Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just came back from Lynn's. Had a steamboat cum surprise birthday party. Laughed non-stop til my abs ached. Oh man... how i love my friends! Oh and Lynn got me a Cannes shirt in return for lending her my haversack... Thanks fooey! ~yawnz~ Sleepy sleepy... shall blog more tmr... oh yea! Soccer vs M3s tmr... can't wait to meet up with my Wookie strike partner. Rargh!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Met up with my wonderful Popeye OG. Wah.. gotta say they're really on! organise OG outing somemore. This was after I had dinner with Andrew and Enming at Holland V last night. Since I was in camp, I couldn't join them for the movie session in the afternoon. Met them only for dinner at....... CARL'S JR!!!! YEA! Been wanting to try it after watching the paris hiltion burger ad and hearing so much about how big Carl's Jr burgers are. So I've seen them for myself today. They're as huge or a little bigger than BK's whopper. The cool thing is they've onion rings and bacon in my Double Western Bacon Cheese Burger. Wao... Just saying it is a mouthful. So I changed my fries to Chilli Cheese Fries which I din like cos I found it too salty. Other alternative changes are criss fries(waffle fries) and onion rings. Oh yes! The onion rings are real onion rings so they are large! Not mashed up onion made into equal sized small rings. So that's great. there's a large variety of other burgers and sandwiches. think i'll want to try them all!

Tze Yong saw my chilli cheese fries and decided he made a mistake of not changing his fries so he went to ask if he could do so after getting his order. The guy just told him to go back to his seat and actually gave him a box of chilli cheese fries for free! Yes the guy said it was his treat! wah... i paid more to change my fries and he actually got it for free.. the guy must hvae been gay or got charmed by tze yong. the name tag of the guy read rong so we kept teasing tze yong about him... and finally i named him tze rong. eeeee... gross if he's gay.

After chit chatting for a while, somehow someone decided to go have ice cream. (think it was sheryl) so argh!!!!!!!!! had a single fondue which proved too sweet and too 'ni' for me! stupid geisha boy aka andrew and gay boy aka tze rong refused to help me finish it. so i just had to pile on more calories! grrr.... no choice gotta go to sch to exercise or swim liao...

"If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face" -Carl's Jr

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fun Day!

darth vader
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Woke up at 7 plus today after I knocked out the evening before at about 6 plus. Couldn't even wake up for dinner! So i was totally famished and had salami sandwich and my 'dinner'-->yummy crab beehoon at 11 am.

Met up with Zhi Jun after not seeing him for a long time. Dong is away in Malaysia fishing.. this fella keeps having new hobbies.
Anyway, ate my fav takopachi and tried macau fried pancake noodles as we chatted. When we wandered into Heeren, there were all these movie characters walking around in the atrium. I couldn't resist but take a photo with Darth Vader. Batman looked sad cos nobody wanted to take photo with him. Anakin and Obi-wan had models were looked too gay to be cool.

So after buying tickets for Bimmer, this russian movie, at cine, we decided to head down to Starbucks at Paragon to pass time until the movie begins. It was then that I met an entire group of Rafflesians outside Paragon. We were the 4th group to join them. There were Jianan, Raymond, Nic Lim, Sally, Shaun Teo, Zac Yee, Serena and Jervis! It's been such a long time since i saw time so we just stood there for so long and updated each other on our lives. It was just so exciting to chance upon such a huge group of friends in the middle of Orchard.

The group seemed like a Rafflesian magnet cos Terence and Qiuyun came along hand in hand too! It was not always that this could happen so I just had to capture the moment. Jianan and Raymond left first so they were not in the photo.

Oh and Serena reminded me how good a baker she was, and that she was gonna sell her cakes. I'm definitely gonna order from her! Oh man... she was such an angel when she surprised me with Bailey Oreo Cheese cake when I had only mentioned it casually. She makes great brownies and now supposedly tiramisu too. It's amazing how she's still so slim when she went overseas and learnt how to bake in her hotelling course.
Really hope to meet up with them again!

Bimmer was interesting in the sense that It was the first time I was watching a Russian movie. Learning about the russian culture was an eye-opener. Just seems so dangerous to live in Russian after reading about mob attacks and now watching it. Glad that I'm in safe Singapore. :)