Thursday, June 05, 2003

Je veux ecrire en francais mais j'avais oublie tout . Qu'est-ce que je faire? Je dois encore etudier la francais! Quand? Quand je suis libre.
Another crap day. Was suffering from a runny nose. Although I slept at 8.50 last night i still felt tired today. Went to school and slept in the canteen until James woke me up. Haven't talked to him in a while. Slept through the whole of physics tut too, it's no wonder my physics sucks! But felt better after that good nap. This is going to become another one of my mundane timetable as Jervis always says. Well I shall end today with GP common test sucks! Couldn't complete both papers. Should learn to think and orgainse my stuff quickly. Sigh... when will i learn to do that? Oh one more thing, I didn't have to do the surgery on my cauliflower ear because it seems to be much better. The doctor told me only when i was all prepared on the operating theatre. Ok must study for SAT now. PRIORITISE! ban myself from blogging until after SAT.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Slept really early last night and didn't do any work the entire weekend. Feel like a pig, a slimeball, just want to slithe and stroll through my entire life. After effects of finals? Maybe. Post-finals have always affected me in unpredictable ways. I may be up and going one year, and like a total cripple in another. We certainly didn't deserve to win the past 5 years, but sure we do this time. But God always allows things to happen for the good. So it maybe a good close relationship with my team mates. Who knows? 20, 30 years down we may still remain the best of friends. I'm sure we will. :) Ok enough of finals, need to get on with life.

How Yew Meng gave me an invitation to the U-20 combined schools right after the finals. I told myself and my parents that after season rugby will be out of my life. I will only study. I certainly didn't expect it, now my heart is itching to play again. My other team mates have all got their south zone colours either due to national team or combined schools, but some how or another, i've always missed the opportunity. I was either injured or chose to go on holiday in canada last june. I feel, without colours, i've nothing to prove or show what i've achieved in my 6 years of rugby. It's like i'm a wandering mediocre member who sits around, being the 28th member of the team, not contributing anything and still get a medal. No offence meant to the 28th member. You're still part of our team. Sigh... I'm in a quandrary. Follow my heart or be a good boy and listen to my mum. (By the way, I think she threw away my letter. Saw her reading it at the edge of my eyes, then this morning, found that it had disappeared from my table.) Lord, please give me strength to make a right decision quick.

Mum is reminding me that i've to leave soon. My ear operation is today at NUH day surgery. Removing the blood clot. Hopefully I'll not have a permanent cauliflower ear. Shall put up a cauliflower pic once i've learnt how to. Bang or someone teach me quick! Ok hope everything will go fine. And that dilligent spirit will infect me once again so that i won't feel so piggish and start on my huge pile of work accumulated over the weekend.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

30 May 2003. The day my school rugby career comes to an end. An end which has got to be the most memorable and something which my team mates and i will surely talk about when our hair has thinned and our mass on our chests move down to our bellies. It was a result which was definitely not a true reflection of how my team played. In my 6 years of rugby, it's the first time ever that i've seen my team mates play so well and we really linked well both in forwards and in the backs. The forwards tackled hard and secured the ball, and the backs kicked well and passed excellently. I'm really PROUD of you guys! We trusted each other completely and we all went in the game with so much confidence and pride. I remember how in the past finals I would feel dismal and that it was all over for us when we were down. But not on friday. On friday, ACJC faced a team with so much confidence that they would have pissed in their pants and not have been able to get out of bed the next day. When they kicked their 2 penalties in and when we were down 3-13, we lifted ourselves up 10 notches and began what was to become a permanent camp in their 22. We became possessed men, and fatigue was definitely way back of our heads. True Rafflesian spirit was embodied in each one of us. We never gave up. Wave after wave we smashed towards their line. When we lost the scrum, justin would win it back and we attcked again. They tackled and dived so many times that i lost count of how many penalties we got. The stupid ref should have just given us the penalty try. In the end we finally managed to score but the conversion flew just inches wide. 11-13 and we lost they won. That's the bottomline but in our hearts we were the champions. We know it. Everyone there knew it. They were just lucky. They didn't deserve to win. We played as team never before but the better team doesn't always win. That's life.

Ningyan, Leon, Tziyang, Yeow Kuan, Lijing, Timothy, Lennard, Isaac, Zhi Hon, Raihan, Alvin, David, Kianleong, Justin, Dickson and Josiah, thanks for the superb experience in the final. It was a B-E-A-U-tiful game. I love you guys! Thanks also goes to the reserves for being there for us as a team.
RJC Rugby 2003 a team I'll never forget.