Sunday, December 05, 2004

Thank you victor for organising such a successful bbq @ ecp! i'm sure everyone had loads of fun.
it was a good crowd of about fifty people where everyone let their hair down after weeks of studying for the cas.
i think after friday's bbq, we would have known a few more people in med fac. i for one now know who is meng chon and andy and teresa marie. it's amazing how med fac is so small yet we don't even know half of m1. i hope through all these activities all of us can get to know each other better.

when i reached there i was dismayed by the turn out. i thought oh no, it would be a failure cos i only saw like 6 people max at the pits with no sign of bbq preparation. good thing it turned out that the early birds were actually cycling or rollerblading along east coast. when i came back from renting my own pair of blades, the food were already sizzling on the pit and people were chit chatting and helping themselves to the food.

it's comforting to know that there is the fun side of medicine besides academic pursuits. exchanging of lame comments, laughing at the burnt food the chefs bbqed (i think cooking should be left to the celebrity chefs - mark and dehan), spilling of drinks on bags and banging people into lamp posts with legs spread open were a few highlights. of course there were the lovey dovey couples who fed each other food, whoa how sweet of them! i think medicine should form more couples now that we have our 2nd couple from medicine. it'd be good for our declining birthrate in s'pore.

ok that summarises the bbq @ ecp. do check out the photos taken. bbq

the next outing is on mon 6th dec @ sentosa. think there will be lots of m1 and m2s going. so see you there!
Dehan's Schedule for next 2 weeks:
Sun 5th Dec- checking out of pgp

Mon 6th Dec- Sentosa

Tue 7th Dec- 0700-0900 driving circuit
1230-1330 lunch with dean
1530 medical appt

Wed 8th Dec- 1000 medical appt/FRS
1200 cooking lesson
late afternoon/evening cambodia packing

Thu 9th Dec- Full day Anat tut with Prof Gopal
1800-2130 UCC ushering

Fri 10th Dec- Estimated late afternoon/evening cambodia briefing

Sat 11th Dec- FREE!
Sun 12th Dec- FREE!
Mon 13th Dec- 0830-1300 FRS presentation
Tue 14th Dec- Departure for Cambodia!
14th Dec-4th Jan Cambodia

Calling all friends! It would be good if i can meet up with you since i won't be around for xmas and the new year. i can't go for any parties or gatherings. so check my schedule and contact me soon!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Post CA1

Yay! it's finally over. 2 weeks of studying in the library and it's over! The exams didn't go too well but i'm just glad it's over. So now it's playing for a while and preparing for cambodia! Haven't had so much fun in a long time.
Right after exams, off we went to karaoke at partyworld. As sleazy a place as it can get, just reminds me of the malaysian hotel where we stayed during rugby tour where there were prostitutes and 'transies' hanging around in the dimly lit corners of the lobby. but it's the crowd that that we hang out with that counts right? getting all excited and crazy during the choruses with daniel was really fun. i think the best song rendition by us was the 'wayne yap, never give up!' song. it's so catchy and fun to see whiny wayne so pissed off. haha...

then it was the incredibles time! loved every moment of it! thought the pixar animators were great in giving each cartoon a unique character. ooooh... the hair looked so real too! the technology is really improving by leaps and bounds. i was really amused by all the weird objects elastigirl can transform herself into, esp when she became a boat with dash sprinting his ass off as the propeller. what a sight! i like dash's character best. loud, motor mouth, cool running style and ability to run on water made him so adorable! but i think the most shocking part was seeing the baby become evil! it's a demon baby! so young and it is able to change into a demon and a fireball? what bad influences it must have been exposed to.

anyway don't you agree the sheep in boundin' looks like middle sheep aka zhong yang?

Monday, November 15, 2004

i am going to abandon my com for the next 2 weeks cos i just realised that i need to complete a topic a day to barely finish studying for ca1. which is quite impossible considering that i'm really slow. so if you see me online tell me to get back to my books! all the best to the medics for the coming ca!!

bud>thanks bud! all the best for your a's too! what happened to your blog?
mandy>yay!!! saya tak cakap melayu. good!! we need to find more people! i think optimum number is 4.

a bientot dans deux semaines!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hey check out the links in the 'mes photos' section.
just uploaded a few.

oh get well soon rabblion!

