Thursday, June 30, 2005

Samsung Platinum Lounge Official Opening

Really thankful that Jit invited to go with him to the opening cos the entire event was really cool. Walked on the red carpet leading to the lounge and immediately, we felt like celebrities. Just wished there were cameras that we can wave at and pose for. hahaha..

tbc- really sleepy now

Sunday, June 26, 2005

first there was russell peters
next mr numa numa.
now there is mr horny man! love his act... really entertaining. go watch-
batman begins was really good~! such an interesting interpretation of how he became batman. becoming a ninja first... whoo... i think this batman is the best of all the batman movies ever made. the others were jokes compared to this. used to only like spiderman n thought batman was the most uncool. my perception has now changed. can't wait for the batman vs joker movie, if there is one.

saw shan, howard and a few other guys from 'eye for a guy' on friday night. howard looks alright.. but he's short. hahaha. shan is the good looking one everyone ogles. saw chen han wei dressed up like a teen too. berms, t-shirt and a cap. really juvenile looking. an ok night... haven't gone chionging in a long time. met kong, ding , tanny, grace and a few other guys. saw leslie, lennard and kennedy too. i don't really miss chionging. i'm fine not going. it's just to meet up with people. albeit at a really unhealthy environment to do so. which is why i like gatherings like the one i just went for just now.

rj batch gathering at rj bishan campus. really nice to see friends whom i haven't met in a long time. army friends and those who went abroad. wow.. and boy do people change. more for better than worse. many i couldn't even recognise!
here are a few photos: