Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hottie hookers!

OG popeye!!!!

yiuming and lijia with high princess hats!

with 2 pretty m1s whom i dunno!

isaac the kungfu bruce lee, mark the peter pan and victor as tinkerballs... hahahah... nice dress n specs!

more pretty m1s whom i dunno.. with dick the sexy cave man!

the best dressed table!

my beloved counsellee, jerry!

posing with my wacky tablemates, krusty and robin.
Just had the Most Exciting Event Ever!
It was definitely more fun than Prom or last year's DnD. Yay... n my table won best dressed! Kudos to my group who was so sporting in dressing up in the most wacky manner. They even brought Krusty the Clown and Chewbacca into lecture today to spice the boring lecture up... hahaha... I love the M2s! They are damn funky!

Ok there is the link for part of my DnD photos. The rest will be uploaded when I've more bandwidth for my Flickr next month.