anyone wants to go backpacking in europe next year?
i've to plan early cos i only have the 1st month as holiday. the 2 months before school starts it'll be attachments at hqmc.
we've to fit around the funny open book exam which is right smack in the middle of may. so anyone interested?
france and england will highly confirmed destinations. how about spain too?
think i'm getting my mood for studying back! Merci Dieu! although it's still quite slow. was very motivated to study, so when yahu hong suggested camping overnight at yih to study, i agreed immediately. somehow i wasn't sleepy when i was studying though there was a point when i felt really sian staring at the testis, scrotum and penis. yau hong on the other hand, kept dozing off, therefore we decided to sup at munchie monkey's.

my first time there and i'm amazed at the menu they serve. Related to the spageddies restaurant, it serves pasta, pizza, alochol and even escargot!!! i must try the escargot someday. ya so yau hong had to vienna's hotdog, while i was contented with my tuna and cheese foccacia. i would have very much preferred it to be mushroom and cheese foccacia, but tuna did just fine. the indian guy who served us looked really scary as he was quite big, had a beard(or moustache can't remember) and golden earrings. his voice was low and rough too, giving the impression of a gangster. in the end, he turned out to be quite friendly. when yau hong and i were brushing our teeth in the morning, he actually chatted with us. so one cannot judge someone too quickly!

we decided to take a hour nap and se lever at 4.15. but you know once we planted our heads on the sofa, it was over... the alarm couldn't wake us up. so we ended waking up 4 hours later and it was time to leave for lecture. what a night of studying!

word of advice: if you want to study at yih, make sure you bring more than a jacket. you need 2!!! wear pants if you can too cos they are out to freeZe you while you are mugging.

Monday, November 08, 2004

went to church today after absenting myself for months. it always feels good to be in the church. you'll feel calm, relaxed and your thoughts become clearer. however, i couldn't keep awake during the entire duration of the sermon. feel quite bad after. as usual, i don't know anybody in the church. so when my uncle talks to his many friends, i'd just stand in one corner or just let myself wander to look at the notice boards. danny's the only person i know there but he has his own group of youth fellowship friends so i'm often by myself. i'm thinking of finding another church. maybe i'll pop by to daniel's church soon since it's similar to my present conservative, fundamental one.

these days i'll reverting back to my introverted self. rugby changed me in the sense that i became louder and a little more 'wild'. now i'm inclined to just sit down at a table and not talk to my friends. i'll keep really quiet and just listen their crapping and jokes. of course i'll laugh along and comment here and there but i don't engage myself wholeheartedly in the conversation. another phase of life?

totally didn't do any work this weekend as usual. planned to finish tutorial and pbl but ended up sleeping the entire afternoon. very shiok! think i better get down to some work before je dors.

i think the best thing that happened today was the lunch treat from my brother. we lunched at an indonesian restaurant at bukit timah plaza which had a la carte buffet. the rendang, chilli sotong and fried ginger chicken were delicious! i think the best was the crispy golden chicken. it was so good that we ordered 3 baskets of it! i couldn't get enough of it. oh no i should have taken a photo of it!

my life needs some rejuvenation.

enculer! i just scratched my camera. there's a deep scratch on the front now. Salaud! L'oignon!

Friday, November 05, 2004

feeling damn tired after a slack session of soccer. my fitness doesn't even deserve to be called fitness. now i don't even feel like lifting my butt off the chair to go shower. my head feels tight, like someone is using a plastic bag trying to suffocate my brain. think a nice sleep will would cure this. but i can't. i know i must study but i just don't feel like it. i don't have any goals in life. i don't even see myself completing med school. did i make the right choice? even if i was wrong, i have no choice. unless i want to go db and carry sandbags.

i'm always procrastinating. i'm always complaining. whining seems like my past time. even i get tired of listening to my own complaints. give me or teach me how to find the solutions and i'll gladly stop! primary school was fine. secondary school was manageable. jc was problem ridden but i managed to squeeze through the narrow pores. will i be filtered at this stage? used to set goals like i want to get into ri, i want to get into rjc. in jc, it was kinda difficult to set a fixed goal as there are so many places to choose from. now it's even worse. where do i wanna go?

some people are blessed with beautiful brains. some beautiful faces. beautiful lives too.
my brain is ageing as fast as my face. my body is shifting to a lower gear too. how do i stop this ageing process? anti-oxidants?

now data takes 5 times as long to enter my hard disk. i may understand at the moment. but i'll forget soon after. my short term memory is failing too. i didn't use to forget friend's names. it's not long time friends whom i don't remember, it's the names of my recent friends that i sometimes can't even remember.


sorry qingyuan. shall rectify it soon. took so long to upload the pictures yet it doesn't work. maybe i'll just boycott shutterfly and use yahoo photos instead. oh does anyone know how to decrease the megapixels of the pictures so that the file size aren't too big?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

my new home is the library.
where i eat, sleep, play, enjoy, freeze and mug.

been playing around with fx-7. shall put up the pictures soon.
ok think i should give it a name soon. any good ones?

