Wednesday, October 19, 2005

i like you. do you like me?
you like me. do i like you?
he likes her. she likes him.
do they still like each other?
i like you. you like him. he likes her. she likes him. he likes you.
you like who?

relationships. how confusing it can be.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

orange specs

A Day at HPB

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i think i found the spectacles that suits me!


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mc- brush your teeth or you'll get this. :)


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mark- weisheng could pull 95pts. why i can only pull 20 pts?!!!


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reliving childhood memories.
cow down the slide!


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et down the slide


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toe down the slide

Monday, October 17, 2005

Polo Good Bye

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This may be the last time I'm gonna see this car. It's been with us for 10 whole good years and still looks good as new. How special it is to my family! It served its function well, sending us to school on time and allowing us to go on our weekly family meals. When I started to drive, I loved to speed while changing the manual gear. I felt totally in control. With an open top that we seldom use due to the blazing sun and a petite size to allowing zipping into tight corners, it was unlike any other vehicle. Totally one of its kind. Doubt you can find another with such unique features and reliability anymore. You have served us well... may you find a better owner overseas should you get exported or rest in peace should you find yourself in shambles at the junkyard. We will miss you.

Volkswagen Polo