Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thanks everyone for the birthday celebration in JB. Really appreciate it. Thanks for the treat, the delicious food, the gifts, the party sprays, the cake and most importantly the company. Never felt so loved since.... last week. hahaha. Amazing to have met such great friends. Thanks jianhong, ET, cow, sel, jasper, jianbang, yijun, renjun, hb, toh han, diya, victor, daniel, wenxian and huang yi. Love you guys!

Monday, April 25, 2005

23rd Avril
These 2 days I've been moody and cranky. Not sure why, lack of sleep? Birthday Blues?
I dunno. Woke up really late on 23rd, as usual turned on com and wasted time. After much procrastination, thought out what I wanted to do for the day and set out. 1st, swimming. 30 laps of slow swimming. So slow everyone just swims past you. No goggles, so eyes smarted. Dry and irritated. Yes irritated for unknown reasons like I am. Was cranky towards mum, wanted to go town and drink latte(my new fav drink, love the froth). Planned got screwed up when mum wanted me to go home to cut cake. ok... gave in. wanted to go subway and have a healthy salad. Mum 'da baoed' rice from me at ngee ann poly. grrrrr!!!!

Came home, dad tapped me on the head. I dunno if it was meant to be affectionate or what. but i became pissed off. so i just threw everything i was carrying onto the ground and kicked it. din really throw a tantrum. at least it wasn't too obvious. dad gave me my birthday present and mum brought out my cake. got the biggest birthday gift ever!!!! he's sponsoring my thailand diving trip.... woooooo! and ate the choc ice cream cake from serene centre. and it was mood lifting and sweet! felt much better after. Was so full at 3pm, how were we to eat buffet at 6? so told mum to change it to 7.

Got a ride from mum to orchard. Saw fiona xie!!!! She and chew chor meng were taking a break from shooting a variety show i think. Having ice cream bread. Fiona's really pretty and this time she put less make up so not too hideous. I just stood and stared at her and she caught me staring. Shit... Wandered round looking for a place to sit down, have my latte and do some MUNUS work on my laptop. but everywhere was so crowded!

Grrrr.... hate this post. It's gonna become like a timetable for the day. Shall just summarise everything.
Found a seat at Starbucks Paragon. Saw Dennis Yee and Chengxun. Went to have thai buffet with family at Safra Club. Was greeted by a woman with a man's voice. Whoa... really authentic thai place. Haha.. There was not one but a few transie waitresses. Food was bad! Knowing me... I'm always ok with food. As long as it's edible. But the food was no way good! The only decent one was Paad Thai. The fried tung hoon, reminded me of the one i fried in cambodia. Spicy, black and crappy. Even i think I fried a little better that. Basil restaurant at Safra Club... definitely a place never to go!

Met up with Dong and Zhi-jun. Slacked around at Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. Love the relaxing ambience at TCC. Bean bags, sitting on the floor, paintings on the walls, arty fashion magazines for reading pleasure. Fabulous!

day after
really bad. slept like really late, near 5? so couldn't wake up in time for church. had to rush. went to church and was so sleepy, i kept nodding off. argh.... so guilty. next week, i'm going early and listen attentively!!!

cow's parents were so happy to see me. the half son is finally back! yea... so i just chatted for a while, kept awake by the black coffee. the next moment, i'm home and conked out on my parents bed. supposed to go rj and meet the guys for a game of touch. ended up waking up late and cranky once again.

my mum had bought tickets for a void deck party w/o informing us. only told us last min. grrrr... so i went downstairs... totally stone and unresponsive. refused to get food myself. mum got some popiah for me and it was horrible! the skin was so dry.... after eating nice good popiah skin bought from popiah skin stalls i refuse to accept any other. the disappointing popiah and salad made me so pissed, i decided to go back up. packed my bag for touch and ultimate frisbee.

the guys left rj by the time i got there. so met jianhong and bridgette for ultimate frisbee at bishan park. chanced upon kaiyi and my bmt platoon mate at the clinic as well. what a surprise! so we flicked our wrist, learnt the techniques of shooting the flying disc, the rules of game and tactics. Think it was the most fun I've had in 2 days! Adrenaline rush! Learnt how to throw a frisbee before and was in foxtrot wing frisbee team for ocs carnival before i disrupted. so i had no problem integrating into the game fast. The players are so good! really envious. they're asking all of us to sign up for a league and join the ultimate frisbee community. i dun mind... but i'll have to see. need to spare time to study for supp too. yep anyway... hope tmr will be a good day!