Sunday, February 01, 2004

not bad. another week has passed and another long weekend has arrived. i believe it is the last long weekend as there are no more public holidays from now til pop day. btw to those civilians out there, pop means pass out parade. army is really about all the acronyms. some of the acronyms are really funny. take it from my platoon sergeant, during our last parade he said our batch was his first a level batch. before us were all poly batches. but there was one batch very special. they were phd intake. then he kena shocked, first time he heard got phd intake. after that he realised, phd means poly halfway dropout. wad a cock. yes my sergeants are all very nice people. esp one of them, the most civilised sergeant i've ever seen, also my section commander, sg desmond. he said he has never even uttered a word of vulgarity to a recruit and his aim is to keep it that way. he treats all of us very well, and spends the most time with us, sharing his stories, and one of his reasons for being so nice was that he had very nice sergeants during his bmt and sispec days. and he said that if he is able to influence batch after batch to be nice, the army will become a much better place. quite noble eh?

this week was quite siong. first day was ippt cat exercise. managed to get a silver. met all the gold requirements for static stations. but to get 9.44 for 2.4km to get gold, quite impossible considering even rugby days i've managed a sub 10. did a 10.41 on mon. but think i can shave off the min to get my gold! then circuits, weights and 3 sessions of soc! 2 of them one day after another. quite tiring and many had burst blisters on their hands due to swinging trailer and low rope. well that's it for the week. oh did i say i may be downgraded? if the mo sends the letter, i'll be downgraded and become the lackey of csm. doing all the shit stuff. and then i've to go for recourse. how shit can that be. imagine doing everything again. oh field camp coming soon too. hope it doesn't pour.