Saturday, August 20, 2005

Jap Fever

Just hosted 7 Japanese medical students from Juntendo University. They came to SEA to learn about infectious diseases... so they went to Thailand for about 9 days and came to Singapore for 2 days. It was really too short cos there were just too many things to do in such a short time. So we had to improvise and make changes along the way.

I fell sick the day before they arrived. Felt the slight inflammation at the oropharynx and i knew what i was in for. URTI! (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) Shit man... somehow I always get it... and what better time to get this. crap. Usually I'll wait until it's really bad before I see a Dr, but i decided to try to get better before the Jappies came. So I chionged to UHWC but only got cough syrup and flu med, no antibiotics. Thru experience, I knew I'd never get better w/o antibiotics so at night, I decided to go to my own Dr.

So armed with my antibiotics, I though I'd get better... but it only got worse as the days progressed. Didn't help that I wouldn't get much rest.

So when the Jappies arrived at Changi Airport... we introduced ourselves to them. It definitely helped that the M3s were around cos they knew all of them. We took a group photo which was going to be developed and given to them in personalised photo frames. They look a little worn out.. cos they woke up really early (4 am)to get to the airport. Well.. no choice.. we still planned a long day for them cos there was so little time. They can rest back in Japan!

We brought them to Changi Village to try hawker food. Nasi Lemak, Wanton Mee, Rojak, Char Kway Teow, Carrot cake, Hokkien Mee. They tried it all. Oh no... just remembered that we forgot to let them try CHICKEN RICE!!!! anyway... they ate very little. we had so much food left! Just had to force myself to eat even tho i was sick. Oh and they were not too keen on spicy food. Only one of them, Yuka, could take chilli. It was then we started faking them. We told them that there were worms in Chin Chow... and they believed it. Hahaha... should have seen the expressions on their faces! They are so dramatic in a cute way...

Sentosa was a blazing oven! It was uber hot! Crazy... so we decided not to head to the beach first. We allowed them to go to Underwater World and see marine creatures which are not even native to Singapore. We just got Huimin to go with them cos there was no need for all of us to pay and see touristy places of interest. Then our organisation got a bit screwed up. After we were done, we wanted to rent a ball at sunset bay and play near there. But there was no net and we din wanna pay 5 bucks per person. So we walked here n there in the heat before finally deciding to play at the volleyball net at the other end of siloso beach near Shangri-la. By then, everyone was super thirsty and tired. tbc

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dick's Treat!

Meng Chon the funny Honkie accent guy in A Good History. Love his accent!

HIgh on Ice Cream @ Swensen's cheap $1 ice cream buffet. wacko!

I just love this toilet door sign! It's so cute!

Stole a photo on Kerliang's funky Vespa! wooo hooo! ultimate retro man...

Monday, August 15, 2005

poon @ thai express

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met up with poon at holland v.. her 2nd last weekend here in singapore.. so sad.. she's emigrating to US so it'd be one of our last meetings forever... at least til who knows when... when we are all pot bellied and have children? sigh... we'll all miss her!
Finally uploaded the Float photos..