35% 41% 60% 39%
in order of the fas i've taken. failed 3/4. 2 anat and 1 biochem. what am i to do?

anyone has the entire season of the o.c. 1? to download it from bit torrent, it takes 1265 days. by the time that is finished ryan would have married marissa. and my hair would hopefully be a beautiful mess like sandy's.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Let me introduce to you my babe!

sleek eh? so i'll be putting up more pictures of school, friends and stuff!
do be part of my gallery.

Friday, October 15, 2004

once again... it's been a long time. blogging is so not part of my life anymore. but suddenly thought of it, so i shall post an entry. too much has happened to put down in words. don't have the energy to do so anyway. now in med sch and it's not easy. have always been doing last min work all my life and now found out that i'll be murdered by this old habit of mine. too much new info everyday and leaving everything to a later date has caused a long train of confusion and doubts. brain is working too slowly; can't ingest and digest quick enough. priorities are misplaced. wrong state of mind. play. a little is good. but very addictive like drugs. quitting causes withdrawal symptoms. distractions are everywhere. difficult to focus. being a stone is not a solution. it will still get attacked by agents like wind and rain and sun and chemicals. hurdles. more like mountains. unable to climb without training. crawling gets you nowhere. lethargy. inertia. sloth. excuses! training can't commence. breathlessness and fatigue overcoming. the peak is so far. the final test. dig deep! determination. perseverance. dilligence. consistency. balance. agility. not mere words. put them into action. show everyone. the shark is far but its speed is fast. imminent danger lurking. maintain safety distance rather than fight straight on. swim hard. swim fast. hurry before the train leaves! leave. leave. leave.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

it's been more than a month since the last post! kinda lost the passion to do up my blog. getting tired of the design but too lazy to renovate the blog. now most of my thoughts are faithfully written in my ocs journal. part of the motivation to cont. writing in this journal must be the blown up picture of liv tyler which i've pasted on the front cover.

much has happened since section field camp. will not be able to raconte all of it. so i'll just update what has happened recently. got into med at nus. received my lsa (med) too. so together with my other successful friends, dick and han boon, i'll be reporting to nee soon camp tommorow where hq medical corp is located. sadly left my platoon mates at foxtrot wing. it was a very enriching experience which started off as i led the platoon as cpc. much has happened and we've survived the tough times. things are going to be tougher but i'm sure all of us will be able to survive. we have matured and soon, we'll become leaders in our own field. now that i won't be going through army life with you hope that we'll still meet up some day and you can update me with some happenings in foxtrot wing.

i've met really wonderful new friends at foxtrot wing, people like kent, johnson, zhenxian, daniel seng, jun bin, zhifa, samson and my buddy for 2 terms, galvin phua! these people are really fun to be with and they add to the vibrancy of the wing. of course there are those dislikable and 'wayang' ones whom i will not mention. hope you guys will contribute to better the wing and not to its downfall.

the last week i spent at foxtrot was one of the best. had lots of fun playing frisbee and helping out in tug-of-war. hope you guys do well at the ocs carnival! passed all my tests and survived the boring lectures. and it all culminated to the finale, school happy hour! free flow of beer, kahlua, whiskey and coke. partying, dancing, laughing our heads off during the games and when zhenxian was drunk. oh man... what an experience! it was my second time that i got so high in my life. i was high but responsible enough to control my drinking. i think the highlight for me would be my participation in the games.
my platoon mates forced me to take part since it was my last week and i, already high at that time, sportingly took part. in retrospect, if i wasn't high i doubt i would have participated. the participants all stood at front, with some anxiety in us, as we didn't know what to expect. "the participants are to blow a balloon and the one who blows the biggest one wins. however, it isn't any ordinary balloon.. they are to use condoms!" with that, a roar erupted in the crowd. i was stunned! i've never done this in my life! as the others blew with such enthusiasm and vigour, i blew it cautiously and hestitantly. the air kept escaping and the lubricant was disgusting on the lips. my condom inflated and deflated, just as unsure as i was. a few pops of the condoms confirmed the disqualification of a few of the participants. when the final countdown began, i concentrated and tried to blow with all my might.... and i emerged as 1 of the 2 winners. haha... i can inflate a big condom! i can say with pride that i'm a 'condom blower champion'! haha.. with that victory also came a borders voucher card. and so ended a fabulous week.

