Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Glitz. Lights. Glamour. What a starrry starry prom! Everyone looked fabulous! Never imagined it would turn out so well. People whom I couldn't recognise popped up everywhere. It was like, shit , you mean you were from school? i remembered watching on news which showed the tjc prom night, and i gotta say i was kinda worried when i saw how bad the people looked. Well... my worries were unfounded. The guys looked good, the girls even better! The entire night was a trigger happy affair. The hotel staff should have jolly well packed the food in tupperwares because the food did definitely go to waste. People only wanted to capture beautiful memories of their friends on camera. I mean, how often does one get to see the beautiful side of one's friends? The feast for the eyes surely did suppress the hungry stomach. Some people looked so good that i knew i just had to have a picture taken with them, albeit i don't know them. Well it was then or never, so just thicken the skin and ask!!! Fortunately, they were friendly enough not to reject my requests. Can't wait to see the photos!!!

Prom King: My dear charming friend, Tousif Kabir.
Prom Queen: My good ole' giantess, Poony aka Huiling

They definitely deserved it! Tousif had been dreaming of this day since the day he was nominated! There was never a time when we didn't talk about it. You kicked their asses big time bro! You should have seen him at work at post-prom! Charming all the girls so well, he just makes me jealous. haha. It's ok tou, i'll just pick from your scraps. haha.

Giantess, well, didn't actually talk about the possibility of being prom queen. In fact, she was so heck care that she said she was just going to wear her sec 4 prom dress. Or maybe her confidence of winning was just sky high, so she didn't have to bother about dressing up. haha. just kidding poon. There wasn't never a doubt that she wasn't going to be prom queen. So just grab your title and stop feeling embarassed about it giantess!

It isn't good to be sick on prom. I sounded so bad i thought i was a constipated kermit the frog. I could only laugh it off by saying 'what a sexy voice i have' to people i speak to. Often, I could barely hear myself. Coughing til my throat felt like popping right out. Should have just seen the doctor last week. Thought i could for once be a strong man and let my immune system fight the infection. Well, i just proved candice right, who always thinks i'm the weakest rugger ever. Saying i'm always getting injured and sick.
Someday, i'll prove her wrong!

2 years of jc is officially over. Last night was the last time i was going to see everyone together. Good friends and people whom you treasure, that's no problem, we can still meet up, though it'd not be as often as it would be like in school. The other great people whom i haven't gotten to know and the friends i'm not close to, thanks for making rjc such a vibrant and warm place. Hope to see all of you again! Maybe the councillors can hold a reunion like 10 years later! It'd be nice to meet up again. Good bye class of 2003, see you next year when the results are released.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

SAT 2 today! slept at 1 last night, frantically trying to practise math and writing because i realised it's damn difficult! woke up today like i've left my brains behind. a walking zombie, that's what i was. first time taking it at st.francis methodist sch, so had to wake up real early. in the end, took a good little nap in their canteen. overall, it was ok la, but the invigilator is damn lousy, kept cheating us of our time. the ovals for shading is damn large too! waste a lot of time shading, so although when i practised at home i had enough time, today's sat was a frantic rush! screw off sat. no more exams for me in a long long time.

today was also the day of meeting people. the day started with meeting my ex pri schoolmate, craig. think my cousin was with him too, but i seldom see him so i'm not sure if it's him. the most pleasant surprise was seeing albert! my classmate who sat beside me in ri! a damn sleepy looking guy who's quite funny and loves basketball. remember he used to sleep nonstop in class, the energy must have been used to played basketball. saw him at st. francis with his gf. and i gotta say, your gf is quite cute! well done bert! haha. oh can you believe this? we still have each other's kipling monkey arms because we exchanged them in ri. it was damn amusing, 2 big guys taking out their pencil case on the bus and showing each other odd looking monkeys with arms not matching the colour of the body! oh well it was great chatting with him. bert we must go play tennis or bball sometime!others i saw were golden head jianwei, good looking you an and the bleached head ghost riding a bicycle in the rain, lennard!

and once again, went shopping with dong. ningyan and samuel kuek joined in too. went to look for earrings today. now deciding between 2. think i'm going to buy the cross one for prom and share the jewel stud one with tziyang. speaking of ty, he looks damn gay now! he went to pluck his eyebrows and they're quite thin now like a girls. he kept saying he's chio and wants to put on make up. well... because of that, i've decided, plucking my brows is out of the question for me. don't want to look like a transvestite. ok realised i've been blabbering a lot of crap today. what a lousy entry.

2 days to prom and i've lost my voice. well done. hope my doc can cure me quick! demain, je vais chez le medecin.