Saturday, May 10, 2003

For once there's no training on friday! Lessons end early on fridays but there's usually no use cos i'll still have to stay back and wait for training. But today I went to watch XMEN 2 instead! With many ruggers and friends, Kianleong, Ghim, Lijing, Kenneth, Dickson, Yeow Kuan, Lum, Zhi Jun and Zhihon. We had lots of fun esp on our way to orchard and we kept talking about certain people. haha... XMEN is so cool too! Wolverine looks really good when wiping out the squat team at the school! Just piercing through all of them. *Poof* Now you see him *Poof* Now you don't. Nightcrawler *Poof* is just everywhere! He's got an irritating german accent but the way he just disappears leaving behind a puff of blue smoke is way cool! hahaha... Sorry for using the word cool so often but that's what X2 is... Iceman COOL! Iceman just forms thick ice and cools drinks down. ok.. I'm actually dozing off in front of the screen so shall stop for now and cont. again later..

Back.. ya I loved X2... loved to see the different mutant powers in action. Can't wait for more sequels with more new characters! Oh ya then after our movie we realised it was 6.45pm and dance night was at 7 and we haven't bought flowers for our dancer friends! Therefore we rushed to the flower shop above orchard mrt and picked our flowers. While waiting for the aunties to wrap the flowers we just talked crap to them about girls these days. Even the mercedes taxi driver talked to us about girlfriends, how to jio girls and all the crap on our way back to school. It was quite interesting and he mentioned that girls from yusok or yusof university are damn hot and always hang out at holland v. But the four of us in the taxi haven't even heard of the schoool before...haha... Dance night wasn't as enjoyable as last year's, the dances were sub standard and the entire event lasted less than an hour! The only good dance was the one choreographed by Huiling. Suching's impersonation of Michael Jackson was damn good! The moonwalk was simply SMOOTH. Oh I felt sorry for Vida too,for falling down twice while dancing. Guess her shoes were too slippery. Hope she was alright. Ya after searching for friends to give flowers to, DongDong and I went to meet up the rest to have dinner at Holland V. And that was the end of a wonderful Friday.

Yay the weekend is here! Hope I'll manage to finish whatever's due next week.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Yay finally my very own blog is here! After experiencing many failures, I finally learnt how to post my blog properly with the help of my very own brother. I'm actually doing this in between doing S1 Probability tut. It sucks! Can't seem to get the answers. Have to study for QA theory test later too or i'll just flunk and have to waste time taking the retest, which further reinforces the fact that i'm near the bottom of my class. I must buck up! Can't be at the bottom anymore, must end the failing streak! This means psyching myself to study at home and finding a good study group in school. Ok shall listen to the voice in my head. That's all for my 1st entry.