not sure what's in stored for us tomorrow. hope it'll be fun!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

came back from section field camp yesterday and it totally sucks! it was the most xiong field camp i've had. the section training was ok, quite fun doing fire movement and quick attack. but it was the ex. greensleeves which totally killed us. it is a controlled navigation exercise( followed by an instructor) and we were supposed to find 4 day check pts and 3 night ones. the freaking SAW was pissing me off because it was too long, trapping me together with the long roots of trees. the signal set is freaking heavy and causes us to get stuck in overhanging branches. and it didn't help that we have an instructor whom my entire section dislikes. ok shall not elaborate on him. *unsafe* the freaking tekong forest has so many hidden ant nests which can be activated anytime we are not careful, causing 'ant rain' to pour on us. the spiders are everywhere and the weather is so hot! had to tahan my heat rash for 3 freaking days! the feeling totally sucks. imagine the tingling feeling between pain and itch. imagine a million ants crawling on your back just beneath your skin such that you can do anything to them. imagine pins and needles prickling you. imagine red bumps on your body so dense, you thought you were born with red toad skin. even now i'm trying my best to resist the itch so badly. good thing it's getting better.

not all was bad about field camp. my section is bonding pretty well, esp. after ex. tenderfoot( uncontrolled navigation exercise). we had lots of fun 'going to holland' (hor lan), bitching about people, scolding the navigator when we seem to be lost and laughing our heads off about stuff which happened along the way. in the end, we found all our checkpts and were the 3rd section to return back to harbouring base. most impt thing is we could have fun and yet still complete our mission unlike in the other ex. when we were kept in a stranglehold and still could not finish the chkpts.

i am not looking forward to the other field camps.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

had a really memorable time the past week. i planned it so well that at the end of this block leave, i can sit down and say 'wow, what a great week!'
lost my touch on writing and describing in an interesting way. so i shouldn't start recounting my week lest i make it sound mundane. anyway, argentina shouldn't have lost to! the pumas just make the game so exciting, with so many last minute tackles and superb flair. they never give up! yes it has been an enjoyable s'pore sevens. can't wait for next year's to come. hopefully more ruggers will go! my dear j3s, forget about the ticket price and let us party at sevens next year!
going to bed now. all the best to all cadet trainees! may we survive the 10 months of shit and hell and emerge as respected officers.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

yesterday was a disappointment! the sun was blazing down on our backs and i thought 'oh man, someone's going to faint in this heat during pop.' it was so hot that cat 2 came on and we could not go onto the parade square for our last rehearsal. finally after all the sharply executed 'henta-kakis', we moved to our form up point(FUP) all ready to march in proudly. exactly at that moment, dark billowing clouds galloped across to our location. lightning flashed like a magnificent fireworks display. it seemed like perfectly normal convectional rain, which usually is just a quick downpour. i assumed we only need wait for a while, after that we can surely resume the parade. however, after only 15 min of waiting, our csm told us to remove our rifle buckles and pile up the rifles. what the hell! after all the rehearsals, the parade will not go on? i was sorely disappointed. kianleong was too. how often do we get the chance to march in the company, giving commands proudly and confidently? we rehearsed so hard, getting f so many times by ssm, going for extra henta kaki drills because we can't mark time together and in the end, we didn't have the chance to throw our jockey caps. what a sad ending for our pop. the only good thing about being a prize winner is that we get to the front of the queue to take the fast craft. i heard that my buddy only left at 2100.

24km route march was surprisingly easy. i took all necessary precautions, having learnt my lesson after the 16km one. i wore tights, a clean set of long 4, flannalite as my belt (the buckle caused some abrasion) and taped my nipples. the result: i came out of the march unscathed, with absolutely no injuries! i dunno whether it's because our field pack were dummies, stuffed with only air filled ziplock bags, but i felt that it was really easy despite the longer distance. there was sufficient rest, there was food and i wasn't tired.

to the guys who have been saying that my ocs spot has been confirmed. that's totally not true. during the pc interview, my pc told the platoon best and i that we can keep our hopes alive but not too high. so that when we fall it won't be so painful. he said the past 3 company bests, 1 went to sispec, 1 as driver and 1 as storeman and he doesn't know why. anyway although i hate tekong which is so far away from my house, i don't mind sispec. so whether ocs, sispec or even mp. i'll just accept it.

enjoy this block leave all new privates!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

things can only get better. somehow by fluke i've become company best! i, rec hong dehan, at one stage was on the verge of downgrading and heading towards the status of ooc, have become company best? that's sure a miracle. thank god for his blessings! truthfully, i don't see myself as best in the company. there are definitely much better candidates out there, i just see myself as having more luck.
there's a disappointment though. i failed my soc. going for the retest next tues. guess my upper body is too weak. i can do all the legs stuff, but swinging trainer is posing a big problem. i'm always trying many times until my skin peels. now i can only wait for my blisters to heal and try to learn all the different techniques people use. i must pass with flying colours! the rafflesian spirit will live on.
now's our last book out! next fri is pop! how time flies... we've almost completed everything. next week's just parade rehearsals and the 24 km route march. hopefully it'd not be as tiring as the 16 click one. must remember to wear tights, tape my nipples and lubricate my ass so as to prevent abrasion. wouldn't want to be marching like i've been analed during pass out parade. haha.

Friday, March 05, 2004

i'm officially passed my bmt. attained a gold for my ippt! never have i run sub 10 in my 2.4km, not even during rugby season. so getting sub 9.45 was totally unexpected, esp since i had a lot of phlegm that day and was still on antibiotics. i've made it through the only requirement to pass bmt so the others tests i can relax and not be worried. haha.. aren't you guys jealous? my soc test is next sat, failed it once during practice but i must pass the test next week.

last night we had the time of our lives. after finishing the live range in 1 and 1/2 days, we had the entire 1/2 a day to slack around and to clean our rifles. since we had nothing on the schedule, we were allowed to play anything we want. so a few of us went to play touch and i relived the good old touch days we ruggers used to have. though most of my platoon mates who played weren't ruggers, the game was still very fast paced and i got to say it was the most tiring thing in army! hahaha. woke up this morning with aches and yet the morning after my ippt or soc i did not have any aches. weird but true. come to think of it, hawk coy is quite welfare and i love it.

this morning my pc gave us our interview in our bunk and he did it in section level instead of one to one. he said that it was too formal and people were afraid to speak so he decided to do it in section level. i think it's more likely he's slack and doesn't want to waste time doing one by one. haha. (oops, pc better not read this) then i got my 1st good news of the day. i was platoon best. i'm happy with it but not overjoyed. getting back good results later would be the most important. so wish me luck and i hope i can get my second good news of the day.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Yay! I'm finally not going to get downgraded in bmt. i can still continue my bmt unless the cardiologist at the military medical institute says otherwise. he better not downgrade me or the 600 bucks spent to see a private specialist just to confirm i'm alright will just go down the drain. there goes ocs and all the vocations i've signed up for. i think navy is fun cos there are opportunities to visit many countries. but don't think my mum wants me to cos i'll be away for long periods. intelligence officer seems interesting too but the scope of what an io does is unknown. guess it's really mystery that is attracting me. oh well i shall take a step at a time. who knows i may not qualify for any of it?

results are due in less than a week's time. i so dont want to collect it. i just know there'll be disappointment although i hope for otherwise. best wishes to all you guys out there! i know the majority of you will be having smiles from one ear to the next.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

on the verge of being downgraded but i still went ahead to apply for all the vocations, air force, navy, wso, naval offcer. it's better to sign up now than regret later and realised i've not been downgraded. so fri night, booked out, and went for free dinner and wso talk. sat morn went for wso/pilot check up. was quite surprised as i had failed my pilot com test but somehow they are still doing the pilot med check on me. which meant measuring arm length, thigh length, sitting height ( think i barely made it for this, too tall can't fit in cockpit). well pilot's out for me since i failed the com test. i think among all the people who went for the med check up, i had the most remarks written in my file. broken nose, fractured collar bone, asthma, mvp( mitral valve prolapse) what else? i think at this rate, the moment they see all these remarks, they'll just strike my name off their list. sigh... everything is according to god's will. if it's meant to be it's meant to be.

