Sunday, April 04, 2004

had a really memorable time the past week. i planned it so well that at the end of this block leave, i can sit down and say 'wow, what a great week!'
lost my touch on writing and describing in an interesting way. so i shouldn't start recounting my week lest i make it sound mundane. anyway, argentina shouldn't have lost to! the pumas just make the game so exciting, with so many last minute tackles and superb flair. they never give up! yes it has been an enjoyable s'pore sevens. can't wait for next year's to come. hopefully more ruggers will go! my dear j3s, forget about the ticket price and let us party at sevens next year!
going to bed now. all the best to all cadet trainees! may we survive the 10 months of shit and hell and emerge as respected officers.