Friday, April 08, 2005

i got out of my room today!
went window shopping with cow.
the bad thing about window shopping is, i see so many nice things and i get infected by materialitis.
just wanna get all of them. but i won't. i can't. won't let myself succumb to the disease. i'll fight to the end.
well.. maybe i'll just succumb to the top man tie first? hahaha... shit. that must be the last n only manifesting symptom.
can't let the other symptoms emerge.

oh man... i'm piling on the calories! ate so much today, and all sinful food. went to eat my fav takopachi again! i could eat takopachi everyday and not get tired... hahaha.. went to relive sec n jc school day memories by eating the taka japanese fried egg noodles. gotta say it was terrible! definitely not worth the 3 bucks. just one bad experience and you'll just wanna swear off it. so never again to eat fried jap egg noodles. oh remember i used to eat okonomiyaki at the taka food court. jap cabbage pizza. loved it! sad it's no longer there. anyone knows where to get cheap okonomiyaki?

kerliang> well that's cos everyone's irritatingly humble. well if you don't believe how sure i am, you can find me in the library tmr morn :)

lynn>windsurfing? wait til i lose my blubber first la. so embarassing to surf topless with a permanent life buoy round your waist. u do solo strolls? i think i'm the only one who does that. u girls can't even have a meal or go to the toilet alone.. how do u do solo strolls?

manny>peter russell? sure.. just get your ipod or thumbdrive and plug it into my ibook. u'll def laugh your ass off! actually ryan seems the same height as seth? just that maybe marissa is a lil taller than him. oh summer is really short so seth looks taller. finished season 1 already! feel so lost now..

okie time for an hour and half of night jogging now... lose the buoy!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

slept at four watching oc and i'm still not done.
oh man... their life is so exciting and complicated that it is as tempting as a rollercoaster ride. don't i wanna have a taste of their life? ya just be seth or ryan for a day or two. with cool parents (i think sandy's the coolest dad ever!), great wardrobe of clothes, huge mansion, sea view, a pool house, huge cars, hot friends and own room. yea... it can only be a dream. a wild one.

post-exam activities:
day 1
-pigging out at fratello's (staff club), had oxtail stew... wasn't the best... but any oxtail stew is better than no oxtail stew.
-having jasper, yauhong, renjun and jirong in my room watching the funny peter russell (he's hilarious! get the video from us and u'll know what i mean), the oc and tak giu video.
-rest of the night watching oc season 1 on my own

day 2
-solo stroll in orchard doing some self reflection
-borrowed books from orchard library
-ate lots of food which i haven't eaten in a while like my fav prawn takopachi! love the crunchy prawn and chewy inside
-idled my time away at starbucks, reading robin cook's seizure over a aromatic mug of latte and a fabulous bag of kettle chips
-decided to start studying this weekend cos vivas are next week!
-guess i'll be staying in my same room in pgp next sem with the allocation of my 3rd choice of student accommodation
-dunno if i got cheated or what... i got approached by this plump, limping, underdressed lady in outside lido claiming she has a diabetic mum and she has got no job. she needs money to buy porridge for her brother and mum. gave her 5 bucks but she requested for 8. so i just gave her 10. saw her getting money from 2 other guys later too. well i gave her money out of goodwill. whether she's a cheat or victim of circumstances, may God bless her.

-no plans! but think i should stop being a social recluse and hang out with ppl... think i'll feel better this way
so before i start muggin this weekend... i'm free for any jioing, dating, eating, exercising on fri!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

say hello to 2nd round of studying...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

This is it! God... please calm my nerves tmr. Help me remember all that i've studied. All the best everyone!