Saturday, February 12, 2005

moody moody moody.
depressed depressed depressed.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

ecstatic pizza

ecstatic pizza
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hey does this look like me? one of the many happy herby places in cambodia.

fisherman's village

fisherman's village
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here's a nice photo of a warm cosy dinner by the sea. great ambience and sea breeze. had a good time there!
visiting day!! quite a fun day today. went to visit my granduncles, grandaunts and great grand mother! yes i still have a great grand mother, how cool is that? she's going to be 100 soon i think, lost track of her age but she's still quite healthy. sat with her while she talked to me about stuff. i'm glad i know a bit of hainanese and hokkien which helped me a great deal when my relatives speak. ya she complained about my mum not bringing her along when she went to china, complained that she's so old and there is no meaning to live and that the maid refuses to let her drink her xo to improve her blood circulation for fear that she'll get drunk. hahaha... well i actually saw her tipsy side once when she stayed at my place. poured a lil too much alcohol and she started walking sideways!!! hahaha what a sight! oh man... sorry great grand ma, quite rude to laugh at you. anyway... have a great new year! hope you'll visit my house again.

actually heard the entire story of my family's close shave in phuket today. when i first returned and my mum told me the stories, i was quite indifferent. i was more interested in telling my side of the story in cambodia and all the fun i've had. it was only today, when she raconted the entire story to my uncle and aunt that i'm truly thankful to God that they escaped from the gallows of the tidal wave.

thank Lord for letting them stay at the diver's resort at Chalong bay, south east of Phuket and away from the full force of the tsunami. thank God for letting my bros and aunt be far out at sea on their way to snorkelling, where the wave was still small and not yet devastating. thank God for allowing my cousin and uncle to hide behind a rock when they went diving under the sea, and when the current washed them to the surface, they were safe from harm. thank God for keeping my entire family from harm during their stay at Phuket. you're the best!!
Happy New Year!
had the time of my life! woke up at eleven. visited my grandma's house downstairs. received my ang pows. then stoned and slept the entire afternoon away.

i think i can relate to children cos i think like them. i love to act like them and laugh like them. their innocence and pure hearts make them so adorable. my mum just told me that i can interact quite well with children.

in retrospect, i think i do. back in cambodia, i enjoyed playing with the children. being their swing or piggy backer. i'm not inhibited by how childish i look. i just act like them, play like them and have fun like them. seeing them give truly happy smiles is what makes it so enjoyable.

today, at my dad' boss' open house dinner. with the entire place swarming with adults, whom i don't really know what to say to, i felt uneasy n self conscious. to attempt to be sociable, i decided to pick up the nearest girl i saw. a cute girl dressed in pink. hahaha.. this 5 yr old is really intelligent and is not afraid of strangers. she readily opened up after my initial introductory questions. so rachel and i started discussing about ants on the tree, beautiful flowers in the garden, her shaven golden retriever lola, her birthday and the humming bird she saw. my size didn't scare her at all. n i'm glad it didn't. thank you rachel for the company in the uncomfortable setting!

i love children!!!!

new asia bar on the 60th floor!

new asia bar on the 60th floor!
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1st time at new asia bar! real cool place with a fabulous view.

Monday, February 07, 2005

a rollercoaster ride i've taken today. the queasiness still remains.
my mind is happy that i've taken the ride but not my stomach and intestines.
i wished the 2 evils were not there, leaving only my mind n body.
to enjoy the ups and downs, without the pain and suffering.

i love to sms on my phone, to see the work of art i compose.
but when a button doesn't work, who can i approach?
to use the other buttons, a story can still be told.
but without the finishing touches, the excitement will not unfold.

mc sent this to me.
really cute! some parts a little gross though. have fun!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

failed as an alarm clock 2nd time in a row! gone were the days when i was an efficient and trustworthy alarm clock. i'm sorry!!! i can't fail on the 3rd time!!!

woke up late so didn't go for mandarin service. went for youth meeting instead. met many new ppl today and had fun getting to know them better. don't mind hanging out with them... now i know why old people still wanna hang out with youths... makes them feel younger!

drum banging is mind bogling. i've absolutely no rhythm n limbs coordination. i can't multi task let alone move my four limbs at different speeds at the same time. now i'm truly amazed how gerald could play the drums so well. ppl lend me your drums! i shall train n learn so that i can finally multi task!

star light. star bright. first star i see tonight. wish i may. wish i might. a shooting star to light the night.
wished for a shooting star. but i guess i could settle for a flickering one with a chick head attached! what a surprise! THANK YOU!