Saturday, March 26, 2005

Are you Ready to Follow your Dreams?
HOw apt. Chanced upon an article 'the ridge- a nussu publication' talking about dreams. Here's an excerpt.

"I have a friend who wants to be a doctor. Intelligent and well-liked, mainly because of his friendly demeanour and amicable nature, this young man recently nailed an SAF scholarship to study Medicine in NUS. It looks like he is all set to achieve his goal. I asked him one day, why he wants to be a doctor? Was he inspired by the life-savers he has seen on television, or was he in awe of the revolutionary physicians that he read about in the papers? HIs answer took me by surprise: he actually wanted to be a professional tennis player, but his parents felt that the path he is on is the best one for him...."

Wow... Wonder who is that fellow colleague? Really would like to meet him to know how he copes with the stress and workload when his chosen path doesn't follow his dream. I can relate a little to him.

I finally remembered my dream! To be a travelling doctor. One who is able to see the world and goes around healing the sick. However, the path I've chosen can be justified by other less noble reasons. Well.. I need to consider the burden on my parents so I accepted the scholarship to ease one child off my poor dad's shoulders. So now.. it's three other children to support through uni. Next it's for the money.. leading my present life requires cash. Going out as frequent as I am doing now, hanging out with different friends certainly requires money. Guess my friends are all rich cos somehow they seem to be able to live the same or more lavish lifestyles than I do. Actually, the scholarship is no big deal cos there are many other more deserving people who declined it cos they would not want to sell their lives to the army. I see it as a way to survive for now.. and hopefully, through it I'll be able to live out my dream.

To see the world and heal the sick.

Sounds good eh? Haha... well just need to get it into my head so that it can motivate me to study harder. Study!
How Long More?
Wake me up when it's over.
Sometimes i wish there was more encouragement and concern than throwing me straight down to the brutal reality.

Holding conversations with Y has always been thought provoking. Things which make you wanna pause, reflect and express your views.

"What is your Dream?"
"To try not to be a screwed up doctor.."
"That is not a Dream... that's a goal... a Dream is different."

What is a Dream?
The dictionary says,
1.A wild fancy or hope
2.Condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech on equality for blacks has spurred the civil rights movement in the United States. His people shared his views and through his charismatic speech, he inspired them to fight for their rights. Such that, now his dream can be almost said to be a reality. What powerful consequences someone's dream can have.

Dreams are things that you want in your life, what you truly love to do, your calling. Without dreams, your life would be a stand still, stagnant and dull. Dreams often push people beyond limits, as seen in mountaineer David Lim, who struggled to recover from a debilitating nervous disorder to resume mountain climbing as a partially disabled individual.

When you were young, have you ever been asked what is your dream? "I dream for world peace"; "I dream for a clean and green earth"; "I dream to be an astronaut!", are answers often heard from little young ones. Well.. mine was to be a pilot or a doctor.

So to be a doctor was a dream then and now it isn't? Just cos I'm in medical school now and it is soon to become reality so that is not considered a dream? Well... I guess to me it is no longer a dream cos it is not a wild fancy nor is it a powerful motivating factor in my life anymore. What is my dream then? To save countless people's lives? Or to have a comfortable happy family, with wonderful Mrs Diane Doctor, sweet Ms Daisy Doctor and sporty Master Dylan Doctor? I guess I'll have to come up with something to steer my life in the right direction.

Pursue your passion, Follow your dreams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

hairy boobs

hairy boobs
Originally uploaded by dehanh.
hairy boobs by lynn n jirong
if you think you are stressed, there are thousand others with more serious concerns, more immediate troubles and are therefore feeling more stressed than what you are going through right now. so stop whining and get your eyes off hairy boobs and back to your books!

Monday, March 21, 2005

I miss you like the sky misses the birds
I miss you like a song without the words
And everyday away from you it hurts
Cuz I'm missing you like crazy
I miss you like the sun misses the day
I need you like the desert that needs the rain
And baby it's driving me insane
Cuz I'm missing you like crazy
I'm missing you like crazy
-christina milan

I'm dying! thought i can finish upper and lower limb in a day. but as of 12.18 am the next day, i'm still at upper limb. dunno what am i to do... if anyone has a way to remember stuff easily, anyway, anything, i'm willing to try! so worried about not being able to finish. trying to destress by blogging now.

i'm beginning to like church more. yesterday at youth fellowship, got to know a few more people and had a nice chat with them about selling my 12 years of my life to the army. however, my ailing memory is failing to allow me remember their names even after they've told me a dozen times. so far, i only remember sujun lao shi, jun neng, randy, david, ci en, yu en, trevor, velda and abigail. the rest... i'm still trying very hard!

today, cow's mum bought me another book! today is library Lord's day so the sermon was all about the benefits of reading. when i went with her to browse at the recommended books sold at the canteen, she purchased one of them on the spot and gave it to me! i was shocked once again! she has pulled this stunt on me twice already! but wow.. thanks aunty!
then as we sat in the canteen drinking our beverages, one lady came up and commented, "wah, this is your son ah?" she jokingly replied, "ya this is my half son." shocked me once again! luckily, i swallowed my coffee or i would have spitted out at the old lady in front of me. hahaha... oh man... enough surprises for today. if i'm cow's mum half son, then i'm cow's half brother which means i'm a half cow? i maybe born in yr of ox and am a taurus, but i definitely do not wanna be a half cow. hahaha... but then again, since aunty and uncle are so nice... i don't mind being their half son! hahahah...

hey everyone go watch russell peters videos online. he's an indian stand up comedian who cracks racist jokes about blacks (jamaicans),yellows (chinese), whites(canadians) and browns(himself). basically everyone la! i've one video of him. get from me if you want.
one of my favourite parts is how do you pronounce this african name? !xobile
it's *tock* bee lay. clicking your tongue on your hard palate. how cool is that? i'll call my son *click* han.

sel> ya ya... don't worry, i'm not disappointed. however, the other guys will be... *wink* have fun in naruwan! don't eat til you explode!

bang> eh... ok i'll change vocabulary now. no more asses for me. how about bless?

koey> ya david's songs are growing on me too! initially thought they weren't so good. i like catherine, ai wo hai shi ta, jiu shi ai ni and sweet hour of prayer. but there are crappy songs too like sula and lampa? what crappy names for fictitious characters! sounds a little vulgar too. don't really like ghost as well.

ok online tutorial for putting up songs on blogs.
*first you have to upload your song online. i use geocities. but you can use any other website that allows to put up files online. the only downside to geocities is there is limited bandwidth, so when too many people have gone to your blog others can't listen to the song for the rest of the day.
*after you've uploaded your song, click on it and copy the address.
*go to your template, insert this- EMBED src= "http://youraddresshere.mp3" width=25 height=25
autostart=true (enclose the above insert with <>)
*you can make it play over and over again by inserting loop=true after the autostart=true
*or hide the player by inserting hidden=true
so now you have your own music on your blog!