Saturday, November 29, 2003

Whoa first day after the exams ended. slept at 6 am this morning playing gunbound. those ass friends of mine, practically all of them are playing, jasper, kianleong, dong, dick and everyone else. well after their incessant bugging and intense discussions about the game, i've finally succumbed and started my own account. dunk01. the game is just like worms but with a lot more stuff which i still do not know. the only thing i know is shoot, move and try to kill your opponent. oh and when you first start, your rank is 'cute yellow chickee'. slowly progressing to hammers and axes, though i don't quite get the link between chicks and hammers. oh well, shall have to learn from my expert friends.

today is also the day i've become the rebel! was sleeping soundly when my mum woke me up at ten. can you believe it? waking me up at 10am when i slept at 6 am. kept bugging me to wake up so that i can go have my hair cut with my bro. well was thinking of doing up my hair, so managed to drag myself out of bed. And my 1st step to rebellion! dyeing my hair! do you know that to highlight your hair they make you wear a condom on your head? well i knew that today. only then do they painstakingly pluck out your hair from holes in the condom so that they can dye it. overall, i'm pleased with the outcome.

2nd step to the dumping of guai boy image. piercing of ears! yepz, went to do it today too. went kindas afraid that i'll turn really red (i turn red quite easily) and blood will squirt out at high pressure when it's pierced. well it turned out fine, just that my ear lobe is quite thick so i felt a little pain while yeow kuan felt none. quite satisfied too, can't wait to take out the stud and get a new one. well... because of the piercing of my ear, giantess is disowning me! although i don't remember myself ever 'belonging' to her. haha. oh she wore real large round earrings today. shall try wearing one next time just for fun too! =) 3rd step? well there isn;t a third step yet. why don't someone give me suggestions? oh but i do want to pluck my eyebrows because i've a unibrow!!!! yeowkuan said he wanted to do it too, so might go with him. any girl wants to join us ? haha.

well tommorow's night is yeowkuan's party so people see you at embassy! shall go play gunbound now. Ciao!

WOOHOO!!!! Au Revoir 'A' levels et salut tout le monde! Tu me manque ma jolie blog. J'avais retourne.
Felt wonderful playing touch after the last paper yesterday! Good bye unhealthy lifestyle and hello fun games play and exercise! The exams are over... the exams are over... the exams are over.. the exams are over! whoa can't believe it. 12 years of mainstream schooling is over! a whole new life lies ahead of me. always hear people say wait til you are out there, only then will you know how shit it is and how well school has been shielding us from harm. oh well the time has come.
Celebrated the end of exams with a good friendly competition of touch. After the stupendous rugby world cup finals, who doesn't want to play rugby and emulate what their favourite players do? As usual there were lots of arguments, laughter, bickering and the ever present swearing. but who cares? i reiterate and drive home the point. THE EXAMS ARE OVER! haha. ok i'm going mad. yes the highlight of the touch was definitely the superb skill shown by leon aka carlos spencer. a through the legs no look pass to timo who eventually scored the try. and there were of course comical moments like timo's 'very tricky' sexy pose fake, the sticking behind of one of his legs and a complementary spastic smile. oh what good memories of rugby!