after the check up, the rest of the day was bad. wanted to go wind surfing but forgot to bring sun block. went all the way to east coast and couldn't surf cos they had some ntu open. all sails gone. alighted the bus and knocked my head on the ceiling. didn't see it cos the front shade of my cap blocked my view. knocked my head once more somewhere but can't remember. all these were enough to piss me off. everyone was still in camp. so got nobody to go out with. in the end wandered in orchard alone. went on an eating spree hoping to lift my spirits but ate the worst tako balls ever! the brand called wow tako at ps. sucks totally. which made me even more pissed. takopachi is still the best! my mood improved when i found a damn cheap adidas cap at og orchard point. then met my parents to eat seafood at long beach. food was good, night life and scenery at east coast even better. cool breeze, nice weather, people roller blading, tandem cycling. if i had a gf i wouldn't mind the both of us just roller blading down east coast or just enjoying a stroll by the beach absorbing the sights and sounds and the smells of bbq smoke. of course it's all just wishful thinking for now.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

not bad. another week has passed and another long weekend has arrived. i believe it is the last long weekend as there are no more public holidays from now til pop day. btw to those civilians out there, pop means pass out parade. army is really about all the acronyms. some of the acronyms are really funny. take it from my platoon sergeant, during our last parade he said our batch was his first a level batch. before us were all poly batches. but there was one batch very special. they were phd intake. then he kena shocked, first time he heard got phd intake. after that he realised, phd means poly halfway dropout. wad a cock. yes my sergeants are all very nice people. esp one of them, the most civilised sergeant i've ever seen, also my section commander, sg desmond. he said he has never even uttered a word of vulgarity to a recruit and his aim is to keep it that way. he treats all of us very well, and spends the most time with us, sharing his stories, and one of his reasons for being so nice was that he had very nice sergeants during his bmt and sispec days. and he said that if he is able to influence batch after batch to be nice, the army will become a much better place. quite noble eh?

this week was quite siong. first day was ippt cat exercise. managed to get a silver. met all the gold requirements for static stations. but to get 9.44 for 2.4km to get gold, quite impossible considering even rugby days i've managed a sub 10. did a 10.41 on mon. but think i can shave off the min to get my gold! then circuits, weights and 3 sessions of soc! 2 of them one day after another. quite tiring and many had burst blisters on their hands due to swinging trailer and low rope. well that's it for the week. oh did i say i may be downgraded? if the mo sends the letter, i'll be downgraded and become the lackey of csm. doing all the shit stuff. and then i've to go for recourse. how shit can that be. imagine doing everything again. oh field camp coming soon too. hope it doesn't pour.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

book out day! shiok. the feeling is really good. as the army song goes, 'no more soc, no ippt, no more sergeant tekan me, all the doo da day'. yes army cheers and songs are playing in my head repeatedly! i'm being brainwashed! one check one check one check one. kekanan lurus! and all the malay commands. life in there is very rush and we are really the lowest life form in the bmtc. my sergeants are strict but are all jokers, like hokkien ping, wont hesitate to use vulgarities. i tell you, army has really a lot of vulgarities. even high ranking officers also teach us all the acronyms for vulgarities. shit better not say too much about such stuff, later kena charged and i'm dead. my oc will just choke slam me.

i got the cough and stuffed nose in camp, green phlegm in additon to fever, so i went on attn b status for 2 days. didnt' go for route march today. felt quite bad that my platoon mates had to go through it and i didn't. oh and white horse preferred treatment is no longer practised is bull shit. platoon 4 has white horse and their platoon is the slackest. never gets punished at all, while the rest of us always kena. the worst is p01, always kena punished. pity them. oh btw, i'm in hawk coy. but i may be downgraded. so i dunno if i'll be transferred out. but i dont want to, cos i think my company is very good. and i want to try ocs. sigh... i can only hope for the best.

ps pardon my language as it has degraded drastically.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

1 more day to soldierhood. how exciting. i've not gotten everything yet, although colin, weijia and i went to beach rd to get our army stuff. the lady there was very nice and friendly and she kept mentioning her goods are cheaper. a few steps after leaving her shop we got attacked by this small malay lady. "aiyo.. why buy so many things? the army will give you credit card to buy stuff. you get cheated already. come come aunty give you my name card." it was scary that they just surprise you and try to make friends with you so that you'll buy from their store. competition is that stiff. well i dont care i think i'll just go back to the same aunty. saves all the trouble.

going to ri later to play bball. and weijia's gonna show me his cutie eurasian judo friend. he kept mentioning it so why not check it out? haha. ok must buy lots of stuff later too, i haven't packed my bag but i intend to stay out late tonight! should i or should i not shave my head first? the thought of the shaver running through so many heads gives me the chills. who knows someone might have an infectious head disease? fifa time beckons! must finish my season! cya.

