Saturday, February 05, 2005

new asia bar was a cool place! 70 floors above the city, you could see the skyline and have an unobstructed view of the bright lights of the city. good place to chill out or club. do check it out!

wish i had a program or website for mac users to upload photos on blogs easily. so no photos from new asia bar from me. what a waste! the pictures of 2 pretty girls can't be viewed. what a difference when girls bother to dress up. for guys, well no difference so don't bother. ppl, do spend time to take a 2nd look at pancake or indian wife!

beleaguered from all sides. crazy ppl. stoppit before the hypothalamic temperature regulatory system breaks!

i'm more than a meanie. i'm above average.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

buy me a spittoon so i can spit. buy me a spittoon so i can spit. cough cough the green man strains. gack gack the thick man resists. whoosh out he goes. swirling and swishing on the bumpy cushion. knocking and banging against hard white walls. expel expel expel the intruder. out you go sticky man! and forever do not return!

but his twin returns and a harder a cough n a harder a gack. oh please go away!

nonstop on radio! ~singapore has got 4 million ppl, 2 million are girls. subtract 1 million who are old, there are still 1 million young ones. how can your grandson not find a gf?~
excerpt from the movie i do i do.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

should i or should i not? if i go ahead, things may go wrong. i may be wrong. i'm not even sure. think it is better to hold back until i am.
i've changed. i've learnt to have confidence and courage. but did it come with immaturity? or is this the real me? to be stone or be fun yet immature?

procrastination is my game. slacking is a bane. 5 more weeks to ca. can i learn to balance n manage my time?

congrats to bang! one foot in already. the other foot just needs you not to screw up. of course u won't. after all the salsa training, your feet should be sure and steady. those were the days, when we were complaining. now you've left jasper, yau hong and i to whine amongst ourselves. all the best!!!! you're the man!

xingning left for melbourne today. have fun studying there! wish i could go overseas too. anyone wants to go europe with me after professional exams?

Monday, January 31, 2005

i'm lazy to update my blog. what reason is there for me to put in entries each day? i think i'll just write entries when i actually get about doing some work.

anyway latest things that i've done:
went to cambodia and back alive.
slacking around too much
going out too much. wild wild wet, fisherman's village, ocean's twelve, cosy bay. what next? new asia bar?
went for mandarin church service.
attended commissioning parade.

aim for the moon, fall among the stars.
i'll treat you if i ever see a shooting star again.