Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Ole' Days
As Dan Huang requested that I put up a few of the PBL photos i found, i decided to add in others that i came across as well..

Remember the time when we tried to tau pok chris ho in the conference room while we waited super long for our tutor who din turn up in the end.. hahahaha

My fabulous PBL group posing with a delightful piece of art that represents our hatred for someone whom i cannot name so as to protect the artist.

Look! Wengo with long hair!!! This was Dickson's treat for the Medicamp organisers at pastamania..

Here's Jasper showing off the turnip he cooked for our popiah party at RJ's.

While Zhongyang was contented with getting drunk with erdinger that night.

Hey! Liana had funky hair then.. How did the 5 of us land up in Chinatown?

Awesome Muthu's curry to celebrate someone's birthday.. I forgot whose tho... The food was yummilicious!

This was the start of all BBQ gatherings.. the library gang had post exam BBQ party at Eusoff hall..

Wayne loves his juicy sotong balls!

Hammocking by singapore river with bridgette.. it's been quite some time, now she's already married with a child on the way! can't wait to see her kid!

I dunno how in the world we got so many ppl together to go JB that time! we used to know everyone in the past.. sad that being in different postings, we hardly see or know each other anymore

Nostalgic good memories.. :)