Saturday, January 10, 2004

ce matin, je lui ai envoye d'une sms poetique. mais elle a juste repondu, 'nice.' c'est tout. elle aime la couleur rose! ma mere aime aussi rose. lendemain, j'acheterai un chemisier rose pour l'anniversaire de ma mere. c'est un secret. gardez-le bien. mon francais est terrible. j'ai passe une demi-heure juste pour faire ceci. et la phrase derniere, j'ai utilise altavista translation. je suis un porc paresseux. je veux acheter un trefle de quatre feuilles pour lui parce qu'elle a les examens de conduite et sat. acheter ou pas acheter?
desole, il y a beaucoup d'erreurs.

today's surfing is summed up in one word. shiok! the last time we are going to windsurfing before enlisting. after we enlist, we'll most prob be too busy or too tired to surf even when we book out. initially, there was hardly a breeze and rain started to fall. terrible day we thought. suddenly wind blew like a gale and i sailed far out almost near the ships. the wind was so strong it was difficult to control the sail and i had to lean quite far back. backbreaking and callus-causing but worth every bit of it. all of us made it back safely to shore too. a great improvement, think we are on the way to becoming pros.

countdown to bald head, freedom lost and new wife- my rifle :
4 days!
enlistment date: 14 jan
time: 1-130 pm
friends enlisting same time, hello we may be bunkmates.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

since friday, i've been going to school. (sat and sun included!) that's how much i miss school you may think. no, it's because i've nothing to do! actually, i'm just waiting for someone to ask me out for a date. hahaha. just kidding. yesterday, dick and i spent the entire day at school. spent a few hours playing bball, working out, and a large part of the day stoning.we tried to follow gek's og, together with the crashers bang and jianyang, but somehow i felt damn extra. it isn't our orientation yet we're intruding. that's how i felt. good thing serena, shiwei, isaac yee and jervis bay came much later in the afternoon, and all of us just watched the j1s playing handball. actually we were just looking out for good looking girls la. hahaha. noticed a few but it was just glimpses. dunno where they went after. oh but thought this nanyang girl looked cute and she had a nice healthy tan. know where her og is and tziyang said that she was his neighbour. lucky bastard. too bad, dont think i'll be going to school these few days, esp if i pass my audition. really hope i do! must put on a cool and funky image now.