Friday, October 03, 2003

yay! wonderful day at the beach! sun, babes and sea. just love the beach where we can play volleyball, touch rugby and sun tan. besides there are many eye candies. haha. of course there are damn sick sceneries where you wish you were blind. i mean which guy would walk in a g string on the beach showing his ass to everyone! damn sick! and his trunks is so thin you can see his 'turtle head'. argh! to think jasper called him a 'ya' (male prostitute) and he didn't even get angry. guess he really is one!
ya of course there are the babes too. and i had my face in one of the babe pictures which ghim took. ghim, you must put the pics on your yahoo account, i'll go there to download. And finally i'm going to get a tan. i'm red like a lobster now, slapped loads of body lotion just now. hopefully i won't peel but will become nice and tanned. jasper, looks like your tanning oil is going to work.
well shall not ramble on about sentosa. going to watch 'qian nu you hun' already.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Salut! I'm back, albeit only for a while. When I read the blogs of others, I feel deeply ashamed of my command of english. I envy how others can put their thoughts into words so clearly and interestingly. When I read my own, I myself get bored. It's no wonder that I get 25 consistently for my essays. Considering how much time I've to spend to structure a sentence just so that it sounds right. I can only feel less intelligent and more demoralised when the results are released next week. When others are counting how many A's they will be getting, and how sad they will be if they get a C, I'm counting the number of subjects I will not do too badly in.

Ok on to happier stuff. Pirates of the Caribbean is a damn cool movie! Orlando Bloom is gorgeous. Johnny Depp is zany. And Keira Knightly is beautiful. Love the way they speak too. Ok shall spare the details. If you want details, go to the blog of the more eloquent Dickson. Oh one thing I noticed, it's scary how keira resembles nathalie portman. It's almost as though they are twins! If you remember the servant of queen amidala, I always thought it was digitally imposed, with nathalie portman acting as 2 characters. It was actually keira knightly! ok why don't you be the judge?

It's irritating when people I meet keep mentioning, "eh, you are so white." "wah, ni wei shen me bian de na me bai?"
It's not like I want to be white. I want a dark tan too. So I'm expected to study out in the sun? Or should I resort to the UV machine which louis koo and britney spears use to get their artificial tan? Argh! Ok I'll try to balance exercise and study this time. Hopefully my body will be more obedient this time and not succumb to the deep slumber due to the fatigue from exercise. Besides ns is just round the corner. Need exercise in the mean time so that I won't die during training! 14 Jan! That's so soon. Too soon.

Hopefully this entry won't be the last.