Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tmr's last day of posting!
I think I've been too slack this posting man.. dun think i'll remember much from it
maybe only the fun schizo and mania patients at imh..

so! after my 20 min paper in the morning,
it'l be tennis with JH!
hahaha.. really excited to try the 2 retro rackets man..
i'm just gonna try a bit cos i dun want the strings to break, dunno how old these things are..

and then....
off to KL and Genting we go!
so exciting.. finally another overseas break!

I think I'm lucky to have friends who like to travel,
think without them, i wouldn't have travelled so much in the past few years..
Hope we have lots of fun this time! :) :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today is a HAPPY day!

Psy was driving me crazy with the full day tutorials at SGH and little interaction with patients!
I felt like a bird locked up in a cage with little freedom cos the group is so small, we couldn't really pon tutorials..
The tutors were like my owners, tho they were really nice, i still long to be free!

IMH is where I felt I was finally set free!
We do not have full day lectures, and we get to interact with the patients!
There are more interesting patients too instead of only seeing eating disorders at SGH.
Even tho, they are all schizophrenic patients, but they are damn fun ppl with different experiences..
Each time we delve deeper into their history, it just gets more exciting!

Like what people say about psychiatrist,
even tho they do not get paid as much, but they get paid to be entertained!

That's why what I like to do is, just stand in the ward, and just chit chat with the patient next to me..
It just brightens my day!

Well.. the circumstance leading to their admission into IMH is actually quite sad. Each one has their own issues which you sympathise with them. But since today is a happy day, I shall not talk about it but leave it to another day!

OK now as to why today is a happy day!
I bought 2 cool stuff today!

In IMH, there is a thrift store set up by the Salvation Army.
In order for them to set up this rent free store in IMH, the Salvation Army must train their ex patients and help rehabilitate them so that they can work in the community.

So while we had some time in between tutorials, we decided to pop by the thrift store to see if there were any good bargains. :)
When I entered, I saw the stuff that they were selling, I immediately turned to Jianhong and commented,
"Wah, they sell these stuff, give to me i also dun want lor." The clothes looked really old, like the kind when you wear it so many times that it looks thin and faded. Many of the other stuff looks like the free gifts in a paper bag that you get when you go for exhibitions or road shows. really really yucky!

Ya so i wandered further in, and saw more flimsy looking t shirts hanging on the rack and more toys and souvenirs that I think have absolutely no value. I thought to myself that it is such a lousy thrift store!

Suddenly, I saw this whole box of rackets! Jianhong was just telling me that he used a retro wooden squash racquet when he played squash with et over the weekend,
And lo and behold! An entire box of all the retro looking rackets you can ever find!
Wooden ones, metal ones, for tennis, squash or badminton, they are all there!
The heads of the rackets are so small and cute that I wonder how they could ever use it to hit the ball... hahahah

Yep so I rummaged through the pile, and found 2 that I liked.
I thought since, it's retro stuff it would be very ex..
But hey it was not too bad, 8 bucks for 1 so I bought both of them! So now these 2 rackets have kickoffed my collection of retro junk! :) :) :)

Really love the wooden one!
Think I'll test them when I play tennis with JH, feel how it was like for people in the past to use a wooden racket! heehee.. :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Got tagged in face book! Really like this photo..
Thinking back, Wow! That was a really fun DnD actually! :) :)
We won best dressed table that night!

Another tagged photo.. from middle sheep.
This is taken during Lynn's 21st celebrations at Ritz carlton! Hey but where's lynn?!!!
The food sure was scrumptiously delicious and deliciously scrumptious! heehee~