Saturday, July 12, 2003

Drop dead. ( I am unable to comply.) T3 was a funny action movie! It goes to show how scriptwriters these days inject laughter into movies once thought to be serious and filled only with hardcore shooting, explosions and action. My first experience was watching the new james bond movie (forgot the title) where the entire movie was filled with funny and sometimes lame one liners. It was definitely a welcomed change from the norm. T3 is similar. With robots playing the lead roles, there were certainly no long thought provoking conversations but short and hilarious one liners suitable for slow witted shallow people like me. The action scenes were amazing, leaving you to think how much more nonsensical it can get, the plot with its loopholes also makes it seem quite far fetched. But who cares? With a hot babe like T-X and after a crap day at school, learning that I've got an e for chem, any funny movie is good. So spirits lifted, I went home not feeling sad and it was as though I had done superbly well for my common tests and i dont have to study anymore. So here i am not doing any work but adding an entry into my blog.

Oh realised that I seldom use my md anymore (it's just sitting snugly in my bag everyday), so I've decided to sell it! I bought it only in june last year and since it's seldom used and i'm a careful owner, it looks really brand new. The md player is accompanied by a blue case and discs. I may still have the box and warranty too. So anyone interested leave a msg on the tagboard. Please help me pass the message round. Thanks!

If anyone noticed, the md is propped up by my harry potter book!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Yay! I've got another kristen photo! haha.

Which [Smallville] Characters are you?

Finally finished harry potter! Just had to do it or I wont be able to start on my work so just spent the rest of wed to finish it. It was certainly fun reading about harry and his adventures again after an absence of 2 to 3 years? Of course there were the movies in between but somehow I felt the movies were not as nice as described in the book. Harry's experiences makes us relate to him well with topics such as friends, exams, teachers, family, bullies and even bgr. No wonder it's so popular and captivating. Wonderful to read about the twins and their endless pranks and all the spells, reading minds with Legilimens, making someone suffer in pain with 'Crucio' and seemingly easy but effective one ' Stupefy'. Someone died too in the story, and no thanks to timothy aka porn king with a mouth so big and foul and toad like similar to the bitch dolores umbridge, i had to know who died before even reaching that part. Ok shall not reveal much more of Book 5 just in case someone hasn't finished. Just have as much fun as I did. oh p.s. my church sort of bans harry potter cos it deals with wizardry and witches. anybody's church too?

You can learn the actual pronunciation of words found in harry potter.


Sunday, July 06, 2003

Yay! Common tests over! Slacking now but mundane school routine will start all over again next week. :( Only 10 more weeks to prelims! Argh... so gonna die when I get back my results. Hope there isn't a need for steven chin to talk to me or my parents. Decided I have to mug everyday in school already. Need to catch up on my J1 work which I have been neglecting. Sigh... typical Sinagporean blog. Talking nothing about school work. Simply no life.
Oh to the people who have been asking for the periodic table of sex, the picture i have is what you see. There isn't an enlarged version so forget about it! haha.
One thing I learnt on Friday was that eyebrows though seemingly small in relation to the rest of the face, can certainly make a huge difference to how a person looks. Having a too arched one will make the person look too slutty, a too thin one can make the person look like an idiot and natural beauty(without plucking and trimming) is just as fine. Oh well I guess it depends on the person's face shape and structure. This is what I learnt spending an afternoon with my classmates. haha.. so... though my eyebrows seem thick and joined, i've decided not to take the risk lest the outcome will make me look gay!!!!