Saturday, February 10, 2007

Adventures at Chinatown

Yesterday was the day when Backpacker Darren, Red Indian weng and Lok Kok Dehan decided to make trip to lovely chinatown to take in the festive mood of Chinese New Year!

It was the first time Backpacker Darren visited the famous food street of chinatown. He was eager to try everything! But alas, a tight budget restricted him to try only the char kway teow, which he later exclaimed to be disappointing.

On leaving food street, Backpacker Darren found himself in cookies heaven! The thought of an entire year's supply of cake bangkit caused him to drool so much, that all of Lok Kok Dehan's 3-ply tissue paper was used to clean up all the slobber. Sigh.. But a moment on the lips, a lifetime to the hips. A glance at his expanding girth immediately threw that thought out of the window. Red Indian Weng was just happy posing with 1 box of cookies.

Red Indian Weng learnt how roasted chestnuts are roasted with coffee to give the wonderful aroma, and how chestnuts actually look like mini spiky sea urchins before they are processed!

She was equally excited about the ang moh who is dressed like a ching chong china man, and sells sausages to the long queues of people who come to gawk at his fascinating outfit! Try to look for him when you're in Chinatown!

Lok kok Dehan then found the Fortune of God and held him tight, cos when fortune comes knocking on your door, you must not let it slip by you.

Red Indian Weng was more amazed by the big head doll and how alarmingly identical it looks like her!

Since it was the Year of the Pig, we had to end off the adventure with a few poses with cute pigs.

It was a fun evening for Backpacker Darren, Red Indian Weng and Lok kok Dehan!
Happy New Year Everyone! :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lessons learnt

1. NEVER take friends for granted. Be nice to them even when you are not asking for favours.

2. NEVER assume that since you're fine with the things others do unto you, you can do the same unto others.

3. RESPECT others' privacy.

4. Have your fun, but do NOT go overboard.

5. Always be SENSITIVE to the feelings of others.

6. Sensitive topics should be AVOIDED.

7. EXPRESS your displeasure gently should your friends go overboard. Never keep it to yourself or they will never know your boundary.

8. TREASURE your friendships. Never do things that will jeopadise an otherwise wonderful friendship.

9. It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad deed to lose it. THINK thrice before doing anything stupid.

10. TRUST is mutual. Keep secrets entrusted to you as close to your heart as you would your own.

i'm sorry :(