Sunday, December 05, 2004

Thank you victor for organising such a successful bbq @ ecp! i'm sure everyone had loads of fun.
it was a good crowd of about fifty people where everyone let their hair down after weeks of studying for the cas.
i think after friday's bbq, we would have known a few more people in med fac. i for one now know who is meng chon and andy and teresa marie. it's amazing how med fac is so small yet we don't even know half of m1. i hope through all these activities all of us can get to know each other better.

when i reached there i was dismayed by the turn out. i thought oh no, it would be a failure cos i only saw like 6 people max at the pits with no sign of bbq preparation. good thing it turned out that the early birds were actually cycling or rollerblading along east coast. when i came back from renting my own pair of blades, the food were already sizzling on the pit and people were chit chatting and helping themselves to the food.

it's comforting to know that there is the fun side of medicine besides academic pursuits. exchanging of lame comments, laughing at the burnt food the chefs bbqed (i think cooking should be left to the celebrity chefs - mark and dehan), spilling of drinks on bags and banging people into lamp posts with legs spread open were a few highlights. of course there were the lovey dovey couples who fed each other food, whoa how sweet of them! i think medicine should form more couples now that we have our 2nd couple from medicine. it'd be good for our declining birthrate in s'pore.

ok that summarises the bbq @ ecp. do check out the photos taken. bbq

the next outing is on mon 6th dec @ sentosa. think there will be lots of m1 and m2s going. so see you there!
Dehan's Schedule for next 2 weeks:
Sun 5th Dec- checking out of pgp

Mon 6th Dec- Sentosa

Tue 7th Dec- 0700-0900 driving circuit
1230-1330 lunch with dean
1530 medical appt

Wed 8th Dec- 1000 medical appt/FRS
1200 cooking lesson
late afternoon/evening cambodia packing

Thu 9th Dec- Full day Anat tut with Prof Gopal
1800-2130 UCC ushering

Fri 10th Dec- Estimated late afternoon/evening cambodia briefing

Sat 11th Dec- FREE!
Sun 12th Dec- FREE!
Mon 13th Dec- 0830-1300 FRS presentation
Tue 14th Dec- Departure for Cambodia!
14th Dec-4th Jan Cambodia

Calling all friends! It would be good if i can meet up with you since i won't be around for xmas and the new year. i can't go for any parties or gatherings. so check my schedule and contact me soon!