Thursday, June 23, 2005

Currently reading The Miracles of Santo Fico. Set in a small coastal village in Italy. Like it for the description of the beautiful scenery by the sea, quaint old houses, charming century-old hotel, small spiralling cathedral and the traditional italian pasta and wine, add these to the exciting accounts of travelling in italy by friends, really sends my heart fluttering. The desire to be there just swells! Marta, the beautiful, vivacious owner of the hotel dreamt of seeing the painting of stars against the black canvas. Well... we can see stars in Singapore too, no big deal. But it's shooting stars which we can't see cos the glare from the bright city lights just block them out. Stars die and fall all the time. Just wanna lay on my back under the vast open sky (w/o the glare) to view streaks of light formed by the deft strokes from God's paint brush. Beautiful Europe...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

deleted due to security reasons

Using the scanner to scan ma visage.
Oh yea!
was a little nervous. n every sms that came in this morning made me jump! finally, the real sms came n i passed! yea.. kerl the happy news bringer broke my morning anxiety. so phew... this is not good for the heart man. shan't try it again next year. anyone knows what books to buy for year 2? easy ones similar to baby moore?