how to tie hair's' uniform and the photo in the digicam. felt damn stupid cos i suddenly cannot remember lotsa stuff and just forgot how to put what i want to say into words. there's just something wrong with me. totally screwed up. well just blame it on head trauma from rugby then :) . early alzheimer's? shit man.. touch wood.

tmr's play day! soccer then party at renjun's! so must have late night tonight. going to jog then finish up protein metab now! pls scold me if i didn't finish protein.
Wa Jie by Jay Chou
heard the song at my ushering event. it's really very nice! but too bad the lyrics are too chim for me to remember. Uploaded the jay chou version just for you. so click on the link just below sweet hour of prayer and go file>save as.. to save it into your com!

i'm dumbo the sniffling elephant. my nose feels so ticklish that it's as if i've a feather up my nose. the ticklish sensation is going up the nasolacrimal duct and smarting my eyes too! now.. i just wanna chop off my nose to tear out the 3 concha!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Paulaner's n Prego

0.5l of good stuff man. although it contributes to my round belly, it was quite good. got a little light headed and crazy. but from my craziness, i started a string of conversation which was eye opening. sigh... i'm the only one left. but it's ok... not too worried!

thanks lynn for the prego's lobang man. cos we took a trip down tonight and got ourselves a bunch of goodies. you are officially my makan informer! while waiting in line to buy the pastries, charming yau hong struck up a conversation with an indian lady and her family. their family is like those high class rich kind, so to go up to their level, hunky enunciated every word so well and spoke so perfectly! hahaha... the conversation was the funniest. the indian family and all of us began suaning bang about being so sweet and nice to his gf and how we should all learn from him. hahaha... ya i think we really should! wish i had someone who does nice stuff for me too. :)

can't wait for wed! jasper remember to bring howl's moving castle besides your bang guang!