Saturday, February 19, 2005

went for my 2nd mandarin youth fellowship. thank god for allowing me find a friend in the same church as i am. before that i was lonely and knew nobody, ok i knew my team mate but not very close to him so not much difference. ya the only prob is... cow is in mandarin service n i seldom speak and listen to mandarin. anyway.. i found that mandarin service is actually easier to understand cos the message conveyed is put in simpler n more layman terms. at the english service, most of the time i was trying hard to decipher the bombastic vocab and complicated sentence structures that i lost the gist of the msg.

ya anyway... today's topic was bgr. quite an apt topic for people our age. it's the age when either u're in it and have some problems or when u don't have it and it's a problem. the speaker was very cute and animated esp when he gave examples and analogies. he gave his views on which age is best to have a relationship, why to have one, who shld have one and how to get one. most of his views are quite conservative which is not a bad thing in this too liberal society of ours where sex seems to be everywhere.

things i learnt:
only ppl who has strong spiritual foundation shld have a relaionship. that's when you're mature enough.
only find a like minded christian as your partner.
don't date too long lest physical temptations creep on you before marriage.

a few analogies which i like.
how after marriage, the simplest thing can cause heated arguments. for example, the husband likes to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom while the wife likes to squeeze it from the top. so it needs understanding and hu xiang li rang to maintain a relationship.

why should your partner be a like minded christian? so that your core values of your lives are the same and it'll be easier to walk together in life. also if your partner is a non believer, he's like a person sitting down and you standing up. is it easier for the person to pull you down or you pull him up?

i guess i'm still weak spiritually. i need to pursue more enthusiastically. i've not read the entire bible before so i need to start to be more consistent. i need to pray everyday. hopefully, as i do i'll be mature enough to have a relationship.

pray hard cow... i'll pray for you too.

hawaii: found it! Acts 16:14

Thursday, February 17, 2005

i finally succeeded as an alarm clock! i just couldn't fail on the 3rd time.

having pbls at alexandra hospital is pissing my group off. first of all, me, the grp leader has to liase with the AH secretary so as schedule new timings cos the doctors are not free and keep changing the time. having gone so much trouble in doing so, my grp members happily decide not to attend cos they think it's at a timing too inconvenient for them. how selfish of them esp one person! and today, they decide to do a mass ponning cos there wasn't lecture today and all the more reason to stay home. can't believe this! out of 12, only 7 turned up! and to reiterate the saying hao ren mei hao bao, the doctor goes on leave and we made a wasted trip to AH! it's perfectly fine for the doctor to go leave, but confirming with us and making us go down there and saying that he's not around is absolutely absurd! sabrinah, the secretary, is so inefficient! how could she not have known this?!!! instead of apologising to us or even feel a tinge of guilt, she goes ahead and scolds us (the guai ones who bother to go down) for the poor attendance. she even gives her own views on how medical students shld do consistent work and not wait til last min to mug for exams, so no excuse for not having pbl near the ca!. what a prick! as huren said, she's sabrinah the elderly witch! now, i have to schedule a new time for the next pbl session. if the other grps can condense 2 pbl sessions into 1, i don't see how we can't do the same. the AH STAFF are so inflexible and inconsiderate, unlike NUS staff. argh!!!!

can't wait for tmr!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

troubling troubling troubling troubling.
slept at 3plus 4 but dont really feel that sleepy today.

felt really embarassed that i dunno my work in tut. external carotid supplies to the brain was what i said. can't believe i even said that. sigh... it calls for mugging! time to reduce whatever damage i can. 2 n a half weeks to ca and i haven't started studying. oh man... must turn on mugger mode.

things couldn't get any better. while i was still feeling terribly troubled, i had to bump my head on the roof as i alighted the bus. *plonk* i was so embarassed i just walked on pretending nothing happened.

then i did a few more daredevil stunts while driving again. still stalled the car a few times. swerved away from pedestrian and crazy vehicle. mounted kerb. knocking down pole while vertical parking. i would have failed a few times over. sigh...

so moody me always tries to put up a happy face. the best way to be happy is to help others be happy. smiling surely brightens up your friends' day.

things are getting better i think. thank you Lord. now i don't hide what i feel, i'll just say it. and hopefully through your graciousness, the problem will be solved in no time!

off to the study room!
thank you for the nice conversation. i'm glad it's cleared up. take your time to find the solution.
oh Lord, please make it right! thank You!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


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meant for someone. but just had to give it to the cute kid! so had to pose with amandalam's pink heart balloon instead.

farewell gen!

farewell gen!
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we'll miss you!

back of violet's van

back of violet's van
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give me back my comfy green cushion!
had a really fun v-day!!!

was restless the entire day during lessons in school. supposed to study in library then go for the swinging singles' party at jianhong's house.

ended up going to orchard with ah ngoh. the fun started when we got a lift from violet. thanks violet! her aunty's van is really cool! jasper n i sat at the back where there were so many cushions and soft toys enough to make the back of the van so comfortable. i wouldn't mind getting such a comfortable van in place of any high class automobile. the only prob was i got a little woozy and motion sick from all the turning and bumping as violet got lost getting to orchard! someone get her a gprs for her birthday!

anyway, great retail therapy for lonely boys without dates on v-day! was supposed to just accompany him to shop for shoes, but we ended up buying 3 shirts each! went to john little to find the pink valentino shirt yau hong was wearing today. saw that the shirts were so cheap that we spent hours trying on every shirt we saw. in the end, i settled on a green valentino and green stripey shirt while jas chose a blue valentino and a green tee. hahaha.. then we went on lamenting about us not having dates and that love was all around us. couples, roses and hearts were the theme for the day. they were infesting orchard!!! someone shld ban all of them from orchard.

being sour grapes and envious, we had to resort to flirting with 2 girls at heeren and got our complimentary heart-shaped red n pink balloons. who says 2 guys couldn't walk around with pink n red heart balloons hovering over our heads? hahaha... think everyone thought we were gay! then it was at heeren where we continued our shopping. bodyknits was on sale! n everything was pasar malam cheap. 50 n 70 % off selected items. so a t-shirt cost like less than 15 bucks. where could u find such prices? so we entered the fitting room 5 times, trying on almost every nice shirt! s, m, l, xl. red, blue, brown, black. we tried everything! the poor salesgirl must be wondering why she had to fold endless number of shirts on v-day. hahaha...

after that, rushed down to the airport to send gen off to her vet studies in australia. gave her a red heart balloon, took photos and charmed lil eurasian kids with my heart shaped balloons. so i ended up going home with no heart balloons... sigh.. anyway, at least i made a few children happy!

the highlight for the day was celebrating toh han's birthday in conjunction with the singles' party. taped her mouth up with duct tape to enjoy a wonderful period of silence, then blindfolded her as we led her to her birthday surprise. happy birthday toh han! n splash, she fell into the swimming pool. we couldn't let her off so easily right? so han boon smashed cake into her face! hahaha... well the suffering was all for a good cause as she was touched by the dkny watch that we got her! it must have been a memorable burfday for u toe!

�著的大�� 安�的舊舊的
我懂我也知� 你沒有��得
牽著你陪著我 也�是曾經
你�我說多難堪 我根本�想分開
我沒有這種天份 包容你也接�他
�用擔心的太多 我會一直好好�
你已經��離開 我也會慢慢走開
我真的沒有天份 安�的沒這麼快
我會學著放棄你 是因為我太愛你

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's everybody!
Hope it'll be a great day for everyone! Cheers!