Monday, January 12, 2004

now i know what it' like to get high. your mind just goes into sort of a stupor. everything you see it's like slow-mo ala matrix. a totally light feeling in your head so it seems like your head is going to fly away from your body. you wanna talk nonsense. but i dont think i spoke lots of nonsense. i was still quite sober to hide the jack daniels from yk until chieh, too busy eating his prawns, let him drink from the bottle when he was drunk! drunk to the bone, that's yk. talking about jack daniels, jd with coke is so damn good. it's the best. it's smooth and not bitter. got to be my fav booze now.

i conclude two types of feelings one can feel when one is drunk. immense ecstacy or downright shit depressed. yk on that night experienced both. when he was drunk TWICE! total madness. all the pictures taken of him were so hilarious. when it's up online, i will place a link on my blog. haha.

yesterday,when we left the place in the morning and everyone most prob went back to sleep, i went home, showered and went to church. i spent the rest of the day wandering around like a zombie because i had probably 1 maybe 2 hours of sleep in the 36 hour period. ok guess i must be prepared for this if i can actually become a doc. 36 hour shifts. bleargh.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

ce matin, je lui ai envoye d'une sms poetique. mais elle a juste repondu, 'nice.' c'est tout. elle aime la couleur rose! ma mere aime aussi rose. lendemain, j'acheterai un chemisier rose pour l'anniversaire de ma mere. c'est un secret. gardez-le bien. mon francais est terrible. j'ai passe une demi-heure juste pour faire ceci. et la phrase derniere, j'ai utilise altavista translation. je suis un porc paresseux. je veux acheter un trefle de quatre feuilles pour lui parce qu'elle a les examens de conduite et sat. acheter ou pas acheter?
desole, il y a beaucoup d'erreurs.

today's surfing is summed up in one word. shiok! the last time we are going to windsurfing before enlisting. after we enlist, we'll most prob be too busy or too tired to surf even when we book out. initially, there was hardly a breeze and rain started to fall. terrible day we thought. suddenly wind blew like a gale and i sailed far out almost near the ships. the wind was so strong it was difficult to control the sail and i had to lean quite far back. backbreaking and callus-causing but worth every bit of it. all of us made it back safely to shore too. a great improvement, think we are on the way to becoming pros.

countdown to bald head, freedom lost and new wife- my rifle :
4 days!
enlistment date: 14 jan
time: 1-130 pm
friends enlisting same time, hello we may be bunkmates.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

since friday, i've been going to school. (sat and sun included!) that's how much i miss school you may think. no, it's because i've nothing to do! actually, i'm just waiting for someone to ask me out for a date. hahaha. just kidding. yesterday, dick and i spent the entire day at school. spent a few hours playing bball, working out, and a large part of the day stoning.we tried to follow gek's og, together with the crashers bang and jianyang, but somehow i felt damn extra. it isn't our orientation yet we're intruding. that's how i felt. good thing serena, shiwei, isaac yee and jervis bay came much later in the afternoon, and all of us just watched the j1s playing handball. actually we were just looking out for good looking girls la. hahaha. noticed a few but it was just glimpses. dunno where they went after. oh but thought this nanyang girl looked cute and she had a nice healthy tan. know where her og is and tziyang said that she was his neighbour. lucky bastard. too bad, dont think i'll be going to school these few days, esp if i pass my audition. really hope i do! must put on a cool and funky image now.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Bon Annee! Happy New Year!

May I survive bmt and get into ocs. May my family and friends be healthy, happy and safe always. May I get good grades for my A levels. May I get into medicine in nus. May there be world peace and stop this terrorism shit. oh no disease epidemic too. ok this is getting too optimistic. Oh 1 more, may i mature spiritually in God. ok my wishes in the new year. of course there is another wish which i shall not mention online. may it come true.

tmrw's surfing day again! hopefully i dont spend half the time swimming like the other time. oh before that, shall follow my bro to school. look around, work out, run, talk to friends then off to east coast. i'm the black man now. i will get blacker if i decide to meet the vj people at sentosa after surfing. ok shall zzzz now.

bonne nuit ma belle copine.