Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yay!!! I've passed my driving. Finally. Was so nervous that my left leg went into spasmodic contraction which I had no control of. Almost couldn't do half clutch in the circuit. Fortunately, circuit came and went without any problems. Thought my driving on the road was quite ok except for the last part when I stalled just before turning into the driving centre. Still, I managed to accumulate 14 demerit points. Oh well, a pass is a pass. Shall be able to drive the volkswagen polo til its 10 yr life expires this year. So supper anyone?

Damn irritated my ibook is down. Good thing I firewired my documents to Liana's powerbook before my dad sent it to the service centre. Gave me a shock. Shall have to get an ipod to back up my documents then. Was hoping the battery life would improve or the price would drop before i get it. This scare only means I've to get it soon.

Sick Sick Sick. A bug is flying around! My dad, mum, sis and I are all having the same symptoms of sore inflamed throat and cough. Am trying to fight it with listerine instead of going to see the doc. Must get well before MUNUS!