Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm really proud of the float performers cos they are doing so well! All of them are doing all the moves in sync and putting so much effort into each rehearsal that i'm touched by them. It's great how in just a little more than 1 week and a few hours each day, the dancers can remember all their steps and put up such an exciting performance. Each time they rehearse, even a person with retarded psychomotor skills such as i do, feel like getting up on my feet and dancing with them. With just some fine tuning of their moves, i'm sure they can put up an interesting show for the public on 2nd Aug. Although the training is physically demanding and mentally taxing, the dancers are able to introduce smiles and laughter, thus putting the aches and fatigue at the back of their heads. That makes each session so enjoyable.

From lynnette and david's infectious laughter to lynn's mind-boggling analogies to our 'S-paper' stunts, you guys are simply hilarious. Hope all of you will be well-prepared to show everyone what you guys can achieve!

Apple Promo!
Anyone knows if there is a freshie who wants to buy an ibook or powerbook? Do tell me cos i wanna get the ipod offer! I'll be eternally grateful... Actually, I feel so cheated cos the apple notebooks are so cheap this year with much more added in. Compared to notebooks of other brands which cost more than $2400, you can get a decent apple ibook for $2000! I feel like selling my current ibook and topping up the difference to buy a new one. Anyone wants to buy my ibook? hahaha...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Woke up and resumed reading of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Oh man... I was glued to it and actually spent the whole day getting mesmerised by the adventures of Harry Potter. I was supposed to go to school to help out in the stunts but I couldn't even get myself into the bathroom to wash up or relief myself. Only when absolutely necessary did i pull away from the enthralling pages... but like an incredibly strong magnet.. it brought me back the moment i was free. His days in school seem so much fun with all the excitement over quidditch, trouble with teachers, spying and bitching about ppl and bgr. wow... but what's really sad was the death of the character. Shan't name the person lest anyone hasn't read it yet. Wonder how the story will go on... really want to see the end of Voldemort and hope it'd be a great ending to the Potter series. Actually, I've forgotten the story of the previous books as it's been too long... so when there are references to the past in this new book, I'm quite lost. Hmmm... I've always wanted to complete an entire series at one go such as watching Lord of the Rings at one go, watching star wars all at one go and now i wanna watch or read harry potter all at one go. Well... knowing me... all talk but no action. No resolve to do so. Bleargh!

Anyway... received a call from a pleasant lady at OSA! She brought good news that I've got a Type A room at PGP! Yay! Block 6 level 3 i think. She's such a darling unlike the man at OSA. I went down to OSA and filled up the 'room change' form. The guy who attended to me just told me to wait til Sep as there was nothing he could do. Thank goodness this nice lady replied my email and said she'll do all she can to help me before the 2nd week of August and if somehow she had forgotten, i should send an email to remind her. What a helpful soul! Ms Zuriah, you're the BEST!
Actually, it's when I've got Type A that I realised how expensive it is! Even with the subsidy from SAF it's still 70 bucks a week, times 18 which means 1260 a sem n about 2400 for the entire sch year! Oh man... that's painful for the wallet. Hmmm... maybe i'll save money n go to Type B in sem 2...

So with my new room, shall attempt to decorate it again. Though my creativity is severely lacking, I'm hoping to count on my trusted friends to help me do so. IKEA sale now on! so off i go to make my room habitable... shall get the frother lynn was talking about too, so i can make my own latte foam which i love so much!