Saturday, May 17, 2003

today is the big day. game vs saints. crucial in determining the team we play in semis. win, we play the 2nd in the the other group. lose, we play ac. it's 0222 in the morn and i'm still up. wrong choice of drinking coffee just now... ok shall go to sleep after this. shall psych myself and play a really good game. maybe drink some coffee before the match too.. all the best to me! tackle! tackle! tackle!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Ok screwed up... didn't know that when I edited friday's blog the date will change too. Ok so the blog before this was for Friday.

Today, I was late for my match together with Ningyan and Kianleong. I met Ningyan at Khatib Mrt and when we were waiting for a cab, Kianleong came by in one, kindly stopped and fetched us to YJC. Great timing Kwek! We arrived a little later than the meeting time of 2.30pm, which has dire consequences later. Our performance was much better than in the previous match but CJC was also considerably weaker and we didn't really thump them. Therefore we were still not good enough. After the match, Faizal made us do 'Up Downs', this tiring running session, for being late and for not playing well enough. Guess we have to work harder! Oh... we won them 52-0 I think, but SAJC won them 56-0. It'd be an exciting match vs saints next sat! Oh the water polo cap I wore to protect my injured ears are damn good! Thanks a lot Kenny for giving me the cap, you're the best!

After the match, Lijing, Dick and I went to orchard. When walking at taka to the bodyshop, this plump woman and man came chasing after us wanting a moment. They were talent scouts and gave us their name cards asking us to go down to their office for interview and stuff. I thought that they were only looking for Lijing, whom I think was more good looking than Dick and I, but gave the name cards to us out of courtesy. After all, who would want a disfigured face like mine? Which I've to thank rugby for. Sigh...

After a short trip to Kino, Dick and I went to meet Bang and Gek for dinner. Gek was to treat us to dinner for getting into council. Originally, we planned to dine at marche but the queue was so long that we went to Swenson's instead. I think Gek felt awkward with 3 guys, esp. people whom she's not very close to. So she was very quiet and it was up to Bang and Dick to hold conversations cos I was tired after my game and didn't feel like talking at all. Ya after our 'earthquake' dessert, we continued talking til about eleven, during which Dick drank dry ice water and we had a mass gossip session. I had to force Gek to go to the toilet cos I haven't written my note to her which was to accompany her gift, an orange chameleon clock. She was really suspicious for asking her to go to the toilet after that. haha... Ya and later she told me her top 5 eye candies in RJ. Some were not bad but some... er Gek I'll help you find better eye candies! We can go guy hunting for you... haha...

Yepz, I guess saturday was quite a fun day too. Hopefully Sunday I can get some work done after church. Think we might be going out to celebrate mother's day too... so I must find a way to squeeze some time to do work. Study!!!!!!!!! Need someone to push me... Any kind soul?